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cant wait i never got the chance to play number 2 so this looks like a good time

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totally getting this

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" Fantasy! "
Final! "
Enchantment! "
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@Lord_Yeti said:
" @mythrol:   No, if they just port a regular game to the iPhone and just slap touch buttons on the screen in order to play it, then it's a piece of shit. "
So you're saying you don't really know what you're talking about. . .ok.
Movement is controlled by an onscreen d-pad, but the game is more than just a simple port. The only time the 
"on screen buttons" are there are for overworld movement. Have you seen the combat? It's all controlled with touch now.
But I get it, it's cool to hate on SE and the iPod. Sometimes an onscreen control just makes more sense. Would you have prefered them make you have to control your character using the accelerometer?
Posted by deyanne
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" i have to say this is the first time i see a "real" game ported to the iphone/pod that looks like it might work. curious to see more about this. only downside is these aren't exactly games you just play in quick 15-20min sessions which is what the iphone is best suited for "
Then you haven't really looked. The iPhone has had plenty of "real" games on it for quite awhile now.  Oh I get it though, it's popular to bash on the iPhone because of control scheme. "
Yea, One of my favorite RPG's on the IPhone is Vay and it plays fine. "
perhaps i should have said it diffrently, what i meant was this is the first time i see a port/version of a major console game that looks good, unlike say for example the metal gear solid iphone game. i know there are plenty good original games out there for the iphone.
Posted by Blak_Knot

Wow, no amazing cinematics...no thanks