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"More FTL sir?"

Yes, please. How much is it?

"It's free of charge sir"

But I want to pay anyway.

throws money at screen

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Edited By Ben_H

Oh man FTL on iPad will be so awesome.

Also, free update on PC yay! My 65 hours of play time will probably pass 100 after this. Such a good game.

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Posted By Triumvir

Sick. Just in time for me to have the funds for an iPad Air, too.

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Posted By Y2Ken

Well I am super ready for this. Loved FTL so much.

My only minor issue is that there isn't a way to pay for this.

Maybe I'll just buy a copy for one of my Steam friends or something instead.

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Posted By John1912

Still never beat that fucking game. Its rare that happens for me.

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Posted By Cogzwell

man.... now I want an Ipad

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I have tried 100 times and failed at this game. once i get to the last section i just cant kill the enemy flagship.

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Posted By elpurplemonkey

This has always been the perfect iPad game. The fact that they're finally releasing it on there plus we've got new music has me so motherfucking hype.

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Posted By Chaoticarsonist

Well, there went all of my free time. All I need now is an Infinite mode of some sort, so that I can see what a COMPLETELY upgraded ship can do.

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Posted By JesusHammer

"New music"


No Caption Provided


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Posted By iBushido

I have never been forced to set a game's difficulty to EASY and still not be able to beat it once and yet I want more and more and more. It's also got a soundtrack that I've listened to more than any other video game music. FTL is sooooo gooooood.

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I'd like this on Android, my phone is relatively big (4.8" screen) so it'd work well; you'd be surprised how good desktop websites look in landscape, unlike the iPhone which feels like a thing made for children. That's in comparison to having this big screen phone for a while, I tried a 5 in October and I thought it was the older iPhone without 4" screens at first because it felt that tiny.

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Posted By Aelric

Free? I'd have paid for it, but sure, don't mind if I do.

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Posted By Dezinus

No really, just add the new music tracks in and call it a day.

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Posted By The_Nubster

Woah, Chris Avellone? Seriously? Count me the fuck in (even though I'm technically already the fuck in, since it's a free update, but you know).

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Edited By Sweetz

I'd love to see an FTL sequel that took the basic gameplay and expanded to something with more permanence - basically an FTL RPG. Something where I can freely explore the universe and do missions. Kind of like the X series games, or any number of other freeform space games, but with FTL's quasi-turn based combat mechanics instead of real-time shooting.

I'm glad there's new content coming, but the game's formula has grown a little stale after beating the boss a few times. I admit part of that is my own fault for always going for the same strategy (which boils down to teleporter, basically), but part of that is also the game's fault for making teleporters so consistently effective.

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Posted By bombedyermom


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Posted By CilliaBlack

Newest FTL feature: an intermission, featuring an in-depth 200,000 word character study of an individual's worth in the greater world surrounding him and how their personal struggles define not merely themselves, but the perception others have of them. Also, you're told at the beginning not to trust the skull. Skulls have not been included in this release of FTL.

No but for real, I'm genuinely interested to see what Avellone will contribute to this game. Brevity isn't exactly something he's known for, but I could see him doing some cool stuff.

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So glad I picked this up on steam. Great game and I can't wait to play the updated version.

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Edited By aceofspudz

I love it when games I own get huge free content patches.

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Posted By confideration

REALLY pumped for an iPad version! Tried to play this on my Surface Pro using touch and it was not a great experience.

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Posted By SaturdayNightSpecials

This showed the WWE 14 cover on my RSS.

Wrestlers in space, think about it.

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Edited By ArchTeckGuru8

will this still overheat my macbook air?

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Edited By whitegreyblack

I'm seriously feeling the "Deus Ex effect" here... FTL has been mentioned and I am immediately considering re-installing and playing it for the next 6-8 hours.

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Edited By paulunga

Yup, time to put another 50 hours into this in preperation for the update. Damn you, FTL, why are you so good?

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Posted By Xpgamer7

I would gladly pay money for this alone. Even just a MORE PLOT UPDATE with no gameplay indications would pull me back in. I mean I already am.

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Posted By geirr

This is great news! I'll get it on the iPad too.

New toys to play around with? - sold

Chris Avelone as guest writer? - sold

Free update on PC? - sold

AHEM, Ben Prunty's continued musical efforts? - Sold!


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Posted By Evilsbane

@sweetz said:

I'd love to see an FTL sequel that took the basic gameplay and expanded to something with more permanence - basically an FTL RPG. Something where I can freely explore the universe and do missions. Kind of like the X series games, or any number of other freeform space games, but with FTL's quasi-turn based combat mechanics instead of real-time shooting.

Yes yes and yes.

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Posted By alfawolf04


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Posted By Snail

You mean enhance your free time, right?

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Posted By madlands

Best good game.

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Posted By huser

Too awesome especially free. With new tactics, gear, and minor interface stuff locked down, the only thing I'd have asked for in a full sequel would be the option of going full pirate and being able to capture ships to become a small flotilla.

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Posted By Frankston

I hate this game so much, but I'll buy it. I know I'll buy it.

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Posted By super2j

Free update for ftl? we are truly in a golden age of gaming.

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Posted By Zenthere

If I had an iPad, I would be pumped. I look forward to the new and interesting ways that the AI has to kill me now.

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Posted By WheezinEddy

Awsome news, FTL is my most played game of 2013, fingers crossed for an android version

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Posted By impartialgecko

I've been playing a bunch of FTL recently and some of these changes seem INSANE. New subsystems? The mind boggles.

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Posted By coaxmetal

no iphone? I guess its hard to fit to a small screen, but would be far more convenient to play on. And not just because I dont' have a ipad, I find tablet gaming an invonvenient experience in general. Anway its rad that this is getting updated and coming to another platform, ill have a lot of fun playing more of it on pc or my mac

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Posted By Accolade

This couldn't be better unless I owned an ipad.

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Posted By PimblyCharles

While not a huge fan of the game play, I think the music is worth the price alone.

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Posted By Tekuzo


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Posted By Zamandorfthehat

!! !!!! !! !!

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