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As much crap as they receive, Giantbomb always looks relatively clear of schwag.

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Raiden Fighters: Aces is a great game. I can't wait for the E3 press conferences. I am dying to know what will take away all my money this Fall.

Posted by Skillface

I'm liking this new sort-of feature. It's pretty cool.

Posted by skywing

i'm so cool

Posted by SandwichApoc

Cherish that copy of Raiden Fighters Aces!

Posted by Double0hFor


Posted by lemon360


Posted by Kraznor

Excellent, you guys continue to put up videos today. Great Job!!

Posted by ShalashaskaUK666
Posted by ANDYx0WNEDxU

makes me want to work as videogame press

Posted by Cerza

LMAO That was hilarious at the end. I love these random behind the scenes videos. You guys should make a weekly mail beg short.

Posted by needforswede

Dude, Titannica shirt...where the hell did you get it?  Mr. Show is my favorite...show.

Posted by unclejohn0525


Posted by Jackel2072

can you smell that? thats the smell of E3. ITS COMING!

Posted by JesseG

Keep doing these videos guys.

Posted by nasher27

I love these videos which just kinda show what it's like to chill around the GBHQ.

And I thought Jeff's impression of the gaming press at the end was hilarious.

Posted by Meltbrain

Hahaha, that was great. I love these random little videos you're doing around the office, Ryan. Keep it up!

Posted by Spice

I have to agree, these "behind the scenes" videos are great.
No I'm not some creepy stalker...

Posted by TooWalrus

I don't know if I like "Mailbag" or "Shwag" better... I think Mailbag is probably better, stick with that!

Posted by gimmysumcowbel
JesseG said:
Keep doing these videos guys.

                    this ^
Posted by theMcNasty

Awesome video.  I love the behind-the-scenes stuff you guys have been doing lately.  :)

Posted by AURON570

lol nice! =D

Posted by Smitatoe


Posted by Ryan

Let me get this straight. Are you guys trying to tell us that you'd like More Videos Like This, Please?

Posted by AllanIceman


Posted by RockinKemosabe

EXPOSE THE TRUTH JEFF!!! Anyway, I am super psyched about your E3 coverage coming up!

Posted by JoelTGM


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hey hey do I see a special edition copy of shin megami tensei: Devil summoner 2 raidou kuzunoha vs king abaddon????with that kick ass box and the plushie

Posted by mrbasehart

I'd like to know why exactly you have posters of Tokyo Drift on your wall.  I get Cobra because it's "awesome", but a Fast & Furious movie? Really?

Posted by Crono

More mail!

Posted by KnifeySpoony
@theMcNasty: So do I, it's a great little insight on what's happening.
Posted by gingertastic_10

keep 'em coming, i love 'em

Posted by Xeiphyer

AH E3! ITS ALMOST HERE! It feels kind of like christmas! =D

Love these behind the scenes videos :P Very awesome!

Posted by JackiJinx
@Ryan: Yessiree Bob sir Ryan! Keeping it real.

On video: Service is that bad? Damn. Still looking forward to E3!
Posted by manathirst

LOL, hilarious as always.

Posted by ghostNPC

You guys are the Best.

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Yes!  Hopefully the cute plushie will find it's way to the back of the couch to be seen in future vids. :)
Posted by Death_Burnout

Well if you like Behind the Scenes you really shouda checked out How to Build a Bomb...cus thats as "behind the scenes" as it gets!

Or Perhaps Stupid Pants Operation!...wait no, that's too old.

Posted by stephengotlost

I hope these become a weekly thing.

Posted by manicproblematic

FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRST!!!!!!....... yea no im joking!...jeeez take it easy lambringo! ....

by the way cool feature ...
Posted by Webby

I love these videos. 

Posted by Tony1661

yea i want them to become a weekly thing as well... I love watching the videos of them in the office.

Posted by Bubahula

:D i love these videos 

Posted by MetalGearSunny

You guys get a lot in the mail...

Posted by Jared

These are my favorite types of videos, just seeing inside the GB HQ is awesome and takes me back to the "How to Build a Bomb" days. We want more!

Posted by Konanda

Looks like Giantbomb loves themselves some Atlus. Look in the lower left corner and you'll see Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2.

Posted by ManMadeGod

Yes Ryan, we would all love more videos like this! Can't wait for the E3 coverage.

Posted by Aska

No "WHIP PAN!!"?  :(

Posted by giyanks22

This "behind the scenes" thing is pretty cool...

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Hehe, well spotted, Konanda.

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