Posted by JoshS

Looks good. Can't wait. :D

Posted by Th3dz

meh.. looks pretty stiff

Posted by snide

I've really enjoyed the previous Codemasters' racers and think they got lost in the crowd. The "GPS" stuff they show off in this though seems a tad annoying. Who knows though, if its anything like GRID, I'm sure I'll end up grabbing a copy.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Gotta agree with Snide here, those arrows look hella dumb. there's a reason why normal GPS's work...

Posted by gingertastic_10

looks epically awesome...but the arrows look soooooooooooooooooooo annoying, i hope you can turn that off

Posted by grainger

wow, motorstorm with a different name (y)... haha i like to be sinacle (: looks canny but.

Posted by MeatSim

Yes I want giant red pointing arrows in real life.

Posted by Trnck

wow, cool gps bro

Posted by Pie

Wow arrows

Edited by Krenor

the guys complaining about the GPS and how annoying it looks fail to understand this game is nothing like Pure or Motorstorm because its an open world racing game.

Posted by TwoOneFive

o0o wow you're gps looks like that?! ZOINKS! OMG!

Posted by needforswede

Surely there must have been more exciting features to show off in a trailer than arrows that show you where to go (which most games have anyway).  Maybe there's more to it than that, but a trailer is supposed to get you excited about a game isn't it?  Or at least inform you as to why you should be excited.  It does look pretty good, but they could have used some other strategy to show off the game.

Posted by DoktorFaustus

I hope there's option to turn that LEVITATINGREDARROWS off D:

Posted by Vigorousjammer

what a stupid fucking trailer "oh, hey, we have arrows in our game to point you in the right direction"

seriously, what kind of sell is that?

and I thought this game was supposed to be badass like Mad Max... so, whats with the shitty whiny little emo music?

This did for me exactly what a trailer shouldn't do... LOWER my anticipation for this game.

I was genuinely excited for Fuel before seeing this trailer, and now I just really don't know...

Posted by Junpei

I'm just gonna hope there's a demo and check that first. The arrows do look a little annoying. Especially if you pause at 47 second mark when he jumps into the air to do the trick, when the camera pans to the side the arrow starts pointing off over the cliff.

Posted by gormers

That looked sort of clever but at the same time annoying (the gps arrow thing).

Edited by Death_Burnout

No krenor...there's this thing called a mini-map, i like to use it.

if a game has to guide me in effing face like that, there is a probability it's going to be frustrating either way.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

Why do racing games have these awful, out of place soundtracks now? It was alright when Burnout 3 did it, but why does every game involving cars also have to involve Panic At the Disco?

Edited by JazzMaverick

That looks shit imo...whats wrong with Codemasters lately?  they abandoned Toca..and made the goodlooking but ultimately dull Grid,turned CMR into a bloody yanktank fest...and now they've resorted to churning out a MotorStorm clone.

Posted by TheMustacheHero

I would rather have the first GPS than those annoying arrows.

Edited by KnifeySpoony

Jazz I was thinking the same thing. They have abandoned any idea of sim that they had in any of their games and are going for this hardcore look with everything. I am so damn worried about the F1 game they are making now, if they butcher that I am going to be pissed :(.

edit: I had an open mind about Fuel but the soundtrack ruined it for me.

Posted by Ecinsiefil

Oh God, that song sucks. Come on, why not have 'Fuel' by Metallica?! It makes perfect sense!

Edited by VibratingDonkey

Even though that song is utterly horrific this game sounds a lot better with it drowning out the engine sounds... The last gameplay video I saw looked rather rough. I really hope they've got enough time to polish things, because I like the sound of this game.

Posted by wrecks

Arrows not toggable = no sale

Posted by KillerKahuna

It'd be so cool if Giant Bomb reviewed this game

Posted by Media_Master

need different music

Posted by RHCPfan24

Bad soundtracks can ruin trailers. GPS system is strange though. Why tout something like that?

Edited by mudkip9000

can't wait for this, it's going to be sweeeeet.  Although, I do agree the music sucks and that this is an odd showcase.

Posted by ZmillA

strict arrows in an open world racer makes sense. 90 degree turns are all the rage.

Posted by bobpie24

Thank God for arrows.

Posted by skilzlost

mmmm.... k..

Posted by m0dm0use

wasnt this mean to be a free roam racer, those arrows take away that feel, unless its a recommended route.

Posted by Scooper

What the hell, the constant flying arrows looks really annoying.

The whole way through the trailer I couldn't concentrate on the racing just that stupid arrow path.

Posted by animateria


I think anyone with a PS3 should just check out Motorstorm Pacific Rift.

It DOESN"T have a stupid arrow cluttering the space and works fine. And the game is awesome, of course.

I'd rather a closed course than a free-roaming one with arrows. Kinda misses the point of being free-roaming, no?