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Posted by Renegade

Great week for games :D <3 Mondays

Posted by LordDaneil
I love Mondays!  Can't wait for the quick looks.
Posted by brocool


Edited by skrutop

So for the Tekken 6 quick look, are you guys just going to pop Tekken 5 in the tray?  I'd bet a lot of people wouldn't notice.

Posted by nanikore

I had totally forgotten it was Monday today. Thanks for reminding me, Giantbomb!

Posted by JoelTGM

yey Columbo

Posted by ed765

i think brad is getting chubby you can tell from his shirts and pants

Edited by Blair

Hooray for Monday!
Ryan, cut your hair dawg.

Posted by JediAutobot

Ryan's hair is a little long, but whatevers dude!

Posted by metalsnakezero

Happy Monday!

Posted by Aeterna

Crazy hands!

Posted by Jayzilla

Mondays Rock!

Posted by dbz1995

The QOTW is gonna be really bad.

Posted by FLStyle
@skrutop said:
" So for the Tekken 6 quick look, are you guys just going to pop Tekken 5 in the tray?  I'd bet a lot of people wouldn't notice. "
You say that now but it'll be a different story when Jeff's running around shooting people.
PS. I don't get "The mail may not be working today," is there a strike going on in the U.S. of A today?
Posted by Postromo

what an awesome question of the week

Posted by MocPac

Keep Rockin' Mondays

Posted by AllanIceman

Mondays! Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by erinfizz
Posted by TOYBOXX

TANG: You will be missed.

Posted by Turbo_Toaster

Oh ho ho, the old Switcheroo!

Posted by MeatSim

No mail or banks for us.

Posted by ZagZagovich

Wow. Now there are only quick looks and reviews left in the video section. It's kind of sad to get at least 20 minutes a day for the past few months and now get only get around 50 minutes a week... I hope a new ER or a new feature is coming soon.

Posted by CitizenKane
Posted by mythus


Posted by JellyFish_Gsus

Awesome Week

Posted by TheGamerGeek


Edited by Rallier

I don't think that this week "question of the week" will get a lot of entries, I don't really see how a video imitation of Columbo would be fun to make and especially fun to watch. Perhaps I'm wrong but questions that are a bit more open to interpretation seem favourable over such a specific question.
 Something actually video game related might lead to somewhat more interesting videos, instead of "do an imitation of Colombo" make the question " do an imitation of Colombo playing his favourite video game".

Posted by Winternet

Dam I was hoping QOTW to be a dancing-in-front-of-your-video-game-collection contest. Can't wait for those 3 hot reviews (forza 3 - jeff ; uncharted 2 - brad ; brutal legend - ?).

Posted by FLStyle
@erinfizz: Ahhh thanks.
Posted by Alphazero

Every year on Columbo Day I wear a wrinkled coat and solve crimes using autism.

Posted by Swaboo

This ain't no TANG

Posted by Hamst3r

Oh man, I shall put on my trench coat and do my best Columbo impression.

Posted by TwoOneFive

goin to see KISS tonight WOO

Posted by DanielJW

Mondays, I love them.

Posted by Fbomb

I was hoping for a Way of Samurai 3 QL. Oh well. I've already pre-ordered, so it's not going to influence my purchase, but I wanted to get their take on the game as well.

Posted by Jedted

I wonder if Vinny is working today or he took the day off. 
Anyway, BL and Forza 3 are the two games on that list i'm interested in so this is gonna be a good week. 
Posted by Ghostiet

Shit, Ryan's got a tattoo. I've just realised it.

Posted by Food

Columbus didn't burn his ships. That was Cortés, dawg.

Posted by Gnubberen

Peter Falk fucking rules...

Posted by Hitchenson

Awesome week is awesome. 

Posted by HT101

After last week's TANG, I am glad to see it gone.  I think that I was very close to committing suicide while watching that video.  I love that Brutal Legend is out tomorrow but I'm not getting it because I had to decide between it and Borderlands.

Posted by zudthespud

Oh Boy! I love me some Video Game shenanigans!

Posted by SecondCell

Guess Borderlands quicklook is next week. 

Posted by KuwabaraTheMan

Awesome, as always.
I actually am not interested in any of those first three games, though. Still pretty sure I'm on the right site.

Posted by takua108

Jesus, there's a lot of pissy people on this website.

Posted by SunKing

I'm looking forward to what's going to replace TANG and the Endurance Run, but I've never liked QOTW. I just can't watch the public embarrass themselves without feeling incredibly awkward inside.

Posted by Kohe321

Great week!

Posted by Phished0ne

alright guys, the mission this week? COLUMBO... 
everyone practice:  

  1. Pretending you have no idea what is going on with the case untill the last  few minutes of the show
  2. squinting
  3.  (last but not least) chomping on cigars
that is all
Posted by TeflonBilly

I'm a rebel so I'm gonna make a vid of me impersonating Kojak instead.
Who loves ya baby?

Posted by trophyhunter

way of the samurai 3 fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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