Posted by DaManGB

i want this game actually...

Posted by DrinkBourbon

Ooooooh looks fun.

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probably won't get this game...
Posted by BD

 Ling-Ling? Really

Posted by logicfracture

Well it has the word party in it so it's going to sell like crazy. I mean, who doesn't want a party?

Posted by fillmoejoe

There should be murder involved.

Posted by Crono

Dicks, Johnsons and 1 Butch Johnson; Guilty Party indeed, Disney.

Posted by Mattyboysmith

You definitely get an "Incredibles" vibe from this one!

Posted by RecSpec

That is a LOT of Dick...ens.

Posted by fazzle

I'm gonna find that song on itunes right now.   I'm predicting it'll be a #1 download next week.

Posted by Dastardly_Do_Wrong_DeDuped

I had absolutely no interest in this game prior to watching this video. now I'm all for it

Posted by CrimsonJester

singing  "you got to find the guilty party before the guilty party finds you"

Posted by RJPelonia

I'm actually quite interested in this game. The theme music, not so much.

Posted by JackSukeru
@RecSpec said:
" That is a LOT of Dick...ens. "
B-but I was gonna...damnit!
Posted by Kevino13

"Max Dickens"?
...Is this a porn game?

Posted by danimal_furry

I actually think this looks okay. Do a quick look.
Posted by habster3
@Crono said:
"Dicks, Johnsons and 1 Butch Johnson; Guilty Party indeed, Disney. "

Posted by Flappy

Layin out some hot Dickens, eh?  Where's Dr. Tran?

Posted by MoistJohn

does anyone know if this game comes with a DaftPunk CD ? or if Jeff Bridges is in it ? 

Posted by korsair_13

That is one awesome theme song.

Posted by theodacourt

I love how the old woman (Dickens-Johnson) appears to be married to the big black guy (Johnson). And that both Dickens and Johnson are euphemisms.

Posted by AddyMac

"Olivia Dickens"
I'm sure there's a euphemism in there somewhere.

Posted by ILuvMsMarvel

I think they forgot to name one of the characters Richard.

Posted by Killer_7

Do a quicklook of this game it looks kinda alright =)

Posted by MeatSim

I find this game guilty of being quirky.

Posted by lunalicrichard

these games are shit out a milion a year , made for 25 cents a piece , with nothing even remotely interesting gameplay wise or story wise. and they still sell ! sometimes i wonder about humanity ..... 
Posted by glanesb

Yes...the incredibles vibe!! some more money needed for the kid's addiction!!!! WOOO HOOOT

Posted by JessicaBoo
Catchy alright!!  
And the game looks kinda fun, but maybe is one of those i will see and pass by at a store :(