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Hmm...ok sure. Trying something completely new...nothing like Motorstorm.

Posted by superpapergun

man... my gps doesn't look anything like that.. Nice trailer though.

Posted by Colin

I might get it, looks good but there are other games I want first.

Posted by English

Anything's better then that last song they used.. I liked the variety of angles in this trailer too.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

I want to fly into a tornado!

Posted by brocool

not interested

Posted by Kaddion

How does it not like interesting to people? It is like an offroad Burnout Paradise.

Posted by mikevanpwn

Can't wait for this!  Gamefly shipped my copy out today!

Posted by Duckbutter

i heard the graphics suck and its boring as heck and the engine sounds are retarded to the ears. thats what i heard.

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Looks like a game to just drive around in and relax. Like San Andreas was after I beat it, before the half-dozenth time. The only reason I don't still do that is because I've covered every piece of terrain in that game... I don't see that ever happening with FUEL.

Seems enough people complained after three trailers for them to notice.

@skidd: Was motorstorm open in any way at all?

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Too bad that they overlooked all the stuff they could have done and just put you on a set road and if you stray off that shit you basically lose.

Posted by Mikemcn

I like the background music in this trailer

Posted by RHCPfan24

I may not get it, but I admire its ambitiousness. It looks HUGE.

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I like how they keep racing even though theirs a tornado on the track.

Posted by BolognaSoup

"and drastic weather like tornados. The cause of this weather is from the effects of global warming."

I'm pretty sure there were tornados before Al Gore...
Posted by wrecks

Something about it, I think the field of view or blur, just doesn't look right. 


Damn I wish this was a good game, it was supposed to be....sadly, it is not. Plenty of other regions are reviewing now (giving it crap rating across the board), got to play final release in hopes to prove in my own mind the early impressions wrong....instead I nodded my head in shameful agreeance.

Posted by Media_Master

Amazing weather effects!