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Oh noes!

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awesome. I love how Jeff tries to open boxes.

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Intense face is intense!

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That Look!

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Shaq Ops.

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Why would you even put down 150 dollars for this junk? :O

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I love how Johnny V tries to get a rise out of Jeff with the 4 star reviews. Too bad I missed that meetup this week... it's too damn cold in Sweden! 
Can't wait to see what JV films with his Black Ops RC.

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Jeff does open all things in a very caveman-like fashion.

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oh snap johnV is in this, I retract my previous statement

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I have yet to see him in the video but just from that screengrab i can totally tell Johnny V is in the hizzle.
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Vinny's still got his nameplate up for when they moved to the new office! Hahaha.

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These random events is what makes Giantbomb awesome

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Oh god when someone drops in like "Hey... I heard you gave Black Ops 4 stars...." it sounds more like a threat. Was surprised by the high-five too :D

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haha I love how tight Jahn Vignocchi is with giantbomb. Funny motherfucker :D

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@Sweep said:
" haha I love how tight Jahn Vignocchi is with giantbomb. Funny motherfucker :D "
Hella tight!
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that was weird.

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I'd rather this over the proper unboxing any day.

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John Vignocchi > Call of Duty: Black Ops.
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Johnny V just crashed your shoot! Shame you didn't get the RC car up and running. Hopefully you guys get around to using that (maybe Happy Hour?) I wonder if it makes any beeping noises?

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Nice! JV is awesome.

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This is a very funny video.  For reals.

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The most important man in the industry walked in like he owned the place. Just like he should.

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Awesome stuff

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This is great and all, but I just watched Ice T's unboxing...ain't nobody touching that!

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Supa gangsta!

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Johnny V is a cool dude

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Johnny V!!!!! Never enough of him on the site.

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I went prestige this time, only because that car is a pretty cool toy and with all the discounts I got from Amazon it was $100.
Also, that bandanna on the avatar is bullshit, mine didn't have it, and the are no bandannas available.

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I knew GB was missing something, turns out it was the office videos.

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who are those guys? I got the impression they were representing some game developer.

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So I take it Johnny was in the building to have his custom Giant Bomb animation drawn up?

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Man, John is such a bro. I love that guy.

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Jeff is such a badass!

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i dont understand why jeff doesnt like nazi zombies. its so much fun when you get some friends

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as usual, Johnny V makes everything better

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Norm and Will need to have some fun with that RC car during the happy hour this week.

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I love me some Vignocchi.

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This unboxing video was meh until the one and only JOHNNNY V CAME IN!!!!!! Seriously I love that dude and I'm probably gonna check out Tron because of him :P 

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Over react much?

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Heeeeeeeeeey, Johnny! :D

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I love how as soon as Johnny V and co show up, Ryan is laughing. Fun guys. :D

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@lolgreg said:
" Shaq Ops. "
Oh fuck, I would play the hell out of that game!
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American guy notes use of the word "queue"

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What could have been.
John Vignocchi, ladies and gentlemen. I hope him and Adam guests the live shows soon, as Adam has promised.
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..So where's Johnny V's 1-5 star review pictures? What with GT coming out next year

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JV is fucking pimp.

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Ill take a JV video over a Blops one anyday.