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Posted by Media_Master

NOBODY LIKES COMBAT BARS, Honestly, the reason why there are soo many 1st person shooters and platformers is because most people don't want to juggle 5 characters at once, taking turns. Otherwise, if the game was 1st or 3rd person, I can see why people would dig it, but until then, pass.

Posted by SeanIsStillAThreat

I have never been so confused by so little dialogue.

Posted by Bardon

As a spinoff...I'm liking this. But I don't want to see the series turn into Dirge of Cerberus. =/ FFX/FFXII win.

Posted by Vasta_Narada

@Goldanas: So it's not okay for people to have fun playing a game, and accept the fantasy as fantasy within a game? Besides, Lightning's outfit isn't nearly as revealing as a lot of female costumes tend to be. Anyways, I'm optimistic for this game. Looks like a good JRPG. I've been getting tired of Turn-based games lately, but maybe FFXIII will put a little bit more life into it for me. I'm still more excited for Versus, however.

Posted by perfectblu3

It looks like that tradition of FF is going to remain... that is awesome. The characters, story, writing, art, and feel of the games are very entertaining and remain the only way I enjoy JRPG's.

The combat system looks new... and improved. Here's to hoping it is as innovative as the FF X battle system.

Posted by mattysen

The combat looks like its gonna be a hybrid of the more "real time" with the fancy button press visuals of the turn based ones. The games setting looks really infulenced by the matrix and more ff7 than others. I hope there are more places in the game than the "cocon" as in the video because i am growing old of a gritty, goverment run distopien future seting for super christ moneky balls

Posted by thegoldencat7

Looks c' rap.

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