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Maybe they should be a crime.....
Not bad though, I liked the paula poundstone one alot.

Posted by Vandersveldt

so close

Posted by kishan6


Posted by Colin

Posted by Smallville123

omg i hate this quest!

Posted by cap123

i like bob and dan's one!
holy shit at the end one

Posted by RobotHamster

Yes, they are.

Posted by Ramone

I usually hate these but this was pretty funny

Posted by lubba

the last one is really good!

Posted by JJWeatherman

Stupid videos are not a crime. 

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@RobotHamster said:

" Yes, they are. " 

Edit: Some of those were actually good this time!
Posted by natural_deadhead

Last one was the best.
Posted by Rinkalicous

That last one... lolwut? 
The stand up comedian one made me laugh though. The guy actually had the charisma to pull it off.

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Really enjoyed this QOTW. Got into a minute of the Lemon video and skipped past it when I realised that kids giggling at themselves isn't nearly as entertaining as it sounds, but congrats to everyone!

Posted by JJWeatherman

Those were great guys, gj!

Posted by Hef

One of the best QOTW ever!

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Posted by ZmillA

omg the last one was awesome

Posted by crusader8463

Wow, that 8-bit video at the end was the first genuinely amazing thing I have seen on this feature. I felt like I was watching an intro to like paperboy or something.

Posted by dudeglove

That was fucking funny.

Posted by Scooper

Best QOTW ever!

Posted by JoelTGM


Posted by nickystixx

the stand up comedian and sk8 bit were the best.

Posted by BionicMonster

great job, seems like this prompt got the creative juices flowin.

Posted by metalsnakezero

Last one was awesome, looking forward for more.

Posted by dhuff
@nickystixx:  thanks man!
@Rinkalicous:  you have, no doubt, made Bob's day 
@cap123:  thanks. bob and dan like you.
Posted by dhuff
@Mikemcn: I really am amazed people remember Poundstone. Do you remember her on Science Court? Loved that show.
Posted by Crono

The best qotw.  Take that for what its worth XD

Posted by BrownNote

Wow, the last one is probably the best submission for this item ever

Posted by JJOR64

Awesome stuff.    :)

Posted by artofwar420

Last one made me cry.

Posted by TomA

people have way too much time on their hands

Posted by Steve_Ramirez
@artofwar420 said:

Last one made me cry.

I think I know what you mean. I thought it was really beautiful and the sound effects really sold it. 
Posted by Besetment

Yeah unusually high quality (read: >0 quality) submission on that last entry.

Posted by mustachioeugene

Never thought I'd say this twice in my lifetime, but...
'Paula Poundstone for the Win!

Posted by Majkiboy

GJ everyone! Although that last one was probably not made for this purpose in the first run. But hella good anyways! :)

Posted by Dylabaloo

These were pretty damn good. I think this is the first sign of the apocalypse.

Posted by Greenshoes

sk8-bit was great

Posted by Butano

I'm actually shocked at how many videos there are for this one. Great job, everyone!

Posted by Fripplebubby

Some of those were awesome. What a surprise, right? 

Posted by btman

the last one was the only good one.

Posted by cluto
@Majkiboy said:
" GJ everyone! Although that last one was probably not made for this purpose in the first run. But hella good anyways! :) "
Haha, you are too right, sir. It was a school project, but I thought it was relevant enough for the QOTW's purposes and opted to submit it anyway. Thanks for putting it in, GiantBomb, and thanks for the great comments, GiantBombers.
Posted by cruellordsoth

woot i made the cut

Posted by MeatSim

The skateboard is in your mind!

Posted by MisterMouse

wish the stop motion video was longer...

Posted by Biddy
@nickystixx said:
" the stand up comedian and sk8 bit were the best. "
Posted by Ravenousrattler

had some good ones in there today, especially the stop motion one

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Dang, that last one was amazing.

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