Posted by Echo77

Spoooooky. Might have to give this a try.

Posted by laserbolts

Hopefully this turns out good.

Posted by mgparker

I will buy this.

Posted by Xerxes8933A

So, UFO: Afterlight was on steam sale the other day, picked it up. It's a good holdover till this comes out if you like this kind of game, played 4 hours of it last night without realizing it. Character models look kinda similar too.

Posted by Morningstar

Just hope they release it soon =)

Posted by david3cm

Know what they should talk about in the next promotional video, a release date. I am so down to play this!

Posted by Akyho

The art and design of the the aliens are different. However its the gameplay that counts. Cant wait!

Posted by Rudy

My most anticipated title of 2013. I'd buy a $150 collector's edition right now, if they let me into an early beta build :)

Posted by MeatSim

I was waiting for something to pop out behind him while he was talking.

Posted by prestonhedges

Nice mouse cursor at the bottom of the screen.

Posted by ninjalegend

Their UI dude/lady must have one hell of a task ahead of them. After playing a bit of Jagged Alliance: Back in Action for a bit, I remembered how I hate fighting with UI. It felt clunky and a bit dated to me.

"Let me hold in the mouse wheel to turn the camera, go to this screen to choose this weapon, now pause it with space bar, go to this screen to order these two to fire at the same, no, pause, grenade thrown! Pause, change stance to run, move..."

Leave it too complex and menu intensive, and they blow it. Oversimplify, and you nerf your own game. I'd like to see their UI people interviewed. Tough task that I'd like to know how they map to PS3 and 360 controllers. How bad will your menu screens interrupt gameplay, and does it look like I can concentrate on the strategy rather than the interface?

Posted by BBQBram

I don't even know anything about Persona 4 but this looks slick.

Posted by thejackrayner

Twilight imperium on thier shelf! This is a good sign...

Posted by vinsanityv22

Man, it's gonna be interesting to see if this XCOM sells better or if the 2K Marin-developed FPS sells better. If 2K Marin's does better, it'll suck; stupid Xbox Live-meatheads only interested in shooters...

Posted by Tennmuerti

Oooooh, creepy music.
I aproove.
But from the screenshots released so far the game looks to have a bit of a cartoony artstyle, so not sure how they will manage to make aliens look creepy with that.

Posted by huser

@BBQBram said:

I don't even know anything about Persona 4 but this looks slick.

This is pretty much the winner here.

Posted by UitDeToekomst

Pants officially shat.

Posted by jking47

I am far more interested in this game than the X-COM FPS that is coming out

Posted by BrockNRolla

This was a really poorly made video.

That being said, I'm quite excited about the game.

Posted by EXCellR8

sat in on their demo at PAX last month, game seemed pretty cool. i never really got into the original but it seems Firaxis is building a legitimate game regardless of whether or not you have. they wouldn't reveal a whole lot of info on the game other than what was demoed but they did say there would be some rather difficult decisions to be made.

oh and i got a "vigilo confido" patch upon exiting :)

Posted by TMThomsen

That mouse cursor at the end looks like a mistake.

Posted by Zelyre

Ooh... that piano... makes me feel like I've got sectoids standing behind me.

Posted by Dylabaloo

One of my most anticipated releases.

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Teddy scared my cat.

Edit-WTF! How did ah end up here???

Posted by joachimo

I have no idea what this game is

Posted by DrBroel

This looks like the best game ever.

Posted by SharkMan

mouse pointer on the screen at the end really freaked me out!

Posted by Russcat

Missed opportunity to photoshop in a UFO over the studio.

Posted by lou_stockholm

@Rudy said:

My most anticipated title of 2013. I'd buy a $150 collector's edition right now, if they let me into an early beta build :)

I'm pretty sure I read that Oct 2 is the realease date, but I might be wrong. Anyway it is in the fall 2012, so you won't have to wait that long :)

Posted by Mnemoidian

That music. Ngh.

Really looking forward to this.

Posted by chilipeppersman

@SharkMan: ya i didnt notice that till you pointed it out. pretty weird

Posted by WhoopAssRambo3

I fear this game will fall in the same trap as every other revival / re- imagination of old classics; being dumbed down and too easy. The original is one of my all-ttime favorites. DO NOT MESS THIS UP FIRAXIS!

Posted by impartialgecko
Or. 2K Marin delivers on the promise they showed with Bioshock 2 by making that game their own and the sales reflect that AND Firaxis also makes a strong reboot that the PC fans appreciate. 
Unless you're getting a cut, who cares whether one game sells better than another if both are done well?