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Posted by IKenjiI

After seeing that video i never want this game... its just so boring looking...

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Posted by EvolutionX0

Its a great trailer, CG is good, voice acting good and great story, but  for F***SAKE turn that Leona Lewis off.

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Posted by Kombat

I can't wait.  Oh my God, I can't wait.

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@Darkstar614 said:

"Man what's with everyone hating on the voice acting. It's actually pretty good with the modified lip sync. It's not the problem here. The dialogue is what could be considered "cheesy", but it fits the characters and game. I said something similar a while back on a previous trailer posted on GB, but it's a Japanese game made for Japanese players. This kind of "cheesyness" is pretty typical over there, and the emo characters are as well.  The only reason people prefer the Japanese voices for crap like this is because it helps give them the illusion that Japanese-created fiction is better than it seems. In the same way that your imagination makes most books more enjoyable.   If you don't like Final Fantasy, stop trolling and ripping on the VO when its not justified at all. "

It's not about the fiction or about the quality of the dialogue itself. It is what it is (I agree with your assessment that it's cheesy). However, the quality of the Japanese voice acting far surpasses this English dubbing. To be clear, I'm talking about the quality of the voice actors' performance, not about what they're saying. I really don't agree with you that the criticism of the English dub is not justified. The delivery of the lines is on another level when compared with the original voice track, and not in a good way. The last couple of years we have seen some better dubs than this one (but the overwhelming majority is still terrible) and we've also seen a strong increase in the quality of voice acting for games that are originally released in the English language.
Your book analogy is flawed. It is not solely the room for imagination that makes a book more enjoyable. There is also the very important part of the quality of the writing. The translation to another medium like film means that the source (a book) must be adapted to the rules and principles of that medium. It is in this translation that a lot of the lyrical beauty and rhythm is disturbed. In this translation information concerning its form is lost.
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Posted by albedos_shadow
@babblinmule said:
" The final 60 seconds of this trailer...... wow. "
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Posted by EthanML

How the hell can anyone call this CG bad? This is probably the best I've ever seen in a game.

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Posted by hai2u

emo overload >.<.  maybe the japanese eat that shit up but some westerners will be put off by that. 
graphics look amazing as expected for an FF game. the voices aren't bad but that song wtf, too loud and definitely didn't fit the 2nd part of the trailer.  All in all a very poppy trailer but I guess teenagers are their main demographic. 

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That was a great trailer, but that song needs  to go. It was totally throwing the feel of it all off.

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Posted by limewizard

I swear the black characters are always more exciting.

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Posted by RabidSquirrel89

All you Japanese dub, English sub purists need get over the voice actors or import the game. Anyone who says the voice acting is terrible is over the top bias. Perhaps it may not be quite as good as the Japanese voices, but terrible? Clean the crap out of your ears.

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Posted by Adamantium

Most schizophrenic trailer ever.

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Posted by Fire_Marshall_Bill

I just did a side by side of the English trailer with the Japanese trailer, the voice acting is not as bad as some of you are making it out to be. 
That said, sadly the game looks kind of ordinary to me, nothing really exciting/fun about it.   
I'll hold off for now, I'm waiting for versus 13, that looks kick ass

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Posted by Kumo
@RabidSquirrel89 said:
"All you Japanese dub, English sub purists need get over the voice actors or import the game. Anyone who says the voice acting is terrible is over the top bias. Perhaps it may not be quite as good as the Japanese voices, but terrible? Clean the crap out of your ears. "

Couldn't have said it better myself.
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Posted by Cub3

Personally I like the trailer, I think the song fit's kind of the angsty, over dramatic stuff these games go for anyways. Voice acting is kinda lackluster at parts, but still not by any means terrible. You weeaboo's need to lighten up.

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Posted by Siris

That song didn't fit the action on screen at all...seems like some kind of lame marketing deal went down...

