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I love me some bullshit science in video games.

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I was more interested in this game back when it was Overstrike.

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Bomb shelter with an open bar?! Damn, son, that's a closer!

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Yeah, no. Fuck this game.

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I played the demo and wasn't impressed. It wasn't the art style, it was the lackluster gameplay. Maybe I'm just still burnt out on shooters.

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I wouldn't mind going through the shooting if it has a sense of humor like the brief glimpses in this trailer. I am still holding out hope.

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I don't know that I can pick up what this trailer's putting down. I can't see anything about the shooting that looks interesting or unique.

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The demo is pretty bland. Felt like just another shooter, but with a gimmick of switching between characters on the fly to juggle boring skills. To make matters worse, without real people behind the other characters (killing the character swapping gimmick) your AI buddies are dumb as dishwater. I haven't failed to be revived from a down-but-not-out situation so often since the original Gears of War.

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I really don't know what to think about this game. At all.

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Looks like it could be fun, but it probably leans really hard on co-op, and my schedule is rarely consistent enough that I can get together with friends. It's a shame.

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The demo hard locked on me during the fight with the two mechs and nothing I played of it motivated me enough to start from the beginning of the demo again.

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The history of this game combined with the recent chatter about how big publishers are morphing into big movie studios is super depressing. Save us indie developers, you're our only hope.

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@archer88 said:

I love me some bullshit science in video games.

It's the best kind of science.

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I miss the old art design :/ Ugh...Everything has to look so damn drab in these games.

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I guess we'll see if the focus groups were right pretty soon, then.

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Too bad I'm not in the mood right now for the most generic focus-group-directed shooter ever. Notice how the color scheme is blue and orange ALL THE TIME, for example. By-the-numbers design par excellence.

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Insomniac proved over and over with Resistance that they don't know how to make fun games or non-fugly looking characters. Also, the encoding on this video is real bad.

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@razeeverything: Looks like no, which is too bad. I would buy this day 1 if it were on Steam; I don't have much interest in shooters with a controller, really.

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Fuse is going to be a giant bomb.

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Fuse is going to be a giant bomb.

i've lost faith in the community knowing that it took 21 comments for this gem to come out

Hats off to you sir

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Just give me another Ratchet&Clank!

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Batten down the hatches boys, there's some gen-u-ine humour in this one.

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Demo didn't really get me excited at all. Looked nice, even if very generic, but the gameplay just felt boring as heck...which is pretty surprising after all of those R&C games. Especially that arena fighting in the second game was already so slick and great...how'd you mess this up?!

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@stimpack said:

Bomb shelter with an open bar?! Damn, son, that's a closer!

Bomb shelter with an open bar seems like something you stumble upon in a Fallout game

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I've been calling this the reverse-borderlands, and it has really really suffered for it.

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What is this. (didn't bother to watch the video.)

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The premise is cool. But they could have done so much more with that than OMG COOL GUNS. :/

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You can still see flashes of character from that Overstrike trailer... Hopefully this isn't terrible.

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I hope it fails. Overstrike would have been pure gold.

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There's been little to no information about this title. Most people have no idea it exists. I'm not sure the reason for that, but it's concerning and could seriously bomb with its abysmal marketing campaign. Insomniac is capable of making interesting games, it's shame they decided to make such a generic looking shooter. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong.

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Game looks good, will buy but i wish it was called Overstrike not fuse.

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This game is going to TANK.

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I hate to say it but a lot of this game looks like it was designs/ideas by spreadsheet.

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This game seems like one of those AA games (remember those?) from back in the day. But with a AAA budget behind it.

Let's just hope interested gamers will enjoy this.

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@obsurveyor: Non fugly characters? The character art in the R&C games is fantastic

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Is that Lowell's voice?

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Really sad that this game lost it's original art direction, there was such great Frank Quitely work in there. Hurts that you can see little hints of it and now it's just pushed out into some fairly uninspired design.

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TBH, I would buy this just to hear Brain Bloom's voice. I need more Brian Bloom in my vidya games.

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Bomb shelter with an open bar? So the old GB office?