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Get Vinny! We need his DuckTales Expertise!

Posted by Catlicker

Hmm... not sure about how I feel about this one...

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Holy shit, Game of the Year, All Years.

Edit: Wait, where's the goddamned moon?

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I liked DuckTales, but...

Posted by Duh_ave


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Ha, they anticipated of course that I would want to sing the theme song. Well played, Capcom, well played.

Posted by ZironZ

I wonder if they will include the original NES version with it.

Posted by csl316

I love everything about this.

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all this means is that disney is gonna buy capcom now and we will have disney vs. capcom vs. marvel vs. star wars.

Posted by Axersia

Holy shit, Game of the Year, All Years.

Edit: Wait, where's the goddamned moon?

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For whatever reason I never did - but obviously should have - played Duck Tales back in 89. I will more than likely get whatever WayForward puts out anyway, but I'm especially happy to see this classic coming back.

Also, music by virt...

Posted by drowsap

OOOOO god love that song but now its going to be in my head for like a week lol

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Something about this doesn't feel right, please prove me wrong, game.

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3D environments in a 2D game. Fuck 'em. Every time.

I'm obviously still getting it because DuckTales, but I think this game deserves a full hand-drawn 2D treatment.

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DuckTales...DuckTales....dude....a new DuckTales....DUCKTALES!

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I have absolutely no affinity for the original game (I know it's a classic, but I never played it) and I really loved this trailer. The 3D environments with 2D characters is kinda weird though. The 2D art looks so much better, I wish the game was in full 2D. Well, I guess you gotta justify calling it "Remastered" but still...

Anyway, really hoping it is good. I like WayForward.

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Why am I hearing about this on Hi Def Digest before Giantbomb!? How long have they been bringing Duck Tales up? Well, I guess, late's better than never.

Also, the YouTube clip tickled more tail feathers than the WayForward trailer did. The enhanced graphics I can deal with, but they better not touch that sound track.

Posted by Cybexx

WayForward tends to be solid, usually not amazing but solid. Looking forward to this.

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Oh holy shit yes.

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Yea, I'm not entirely sure about the 3D backgrounds either. It's visually confusing with all these foreground and background elements on the screen, and they look like two separate art styles mashed together.

But still, kudos on bringing back the brand. I still can't believe that there's something being made with Duck Tales in the name in 2013.

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I love Ducktales so I hope this turns out good. I think I still have some Ducktales movies on VHS somewhere.

Edited by BSw

Awesome, I still have the original for the GameBoy lying around somewhere. Apart from weird 3D, it looks really good.

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They are going to fuck it up.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

Great now I have the urge to watch Duck Tales, damn you song in trailer.

Posted by KyleBsure

Since this is a Capcom release I take it that "pony tails and cotton tails" will be day one DLC.


Looking forward to this one.

Posted by wolfskind

I'm in. They can have all my money. O_o

Edited by 2HeadedNinja

Too bad it won't be on PC :/ ... That Tim Schafer line was pretty funny though.

Posted by Landmine

$ <---- take it.

Posted by Seppli

This has the distinct flavour of being the result of a pitch by some of my favorite podcasting personalities over at lasertimepodcast, at least two of which work at Capcom Unity. Brett Elston and Chris Antista. Would be surprised if it wasn't so.

And yes, Ducktales are rad!

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Alright! Now just get me Felix the Cat and that TaleSpin game where I couldn't ever successfully fly the plane. Damn childhood.

Posted by JamieOD

Call me when they bring back Quackshot.

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Looks really pleasant, expecting great things.

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Putting the Ducktales song in that trailer was the best idea ever, I haven't even touched the original game but that song compels me to buy this remastered edition anyways.

God, I loved that cartoon.

Posted by Nictel

Oh this whole thing is so self-aware, it's awesome. This game, the memories, just tell me who I have to give my money!

This is also probably the only time I would like them to do a localized version.

Posted by PoisonJam7

Man, I haven't heard that song in many, many years.

Posted by Mars_Cleric

@axersia said:

@saganomics said:

Holy shit, Game of the Year, All Years.

Edit: Wait, where's the goddamned moon?

God DAMN I love that song. One of the best pieces of video game music ever.

Posted by JackSukeru

I don't really have a lot of nostalgia for the original game, despite playing it as a kid. The show though, oh man.

Posted by FreakGirl

I am so going to buy this :D Love the sing-a-long Trailer :D

Posted by DeF

They are going to fuck it up.

Yay for optimism.

Posted by BenderUnit22

I imagine there's a generation of gamers now that probably don't know a damn thing about Duck Tales and don't give a hoot about this... BUT SCREW THEM, DUCK TALES!!!!

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Never played the original but loved the series as a kid. I wouldn't mind playing as Unca Scrooge!

Posted by Blunt

Alan Young is still alive?

Holy shit.

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@nictel said:

Oh this whole thing is so self-aware, it's awesome. This game, the memories, just tell me who I have to give my money!

This is also probably the only time I would like them to do a localized version.

I usually hate everything localized but Ducktales's song and dubs were actually done by some actual actors, along some other shows back in the day. Nowadays dubbing is horrible.

Also this song is awesome in every language.

Posted by Xymox

Alright WayForward, I'm listening.

Posted by Veektarius

I kinda forgot to watch the trailer while I was singing along.

Edited by Lyfeforce

I know that I shouldn't be complaining about this particular piece of good news, any new Duck Tales is good Duck Tales. As such, I have one request that I will say and then shut up because DUCK TALES.

Could it have killed them to make a Steam Version so I don't have to worry about losing this game as soon as I get a new console?

That being said; WOO-OO.

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