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Posted by leeto

Screw you guys that was an excellent trailer.
I don't know what's with the mindset that English dubs always have to suck and that there's no place for pop music in video games.

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Posted by Roboyto

I was really holding out hope that FFXIII would redeem the awful trash that FFXII turned out to be. Everything ive seen of the game left had left me doubting its quality more and more. And now this music video overflowing with emo....i believe this game will finish off what FFXII started
Henceforth i think ill stick with BioWare as my go to RPG people.

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Hmm, I quite enjoyed watching it (having seen very little of FFXIII so far).  Voice acting is no worse than FFX and thus not a problem for me.  I'm not a Japanese VA snob, you see.

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Posted by DelroyLindo

damn leona lewis

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Wow, people are really upset that there's a cheesy love song in a final fantasy game?

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Posted by Hyuzen

shitballs i liked that trailer

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Posted by Phonics

Yep, looks like Final Fantasy to me. Getting it.
Suprise suprise, weaboos going crazy over how 'shit' everything not from Japan is. Embarrasing.

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Posted by Dan_CiTi

Looks like a lot of fun, also TROY BAKERRRRRRR 
Also the japanese dub is kind of meh too.

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Posted by Xolare

What word ends in old and starts with S? FUCKING SOLD MOTHER FUCKER.

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Posted by NeoUltima

Nice...Lightnings VO seems crappy though but w/e

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It's no surprise that the voice acting isn't very good as most of the English VAs are most nonames and/or non veterans so they probably don't have a lot of experience (probably to save money on Square-Enix's part). Still the English voices don't sound THAT bad, it's just that the lack of good dialogue is compounding the issue. At this point, I'm still probably going the route of importing the Japanese PS3 version (once the price goes down) and then buying the US 360 version, unless there is the possibility of them releasing the Japanese voice track as a separate download option.

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Posted by donaldkhogan

C'mon guys SERIOUSLY???  You are bitching about a pop song!?  Did you not play any FF after VII?  The first FF with spoken words was VIII and you know what those words were???  A POP SONG!  And VIII was awesome.  I can't stand this, no wonder games that sell the most copies have mediocre stories, cause you yahoos can't stomach a little bit of life, or emotions in your gaming experience.  Unbelievable, what's the world coming to?  I think you are all just afraid that if you felt a...GASP...EMOTION, it'd make you gay or something.  Life is emotion, HUMANITY is emotional.  Maybe try to grow up a bit and embrace it.  This piece of entertainment will be timeless due to it's story, and it's actually pretty awesome voice-work.   
Oh and it didn't look dubbed to me, could they have actually re-rendered the cut scenes with new lip sync?  That'd be incredible.   
And BTW I don't like pop music at all, not even remotely, but it's not new to FF, and I think it fits well with the themes of the story and the trailer.  You guys are acting like it's un-american or something...take a pill.

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Posted by allhailthetv

Will the weaboos please sit down and shut up? Thank you.
The song actually fit... until the trailer moved onto the action-oriented stuff. 
WAY better than the older trailer, and nice overall. So STFU.

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Posted by HaltIamReptar

PARADIGM SHIFT!  Those paradigms be shiftin' an' shit.  I thought Nintendo copyrighted that?
Also, the description for Final Fantasy XIII is hilarious.

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People are just pissed that the person singing the song isn't yellow.   It's not and gayer than other Final Fantasy theme songs.   Anyways the voices are fine but I'll probably set it to Japanese.   It's giving me a Final Fantasy X vibe though which makes me nervous cause FFX sucked.   Also, the black dude looks like Michael from Lost.

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Posted by Senile_Kyle

Why does everyone bitch about the VA???, Seems pretty solid to me, no annoying voices and all the voices seem to fit the characters.  What is there to complain about???

