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Posted by skyline7284

I love Mondays!

Posted by Red

Yeah, Mondays are great.

Posted by Zaerus

OW YEAH Incredible Crisis! I'm already stoked for that ^_^
It propably being the most insane minigame collection on the planet + giantbomb = MAGIC.

Edited by Agent47CSim2

Command and Conquer 4 is the only thing I really care about this week, aside form Persona of course.
Posted by JesseG

No ER?!

Posted by Baillie

Classic quicklooks, awesome.

Posted by Dr_Feelgood38

Hahaha! House of the Dead! This is gonna be awesome!

Posted by griefersstolemykeyboard

Looks to be another entertaining week at giantbomb.

Posted by Gamer_152

My face has been thoroughly rocked!

Posted by InFamous91

Once again, another exciting week to look forward to

Posted by RHCPfan24

Sweet. This week looks awesome. I am looking forward to ALL of those Quick Looks :D

Posted by erinfizz

Yay Incredible Crisis. So wonderfully weird.

Posted by Atomasist

Brutal Legend!

Posted by NoXious

This week looks awesome! I lack any proper games to play, so I'll have to do with GiantBomb rocking my face. *nods*

Posted by Echo

Yessss! Incredible Crisis rules!

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Sounds good

Edited by FlamingHobo
@JesseG: I'm sure there will be. :-)
Looks like a good week, really looking forward to the Brutal Legend preview.
Oh, so apparently House of the Dead is Uwe Boll's worst film? Good luck Ryan!
Posted by Tomtefar

Awesome! i wanted you to see House of the dead :D  i had to turn that movie off... sooooo bad :D

Posted by Sarumarine

Throwback Quick Look! Is that the official title? Sweet. I want to see some games from back in the day. I still think Blast Corps for the N64 would be a good contender. You'll either win or you go completely insane.
Posted by HT101

A good week coming up.  Let's make it another good one.

Posted by Death_Unicorn


Posted by mustachioeugene

Incredible Crisis was amazing but my experience with it was very brief.  I only played it one night, in a hotel lobby with a bunch of drunken Germans who were fervently enjoying it.

Posted by LordKorax

 Bizarre mini-games, Japanese salarymen, Tarantino-style storytelling, AND ska music? Such a combination would emulate the divinity of a thousand gods! I demand that you show me more!

Posted by Scooper

I can tell you 100% of what the Trials HD Quick-look will be like. Someone constantly falling over and failing on the bike and then they will say the game is no good.

Posted by Aaron_G

I am going already!

Posted by Jeffsekai

No ER?!?!??!

Posted by Vorbis

I'm glad you'll be showing some coverage on the Persona PSP, maybe you can put my mind to rest about buying it or not.

Posted by brocool


Posted by ThePantheon

I have never heard of Incredible Crisis and am now buckling with excitement over this TBQL.

Edited by Venatio

Looks like a decent week

Posted by kerikxi
@Jeffsekai: Supplement, not replace.
Posted by DerekDanahy

This week is going to be legit.

Posted by buzz_killington

Ahhhhh... Brad's gone again. But QuakeCon = Rage and Brink coverage and that's pretty kickass. Hope Dave's on the Bombcast this week. 
And Ryan, don't forget the AvP movies for TANG :)
Posted by AkasoFailsOnGiantBomb

Wow, there's actually a lot going on this week.
I'm a bit worried about Fate/UC, though. Giant Bomb and Type-Moon don't really seem like they'd mix very well.

Posted by ververdan0226

Are you guys gonna be doing more throwback quick looks in the future?? Cause the whole idea of it sounds fuckin' awesome...

Posted by natetodamax

Great ending

Posted by Kohe321

Great week! Ending was cool

Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer

Yes! The Throwback Quick Look sounds like a great idea. I always love watching and playing older games (even though Incredible Crisis isn't really that old). Awesome.

Posted by Death_Burnout

throwback QL's at last.
And House of the Dead will prove to be...something esle, that movie is beyond stupid.

Posted by Snipper138

lookin forward to the persona quick look

Posted by ysselzor

Sweet! ska music

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Yes! The first throwback quick look! That means that Brad's Jaguar isn't far behind...

Posted by Artemis_D

Incredible Crisis!

Posted by Zoombini

House of the Dead? Seriously, good luck with that one.

Posted by KingOfIceland

Ohman, this week looks all good.

Edited by TheLoopymonkey

Do they know that Fate/Unlimited  is based off a hentai visual novel game?

Posted by iAmJohn

YES!  I fucking love Incredible Crisis!

Posted by goodwood

wheres the new Qotw?

Edited by JDUB_XL

Oh god, House of the Dead. We are really in deep now!

Posted by Aarny91

I love the idea of Throwback Quick Looks.

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