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Posted by JJGIANT

Totally gonna buy this game

Posted by theoracleofgame

I cant wait to watch this when it's actually up.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

might want to add a question mark to the end of the video description instead of a period.

Posted by CleverLoginName

God, Boxer Jeff... holy shit.

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Looks okay but I don't like boxing. More video reviews like this please!!

Posted by RipTheVeins

wow, the ripple effects on the skin and gloves are pretty awesome.

Posted by Reuben

I think I'll rent it and if I like it, I'll buy it.

Posted by Sanitysend


Posted by MetalGearSunny


Posted by gh4l

lovin the video reviews. would like to see more though

Posted by FixerofDeath

I'm not really into boxing, but if this game can make a muscular version of me, I'm sold.

BTW I wonder if I can put my cats head on a boxer's body, that would be EPIC.

Posted by Hostile_Dan

Jeff's Fight Night head looks a bit like 'The Miz' from WWE!

Posted by datarez

The last one had the bonus of easy points.  What are the achievements like?

Posted by Nasar7

Can't wait to play this, FPSs are cool too but nothing compares to fighting games for beating the shit out of your friends.

Edited by Death_Burnout

Only Kudo Tsunoda can describe how a Fight Night game works in insane depth.

I still think this doesn't look as good as Round 3 (i dont mean literally) looks a little too slugfest.

Posted by Out_On_Bail

Just be prepared for the endless jab combo's. As with any fighting game, people find a move to exploit.  In this case it's the jab.  It's avoidable, but if you happen to go all ten rounds,  odds are the 'jabber' will win any draw as they most likely will land the most punches - due to the fact that you tried swaying and blocking and they just kept punching.  Other then that the game kicks ass.

Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

Game looks pretty neat! I enjoyed Round 3, so I'm sure I'll enjoy this one.

Posted by John

That shirt, Ive seen it before!

Edited by theMcNasty

Killer tone and scripting for your video review Jeff.  Just one of many examples proving the kids at Giant Bomb pump out the best coverage on the 'net.

Posted by TheClap

Holy Uncanny Valley Batman!

Posted by Curufinwe
@CleverLoginName said:
" God, Boxer Jeff... holy shit. "
I hope they do the rest of GB guys in this game and then duke it out.
Posted by AURON570

definitely looks cool.

Posted by Chewii101

Great review....the blocking animations still look weird though

Posted by artofwar420

Wait so Fight Night Round 3 only came out for the Xbox? I don't think so.

Posted by InFamous91

nice...i still prefer ufc

Posted by Delta_Ass

Someone needs to do a custom face with Two Face from TDK.

Posted by Jedted

Sounds like it's worth a look if you enjoy boxing.  That disconnect rating sounds cool but i could see people with crappy internet connections getting frustrated cause nobody wants to play with them.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Boxer Jeff is one of the creepier things I've seen in a while. o_O

Posted by HeaveyMental

commentary were pissing me off in the demo ... it's the only major deal breaker !! (most of you might think i'm crazy for not buying a game just because of that)
but talking about a push just as i'm landing it ... AND talking about every single punches i do ... can't take it

Posted by lordofultima

Boxing games all seem to have horrible looking animations. It looks like they're swinging their arms like 1 MPH or something, and then just sliding their fists gently off their face.

Posted by Mattalorian

I'll be honest - I don't care at all about boxing. That's why I'm usually uninterested in games like this. But when I heard about the character customization system, I became intrigued. And then after hearing about the custom MP3 support, I was sold.
Hideo Kojima vs Solid Snake? The possibilities are endless.

Posted by JJOR64

Awesome video.  Might have to check it out.

Posted by DerekDanahy

Good job jeff, cool video

Posted by CL60

Nicely done.

Posted by JoelTGM

looks real!

Posted by Landmine
@TheClap said:
"Holy Uncanny Valley Batman!"

I was thinking the same thing.
Posted by 88Fingers

meh. passing on this one. i got bored just watching.

Posted by Vinchenzo

It took us this long for game designers to put in a feature letting us know the disconnect rating? Either way I applaud FNR4 for this alone.

Posted by ch3burashka

It looked like the game Jeff was burning a hole in the 'cameraman' with his eyes.

Posted by CashBailey

'Rage quit' is the greatest term ever.

I love it!

Edited by MrKlorox

Hate how the quick looks are quite a bit longer than the reviews, (say eight or ten times so) but love how little 'figuring shit out' the actual reviews consist of... however I still say there's a medium balance to be held.

Posted by Meltbrain
@artofwar420 said:
" Wait so Fight Night Round 3 only came out for the Xbox? I don't think so. "
At no point did Jeff say that, he just meant it sold well for the 360.
Posted by Meltbrain

Sweet review, Jeff. Your created dude still kinda freaks me out, and he looks like frickin' Jack Osbourne when you put the beard on him. Agh!

Totally gonna pick this up I think... not sure when though.

Posted by Rhaknar

was that "ding ding" at the end apollo in rocky 2? :D

Posted by JacDG
@Meltbrain: I agree :D
Posted by phlegms

I would buy this game if I wasnt broke, a rental it shall be then.

Posted by Kohe321

Great review!

Posted by Mats

Hey. What is David Toska doing in this game?

Posted by Linkyshinks


 You are a alien Jeff.

Posted by elcalavera

The game looks kinda good, but doesn't it look like the punches are totally powerless?

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