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Posted by flasaltine

Full Motion Vinny

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Posted by Thiefsie

Lol bad aussie accents.... 'worser'?

ahaha Tex Murphy seems to be worser than I originally thought ahaha

Posted by SteveVacation


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I'll await this being played on UF.

Posted by phrosen

Space Egypt Wizards!

Posted by RedFive

"I thought he was the Soup Nazi! I told him I loved his work!" -- George Bluth, Sr.

(Larry Thomas rules.)

Posted by Noval

There is just one man on this planet who has the Full Motion Cojones to handle this...
And it's published by Atlus?! We may have finally found a worthy candidate for the next Endurance Run.

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Man that actor has not aged well, but I'm still super stoked for this.

Also was that Andy Dick?

Posted by KingSalo

"No soup for you!"

Posted by Ghost_Cat


Posted by G24S

Posted by gallilee

Just like I remember it with the same acting standards as your regular porno. Day one purchase!

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Well... hot damn.

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Yikes. These games seemed so cool back when I was a teenager too. Now all I see is terrible acting.

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I cannot even begin to properly express how fucking jazzed I am about this

Posted by HarlechQuinn

Oooh Man... I am so glad I backed this!!!

Posted by HeghmohQib

Kevin Murphy? As in Tom Servo - Kevin Murphy? Neat!

Posted by MeatSim

That acting! FMV continues to be the future of video games.

Posted by D_W

That acting. Delicious ham.

Posted by ZGoon


Posted by cikame

"I don't have a wife!?

I know it would be kinda spoilery for people and ruin what could be a very fun experience, but an 'endurance' run of this would be kinda great.

Posted by sl1ppyfist

This game looks like it was tailor made for a Vinny Endurance Run

Posted by Spiritof

Todd BRIDGES!!!!!?

(and a midget, dressed like a fireman, in a wheel chair?!)

Hell YES!

Posted by mosdl

Man that actor has not aged well, but I'm still super stoked for this.

Also was that Andy Dick?

He isn't an actor but a game producer/developer/

Posted by Mockduck

Yes! Will definitely purchase. FMV foreva!

Posted by Rapid

And Atlus is publishing, perfect!VINNY!

Posted by emtee

Damn it June Lockhart, you're better than this! You too, Todd Bridg....actually no, you're perfect for this.

Posted by fisk0

Seems like they are a bit too aware of how cheesy some of this is, I'd prefer it if they would play it straight. But, sure, I backed this and I'm happy I did, the world needs more FMV.

Posted by Hilfemaster

needs more scanlines, hd fmv games just seems wrong

Posted by DarkbeatDK


Posted by CornBREDX

Steve Valentine, June Lockhart, Kevin Murphy?

Todd Bridges?

Sure, why not?

I still haven't actually finished the other ones, though. I should get back to those.

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Whoa whoa whoa whoa, Atlus is producing this? Alright then.

Posted by dahlis

Oh wow, they haven't aged a day!

Posted by Accolade

I'm for it.

Posted by shatted




It's like the intertitles were transplanted from 1998 too. Nonetheless, I am extremely glad this exists. (Also, Big Finish Games is a great name for a developer.)

Posted by FonkyMucker

Wow...in that 8 minutes and 15 seconds I was...







And now I am just bewildered.

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thanks a lot. now i just went and bought all the Tex Murphy games off GOG. I blame you, Klepek!

Posted by BoomSnapClap113

This looks absolutely beautiful.

Posted by Stimpack

Oh my God. . .

Posted by Vuud


Posted by Sphinx


Posted by zoozilla

I had a little bit of buyer's remorse when I put in a bunch of money into the Kickstarter....

But now I know it was all worth it. This is going to be awesome.

Posted by Hulkamaniac

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kevin Murphy?!

Posted by Aviar

I laughed, I cried, I felt everything.

Posted by Wandrecanada

Holy shit June Lockheart!

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This looks terrible, I love it.

Edit: The video just gets more delicious as it goes on.

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