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loved the original

Posted by BeachThunder

Yes, I do remember, I also remember how much better the first level looked in the original.

Posted by Nightcrawlah

Wow, this feels....nothing like the original.

Also: "So Mr. President, your people await!"

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Why does this exist?

Posted by leejunfan83

I hate the Hans Zimmer styled cinematic music the original soundtrack had so much personality

Posted by Gargantuan

Wow! This looks lifeless.

Posted by MysteriousBob

Thats some pretty terrible voice acting.

Posted by weegieanawrench

Stellar voice acting. So what is this game, the trailer did a great job of telling us.

Posted by NmareBfly

Perfect candidate for cel-shading here. I'm sure I'll still play it, since the original has a special place in my heart, but... I'm not particularly inspired.

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As much as I'm not into this, I liked seeing the "looking through a vent" scene.

And what's with the "parts of your memories have been takenand hidden"? Didn't they originally just erase them and he had a backup?

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I think this looks great. From what I can tell, none of this was in-game footage. More or less just cutscenes, but it has the look of Flashback. However, I like what they did for the HD version of "Out of This World", kept the same kind of feel.

Posted by SASnake

Stellar voice acting. So what is this game, the trailer did a great job of telling us.

If you dont know what Flashback is, you deserve to not know.

Posted by MeatSim

Hope this turns out okay, because I never got to play the original.

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Stellar voice acting. So what is this game, the trailer did a great job of telling us.

Metroid, and pit fall meet Jill of the Jungle. at least that was what the first one was.

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The differences between this and the original kind of remind me of the differences in the two Total Recall films.

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@meatsim said:

Hope this turns out okay, because I never got to play the original.

It worries me that it's from the same developer as Amy.

Posted by squeamish

The cheesy voice acting from the Sega CD version will always have a place in my heart

Posted by weegieanawrench
Posted by weegieanawrench

@dagbiker: That sounds pretty alright. If this release isn't up to snuff, I'll check out the original.

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The original is one of my favorites video games of all time. Could this ruin its memory worse than the original's sequel, Fade to Black?

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I like the art style, but then I'm a sucker for sci-fi, with the only exception being Conrad himself. Voice acting is horrendous, but I've heard worse. Dunno about this yet.

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So it's Total Recall the game?

Posted by Solh0und

I hear the original game is also included with this. I might pay the $10 just to play THAT version.

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Get you ass to Mars!

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I hope it's good, especially for VectorCell: I'm thinking they may be in trouble if it doesn't do well

Posted by ninjalegend

I think I'll spend a few bucks to find out if this turns out. I have not bought something on Xbox live in a long time. I believe FEZ was the last time I cared. Brothers doesn't look terrible either, even though it is not my cup of tea. Good summer of arcade, Microsoft,.

Posted by Tebbit

How to you remake a game with such a unique art style so blandly?

And more importantly... why?

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Well this trailer is just cheating, anything seems bad ass when you have Two Steps From Hell's: Black Blade playing in the background.

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@lazyaza: That whole album is pretty damn kickasse. I wonder though, as it gets used so much in trailers, if it should have it's own concept page?

Posted by Gregalor

Well, one thing's for sure. People won't be mistaking Another World HD with Flashback HD, this time around.

Posted by Branthog

I know we loved the original, but was this a thing anyone wanted?!

Posted by BionicRadd

i kinda wish they had done what they did with Another World. Just take the original game, polish the sprites and stick it out there on modern systems.

Posted by Tweed8
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This generation is the era of the military shooter and 2D side scroller.

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@killerfridge: Exactly. The first is a classic. The second looks like a lame attempt to slop together some crap, stamp a recognizable name to it, and hope to cash in. Oh well. If enough time and money was put into it, I'm sure they could make an awesome new Flashback game, but this is clearly not it.

Posted by deltaalphabravo

I would've much preferred a an anniversary edition of the original. Like they what they did with "Another World" (Out of This World).

Although to be fair; that looked like it was all cut-scenes and no gameplay.

Posted by weegieanawrench

@tweed8: I usually don't. I know he was being a bit of a turd. And thanks, I will give it a looksee.

Posted by Rapid

Total Recall the game, hey if it can execute on the formula well and call me interested

Posted by scottygrayskull

Fuck, I remember the comic book that came with the game, and served as the intro. Liking what they're doing so far with the cinematics.