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Paul plays Jazzpunk? YES!

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Its on!

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Oh no what is this

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This can only be amazing! Tuesday Busy Tuesday.

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Holy crap!

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80 Minutes of the Best Content on the Internet. Thank you Giant Bomb, you know JUST when to post videos.

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*heavy breathing*

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Can't wait to watch this!

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And Giantbomb has officially acquired Game Informer's best segment. Well done guys.

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This year is starting strong! Paul was great in UPF, I can't wait to watch this.

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Oh hey! What a nice surprise!

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God damn these are always excellent. Loved them back in the GI days, love em now

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Yay more Paul!

edit: "where is the talk to this gomer button"

I'm already dyìng of laughter :D

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Proper use of the right analogue stick seems to be a hard thing to grasp for people who don't play many video games.

Also, can't you hold on with both bumpers in Gang Beasts?

Argh, it's hard to watch people not accustomed to it play video games. Sit in the damn chair!

Paul's really losing it now, this is pretty hilarious.

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Hell yeah, I'm always game for more Paul Ryckert.

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Dan your Dad looks younger than me! Are you still in your 20's?

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More Ryckert please

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I know what I'm watching during lunch.

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It's all been leading up to this.

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That Octopussy game

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Press the "Gomer" button.

The whole Jazzpunk bit was hilarious.

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Can anyone confirm that Dan is Paul's son and not his clone?

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Holy hot damn what a great intro.

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"Where's the talk to Gomer button?" I like this already...

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That picture of Paul needs to be everywhere in my life.

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Paul Ryckert is an inspiration.

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This should be good! :D

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Endurance Run

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This is why better than UPF, this should be premium!

Dan has saved this website.

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Paul looks so damn tired.

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Well I was about to call it a night..

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It's midnight. Why now, duders...

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Oh shit this is a pleasant surprise

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The real paul ryckert starts here

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I like how even Dan's dad is in on the whole "you're messed up Dan" train.

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Absolutely fantastic. Looking forward to future installments.

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Dan has the greatest job on the planet.

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"nothing is real and everything is stupid."

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Oh god I made the mistake of eating while watching and nearly choked to death when Paul started playing Goat Simulator

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Heavens to Betsy.

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This was way more entertaining than having Paul on the friday show was. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to see him there and he said a few funny things, but he was way more reserved with the rest of the guys around than he is when it's just him and Dan. I'm used to him being the center of attention like he was in those game informer videos.

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Ha! I used to smoke those cigs in undergrad. Def not what I expected Paul to smoke. Super menthol-y.

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This is the best thing since sliced bread and Taco Bell. Please make more.

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says unavailable

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Nice Wilmington Blue Rocks shirt. Go Delaware. ahahaha

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So many great quotes from Ryckert Snr.

"I am going to treat you like a box on a conveyor belt!"

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