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First! Woo! this game is actually pretty fun, mindless fun that is. I wouldn't see myself getting into it at a serious level. (These impressions were gathered via the demo)

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God I love boxing.

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This is exactly what I want from customisability and character creation

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The game is very deep with its controls which make the fighting a lot more skill based than most;  that doesn't discount button mashers (or stick swingers in this case?) so it appeals to both casual and hardcore.

This facial feature is an awesome hook though.  My friends and I still play Fight Night 3 on occassion because its just such a good game for between friends, now that we can put our own faces into the game I am sure the fights will hit much closer to home haha.

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cant wait for this game

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OK, I'll buy this now.

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Looks pretty awesome.

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So what happens when you use a female photo?

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So I assume then you cannot bring your created boxer online?

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I've been waiting for this since the first time I ever heard of character customization.  Someone that looks like me without hours and hours of tinkering.  Completely awesome.

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But I don't want my beautiful face bruised or damaged.

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@JamesNI said:
" So I assume then you cannot bring your created boxer online? "
I imagine you can, just maybe not in ranked matches.
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@JamesNI said:
" So I assume then you cannot bring your created boxer online? "
Why shouldn't you be able to?  Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 had this feature, and it could be used online.  Expect to see a lot of clown face and hitler boxers.
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@Zalasta said:
" So what happens when you use a female photo? "
You end up with the most effeminate looking man in the world. I wanna see what happens if I have it scan my cat! :D hahaha

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@Zalasta said:
" So what happens when you use a female photo? "
You get teh lulz.
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Man I really really want this game, loved the demo and I'm so getting this as soon as it hits. This is just a bonus.

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That customization looks really awesome.  I wish I could afford this game, because I have heard some really good things about the franchise.

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neat feature!

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Create a trailer!

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Man this game looks awesome

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He said music from your 360 hard drive...what about PS3?

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I wonder if other people will be able to hear your intro music, if so, be prepared for lots of hannah montana singles bitches.

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Wow.  This an awesome addition to an already great game!  I look forward to this even more now!

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Who else is going to scan a photo of Rocky?

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All i got to say is, nobody better steal my idea of using Gary Busey.... oh crap!

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This customisation stuff looks very good. My advice is to hold up a photo of Mr. T to the camera.

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SRSLY, can't wait!

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The reason I say I assume you can't fight with your created fighter online is because dude in the video never mentioned it.. once. Oh! But think of the awesomeness of being able to upload him to EA Sports webpage, vote for the best and EVEN DOWNLOAD OTHER PEOPLES CREATED FIGHTER!! Oh, the joy.

But no mere mention of being able to fight online with your created fighter? Surely that's what everyone wants to do with the feature, yet no mention of it?