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neat minervas den was awesome!

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Neato. Surprise vdeo.

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when was this recorded?

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I wish there was an audio version.

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Just finished Minervas Den 2 hours ago. It was awesome

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Can you please upload this as a podcast?

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Also, Hot Scoops.

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Hot Scoops in the building!

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tricky "scoops" trick and Hot Scoops on the mics?! bout to be a breaking news upper decker in this bitch

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i don't get the title joke :(

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^^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNb675ACdKI

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@hardindr: friday, i think. maybe thursday.

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weird... video of a podcast...

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Maybe i need to try Minerva's Den again. I got bored by it pretty quickly, sadly.

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Title should be Clear Eyes, Fullbright, Can't Lose.

I mean, if you wanted the reference to make sense, anyway.

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portland love :3

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Crazy hot Scoops

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Clear Eyes , Fullbright , Can't lose. Surely?

Texas Forever.

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Weird. I don't like it, I'm out of here.

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This isn't very clearly marked as editorial content. I almost missed this.

Also, shave your fucking neckbeard.

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Bioshock 2 is my favourite of the two Bioshock games so far. I haven't played Minerva's Den but all this hype means I'll be playing it soon.

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@Krataur said:

Title should be Clear Eyes, Fullbright, Can't Lose.

I mean, if you wanted the reference to make sense, anyway.

I think the compromise was between having their silly in-joke and having FullBright at the start of the sentence.

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Well done video with a cool guest. Would love to see more stuff like this.

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My So Called Life? Awesome

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This high fps video is awesome. It's like I have people living in my monitor. Please post more of those, they look great. Really interesting interview too, this is just the kind of game I like and the mention of that NOLF 2 level. It was one of the first exploration narrative experiences in video games I had and it was awesome.

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I approve this feature. Keep it up!

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Minerva's Den > Bioshock.

P.S. Bird noise! Gold gold! Samuel L. Jackson's hand! F*ck Nick!

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Kudos to Friday Night Lights reference!!

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@Origina1Penguin: Thank you.

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The Shoemaker Smirk right at the beginning. Take note gentlemen, it's slayed many a lady.

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@Unequivocable said:

Kudos to Friday Night Lights reference!!

I keep waiting for a "clear eyes, full hearts" to pop up during one of the Lantern Runs or Breaking Brads. Didn't know Ryan watched FNL as well, thought this was gonna be a Brad post :)

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Cheeky FNL reference.

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Pity Minerva's Den is stuck behind a game I wouldn't play for free. Bioshock 2 to this day remains the single most disgusting unnecessary sequel cash-in/money-grab I've ever seen. It retroactively hurt the first game.

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Oh man, Steve Gaynor is much less commando-esque then I thought he'd look. Some how I keep imagining fringed jean vest and guns whenever I hear Hot-Scoop's voice.

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Brought to you by CNET.

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@whylessness said:

"we're pc gamers"

music to my ears

yeah, good to see there are still devs out there that understand the PC community. :)

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That was pretty cool. Interested to learn more as they progress.

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Hey, this just sounds like a ploy to get more Portland fans to GiantBomb.com (based on the first minute).

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Hot scoops.

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Didn't know about this until it posted, great stuff

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I love this in depth game dev talk.