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Posted by masterpaperlink

yay dub wasnt cringe inducing 

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Posted by bonbolapti

The english voice acting is tops. People just gotta quit with their Japanophile phase.
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Posted by Egge

 Not exactly subtle...but then again this is FF we're talking about. The inclusion of Leona Lewis on the soundtrack will surely challenge youngsters who are insecure about their own sexuality (because they very well can't like a game with a GIRL song on the soundtrack, now can they?), but it's entirely consistent with FF's schmaltzy melodramatic storylines and overall mainstreamism. Embrace your inner Britneys, kiddos...

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Posted by Majkiboy

CRAP I really hope that ....THAT music isn't in the real game.. if it is.. I won't buy... So fucking bad and doesn't fit in the universe....

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Posted by TaccyP

ROFL , that was embarrassing to watch.

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Posted by juice8367

Impressive trailer.  Have to say the English voice cast doesn't sound bad & I always like Leona Lewis' music.  Not sure about the game itself yet but good trailer.

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Posted by gla55jAw

Silverhair guy with the blutooth is way too generic bad dub voice, but everything else seemed pretty good, even the pop song.
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Posted by vidiot
Did I miss something?! 
Final Fantasy has had a vocal pop song since Final Fantasy VIII, that was over a decade ago. Let alone the last trailer had a Japanese pop song. My mind can barely comprehend why people might be upset. Is it because of the quality of the song? You do realize that the original Japanese pop song wasn't anything to write home about, by Japanese pop song standards. Were not talking about the next "Eye's on Me" here. 
They bought the rights to have a Leona Lewis song. They also took the time torerender prerendered video of the characters talking in English. They want to appeal to the larger western audience. If this upsets you, I can understand that to a point (I have mixed feelings about it. I think it's still beyond stupid they don't have dual language anywhere), but you have to also understand the smart business and effort that has clearly gone into this release.  
So no, I feel no different with the inclusion of this song than any other pop song that has been attached to a Final Fantasy game. If you feel uncomfortable(???REALLY??? It's just a theme song. There is other music in the game.) listening to this while watching it, I can only assume you are still an immature J.R. High School student. Grow up.
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Posted by Origina1Penguin

It definitely looks pretty. Much more so than I was expecting (I haven't been following development). The music was a little too loud though, and I found it distracting when two sets of vocals were running at the same time.

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Posted by Shibbles

Hooray for Leona Lewis.

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Posted by PJ

Who is doing the voice for Snow? Has he been in every JRPG to date? Since I'm pretty sure I have heard that voice in ALOT of JRPGs, one that comes to mind is Lost Odyssey.
Still on the fence on if I should buy it for the 360 or PS3. I like the 360 contoller alot more then the DS3 and Disc switching doesn't bother me at all. But if the game runs like Last Remnant on the 360 then I will get the PS3 version. Well, it looks like its not going to be a day one purchase since I want to know how well it runs on the 360.

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Posted by DocWattson

I still think the game will be good but this trailer is HORRIBLE

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Posted by Bones8677
@PJ: It's Kanji man!
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@DocWattson:  prob with crappy J-drama in ur games?
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i just laugh at the idiots who won't buy the game because of a song.

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Posted by lostaddict1993

I thought this was a really cool trailer. It kind of encompassed the basis of the plot to tell us what it'll be about without giving too much away. Although it's going to bother me that they changed "Break" to "Stagger" in the NTSC release.

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This trailer is crazy ridiculous. Perfect.

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@ShadowMountain said:
" The Good: 
-Lip-sync is amazing - well impressed with the effort put in
-Cut-scenes/GC looks stunning
The bad:
-Trailer WAY too long. When will SE learn that long trailers can bore an audience
-Volume of music need to dim when characters are speaking 
-Cocoon and  Fal'Cie are pretty dumb and clumsy words; again, not good trailer material
The Ugly:
-People complaining of the voice acting and stating that the Japanese VA is so much better - see 
Darkstar614's comment, he's pretty much bang-on  with the book analogy "
Totall agree
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Posted by hellsing321

Endurance run please!