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1:21 OTACON!!!

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The hair stands on the back of my neck.

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Most FF games until now have had a melody as their main theme. My favourite is the one for FF9, it sets the tone for the world... kind of connects you to the destiny and feelings of the characters. A pop song like this does not do it for me. Seems like they are trying to cater to mainstream gamers. The reviews mentioning the one button combat system also hints at this. Voice acting and presentation seems great but what about depth of story and characters?
I have played all FF games except for 11 and I have the complete soundtracks for 4-12. I could be considered an FF fanboy... but for some reason I am not getting excited over this. When is FF not FF anymore?

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Nothing normal about that aussie accent, its going to grate my terribly if I play this.

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@HCARyan said:
" Can the Japanese elitist shut the fuck up please?  The voice acting in this trailer is well preformed and well synced.  The song sounds fine, and I don't really care that one J pop song is going to be replaced.  This isn't some no name they pulled off the street to do the song, they actually put thought and effort into it.  Go play an imported copy and stop complaining that you can't hear your video game in its original glorious nippon.  This isn't like the Shining Force 3, we've come way too damn far to have people bitch about THIS voicework.  And if you don't know what I'm talking about then just listen to the horror: 
http://shiningforceacting.ytmnd.com/ "
Lol @ link
I dunno. I live in Japan and I am not very interested in this game. Most people I know don't care much about it either. If I were to play it, I would be fine with playing the NA version. Voicework seems good. I don't care for the song, but I don't care much for the Japanese song either, so either way it is a loss for me.
I think people only like the voicework from Japan because they don't understand it - even if they don't realize that is why they like it. If they do understand it, then why are they complaining about this? They can just import the game (like you said) and live happily ever after. Not that many people in America speak, or even care to speak, Japanese.
People need to chill out. If this having English voice acting is the end of the world for them, then they seriously need to rethink their spoiled lives.
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side pony tail FTW! 
One thing that SquareEnix doesn't suck at is their cut scenes.

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I'm not a Final Fantasy person but this trailer makes me want to buy it!

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I dunno what the hell is going on, but I'm in.

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Not bad. I really do hope the gameplay is closer to FFX than FFXII. It's a personal preference, but I still like turn-based combat.

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After Lightning's parents died she decided that she would strike terror into the hearts of villains as...Litening. 
Also, evil pope is parodying Mr.T?

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Looks interesting

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I think the english dub is fine, leona lewis however, is killing me. 
Edit: man, a lot of people bashing the VO. I'm pretty sure it will be better than 90 percent of the voicework in games originally released in english though. Japanophiles...

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Looks like an animated chick flick. :/

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@G24S said:
" Looks like an animated chick flick. :/ "
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Not to bad voicework. Is that Nolan North i heard somewhere?
Im not enjoying Lightnings voice tough. Other then that looks great and all. Definetly getting this.

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This is great, I dont have many qualms with the voiceovers, they're not meant to be realistic just like the game is. I personally prefer the japanese voices, but the NA ones aren't too bad at all.  I don't care too much for the NA musical choice, but then again it could be worse I suppose.
Is it true that theres little to no town exploration? If so I think that's where SE is taking a risk, as taking in the sights of beautifully designed towns has been a staple for FF games since FF1 really. I guess this will be the first game in the series that won't have that aspect. Oh well, everything else looks exceptional and I'm looking forward to it's release.  
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@mrmanga: snow does sound like nolan north but its not (i looked it up the first time i heard it)
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whats with all the aussie hate (if you are going to be racist go to ign) the song is catchy but isnt fitting but if you are going to completely hate this game cos of one song you are a fool (why are you complaining about and watching a trailer for a game you have already imported)

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the vo sounds fine

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 You know, sometimes I start to convince myself that maybe (just maybe) I might be missing out by totally ignoring the entire Final Fantasy series.
Then I see trailers like this, laugh myself silly, and scold myself for being so weak.
"And I became lightning"
Great stuff.

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Words can't express how exited i am for this game

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I think the song goes good with the trailer. Especially the last minute. Looking forward to this.

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So.... Jailbait, Leona Lewis, Jailbait that's actually male, action scenes, title card? As someone who has never played a Final Fantasy game I can safely say I have no interest in starting here.

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I lol'd hard. 98% of people bashing the English dub are weeaboos that don't even know any Japanese. IMO from what I've played so far (about 1/3 in) it's very, very good, but not perfect - there is at least one high-pitched squeaky voice that Western audiences tend to hate, and the way Sazh is dubbed in Japanese is a bit stereotypical (from the Japanese perspective) black guy. The Western release seems surprisingly decent. I really liked that they re-synced the animations to match the language track.
If you're lucky, Square MIGHT come out with an International Version like they did with FFX, where you have the option of choosing both audio and menu languages. If they can fit both tracks on the disc, and even then, you might have to import it. Be glad that they actually invested some serious effort in localization, even if it does fall a bit short. Why they chose that Leona Lewis song... puzzles me, though.

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Ah ok thanks for info! 
He does sound similar.
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o my god i cant wait to get this game
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@G24S said:
" Looks like an animated chick flick. :/ "
Final Fantasy: Twilight
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Cheesy and yuk
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You haters are f'ing crazy. Game looks amazing. If you aren't into Final Fantasy games and JRPGs then why act surprised that you think this looks "lame."

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the main problem with the trailer is the music. why they replaced the score with this pop trash is beyond me. oh wait! thats because they're trying to appeal to a western audience. For the futrue most  western gamers play JRPG's becuase... well there JRPG's =p one thing people never talk trash about is FF's fantastic soundtrack. i mean for god sakes they have an entire concert deticated to it! wow i dont even like Final Fantasy that much and im on a rant... now thats saying something.

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Not bad voice acting, but then again I'm not to critical of things like that in games. 
  @Jackel2072 said:

" the main problem with the trailer is the music. why they replaced the score with this pop trash is beyond me. "

 Agreed. *ugh* I wish I could mute it.
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- "Shoot me!" 
- "NO!" 
- "SHOOT MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
lol the story is going to be a thousands times worse then 10 since they seem to be going in that direction, but it won't be as boring as 12 will be good.

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The english dub is awful. Why couldn't we get FFXIII with the Japanese track with subtitles?

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this is seriously the worst trailer i've ever fucking seen.  I think I'll stick with Dragon Age

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@Cynical_Gamer said:
" The english dub is awful. Why couldn't we get FFXIII with the Japanese track with subtitles? "
It's amazing... What are you talking about. Obviously you haven't heard real bad dubs. Also this song isn't in the actual game, nor has the song in game been replaced... It's just for the trailer.
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@Shaanyboi said:

this is seriously the worst trailer i've ever fucking seen. I think I'll stick with Dragon Age

This is seriously one of the best trailers i've ever fucking seen. I'm glad i ditched dragon age :)