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I feel kinda bad: I already have this quest.

Oh well if you want it you just got to do better!

Posted by teh_destroyer

Nice 127 Hours reference.

Posted by Cloudenvy

@Castiel said:



Posted by cikame

Did the game take so long to get to this point because they couldn't make his face less insane?

Posted by Tiwi


Posted by Baillie

I'm getting a Silent Hill 2 vibe.

Posted by KillerFly

Oh course! If I'm in a dust cloud and can't see my hand in front of my face, I'll just look at a map! Wait...

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Yeah...that face is not pretty or lip synched BUT I do like the premiss of this game. I thought it would be quite linear but the map stuff points to a more open system that you can explore, that's nice.

Posted by kon1312

Oh wow - this one's still around^^

Posted by papercut

That face recording is old footage right? 'cause that was pretty shitty looking.

Posted by reelife

Right, and then there's this... Hope for the best like always.

Posted by TwoSe7enFive

Man, what happened to this game, the visuals look like garbage.

Posted by Sogeman

How did they manage to make it look so bad after so much time...

Posted by mak_wikus

No, Textures, I'm not interested in going back to 2003.

Posted by Renegade_Pixels

This game looks quite interesting. Here's hoping it turns out good.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Beautiful. I'll be buying this game day fucking 1.

Posted by Diabloshadow

I`m sure that the face will loads better when it comes out.

Also it seems like their finally releasing a video on this in resposne to all of the `The Last of Us` buzz that`s going around now.

Posted by Sooty

possibly the most bland looking visuals I have ever seen

Posted by DeathbyYeti

too much to say about this game

oh well fade away again game

Posted by Vetterli

Wii Exclusive?

Posted by HydraHam

Do people not realize it's an XBLA game? of course it's not going to look mind blowingly amazing.

What happened to interesting gameplay/stories? all about graphics with kids today.

Posted by Oddface

This is one ugly game, but I do like the concept and some of the ideas on the display here. Might be good.

Posted by shermanatorek

@Vetterli: A downloadable title

Posted by KneelBeforeZott

Glad to see the game is still on track!

Edited by Xymox

Like it or not, video games have changed. We use more than 4 polygons to make faces now. Or maybe this is for the PS2/Wii?

Posted by Vetterli

@Shermanatorek said:

@Vetterli: A downloadable title

Ah, makes sense!

Posted by Lokar36

I know they did some retooling of this game but who's idea as it to throw away all of the graphics? There are too many awesome games from the PS2 days for me to want to play a game that looks the same but is released in 2012. Think on that...... 2012. Sorry Ubi, but you really need to bring your A game. It's a shame. the reveal trailer looked awesome. Guess I'll go watch that again.

Posted by JackSukeru

I have no idea what this game is.

ah well, I guess I could just find out later.

Posted by loudology

Is this an N64 game?

Posted by Asurastrike

@Lind_L_Taylor said:

Beautiful. I'll be buying this game day fucking 1.

Did we watch the same video?

Posted by iAmJohn

I'm kind of amazed this game isn't dead.

Edited by HBK619


IT'S BROWN AND GREY!!!!!! Amazing, I know.

Oh and we figured out how to do lip syncing...DON'T!

Posted by AbombBILL

I like how gamers always go on saying "Graphics don't matter!" and "What's important is gameplay!" but as soon as a game has a trailer where the graphics aren't impressive, everyone bitches.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

And they said the Wii is dead.

What, wait, this is for the PS3 and 360?


Edited by probablytuna

This game looks less and less interesting each time they reveal a new video of it.

Posted by bybeach

You don't have to throw away the graphics to have a deep and meaningful game. They can just be average, and let it's world then take over. Otherwise I am a little intrigued..whatever this game is.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor
@Asurastrike said:

@Lind_L_Taylor said:

Beautiful. I'll be buying this game day fucking 1.

Did we watch the same video?

I like the story. I don't give two shits about whether
the graphics are at the highest quality. Usually many
games that focus on the graphics above all else are
shitty experiences.  Less is more.
Posted by phrosnite

This looks baaaaaaaaaad! Now I know why Jade left the team.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor
@HBK619 said:

Oh and we figured out how to do lip syncing...DON'T!

It's Ubisoft.  Chances are the lips are speaking something in French.
Otherwise doesn't really matter.  I like games that have a rough edge
to them.
Posted by billyhoush

I can't wait until Spec Ops: The Line comes out.

Posted by Philzpilz

That looks pretty intersting truth be told

Charity in video games is always a fun concept

Posted by TheHumanDove

The last of us> this game

Posted by CharAznable

Oh brudder.

Posted by baconbits33

Didn't most of us play Deadly Premonition? That game was amazing and it had PS2 graphics.

Oh and I'm interested in the game, don't get me wrong I like graphics, it helps the immersion but I like the look of this.

Posted by uomoartificiale

This one looks stiff and dull, and GREY. Now I get everyone here sayin' graphics aren't everything, this is a trailer mainly based on showing the game. And, again, it looks stiff and dull, and GREY. and the gameplay mechanics aren't that clear altogether.

wait a minute let me re-phrase that: graphics matter as this is a visual-interactive medium. So for the visual part this game doesn't look it can be any good. Note that photorealism is one thing, good graphics are a different one. This looks bad and photorealistic at the same time. For the interactive part, maybe this game is fantastic, controls great and has great gameplay mechanics. Who knows?!

Posted by krabboss

It's worrying to see so many people disregard a game because of its graphics. Too many of them casuals here on Giant Bomb.

Posted by City17

If he is the main character couldn't they have put even a little effort to make him look better than a character made for a ds game.

Posted by blacklab

Wow, I think this looks great! I hope they can integrate all of those mechanics welll...otherwise it's just going to be Ass Creed: Apocalypse.

Posted by SmilingPig

could be good

Posted by Draugen

No PC, no dice.

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