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 Good choice. It's-a me, Mario!

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Posted by ElCount

hells yeah

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Wiiiiii more of a great game is a great game.

Posted by Kaiven


Posted by Garfield518

Those were some weird ass categories.

Posted by JustinSane311

I wish I had a giant space ship/plant of my face!

Posted by phrosnite

The best suit is the rock suit because it reminds me of my favourite pokemon - Golem!

Posted by Ronald

Mario is so awesome.

Posted by RobotHamster

I had a feeling it would be Mario Galaxy 2.

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08:34 did I hear that correctly? super 'man' galaxy? not sure :P

Posted by Mainardi

I think it's a penis.

Posted by MrXD

LMAO I love the end XD

Posted by Llama

Where is the orchestral bit from that plays in the background? It sounds so familiar but i can't place it!

Posted by UberExplodey

I love Ryan and Vinny's rendition of the Wii Shop music

Posted by chilibean_3

The production on these videos has been great but the voice for the award titles is so obnoxious. 

Posted by FlipperDesert

The images at the side of the awards get more and more insane and I love it.

Posted by AldoTheApache

Really wish I didn't trade in my Wii just about now, jesus that game looks fucking phenomenal! 

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The Faceships is a good enough reason for SMG2 to win best Wii only game.

Posted by Allison

There's just this simple kind of joy I get watching people play Super Mario Galaxy 2. Such a great game.

Posted by mrsmiley

these are so awesome. thanks for all these videos! :D

Posted by 234r2we232
Is it a poop?
I think it's a penis.
Posted by MagikGimp

An astounding game.

Posted by LiquidSwords

I remember during the Mario Galaxy QL they got into a heated argument about the stars looking like precooked chickens with eyes. I never looked at a chicken the same way again.

Posted by pseudomyxoma

Listening to all of the Giant Bomb guys scream at once is pretty priceless

Posted by Lelcar

I think Ryan forgot that you can do long jumps, high jumps, and triple jumps. It's extremely frustrating to see him play this, haha. Also, there are a total of 242 stars in the game.

Posted by theberserker

lol, worst accent

Posted by WileyS

You Got to Long Jump!

Posted by 49th

How did Just Cause 2 not win worst accent?
Anyone remember "Mai name is Bohlo Santoezee, I am the leedurrrr of the revolushionary armeee known as the reeepuuhrrs..."

Posted by Duder_Me
@49th: I agree completely, just when it said worst accent, Just Cause 2 came to my mind. Seriously? Heavy Rain? Oh and Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando for the sphere worlds any one?
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Posted by Mordi

...and the award for worst use of vocoder 2010 goes to... Drew!

Posted by advocatefish

Holy shit how many times does this video have to buffer?

Posted by Gav47

Jeff is wearing jeans... wtf

Posted by toadstule

Vinny's reactions to Super Mario Galaxy 2 are hilarious.

Posted by Allison
@49th said:
" How did Just Cause 2 not win worst accent? Anyone remember "Mai name is Bohlo Santoezee, I am the leedurrrr of the revolushionary armeee known as the reeepuuhrrs..." "
I'm sure a lot of people in the office didn't spend much time on it is why.
Which is disappointing because if there's a "Best Sandbox Game" or category of some sort Just Cause 2 will probably be overlooked as well. :(
Posted by NekuCTR

120 stars? someone didn't do their homework. Try 242 stars.

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Ah I'm the worst Mario Galaxy backseat driver.

LONG JUMP! Would make you life so much easier! LOOOONG JUMP

EDIT: And that was clear time for the level you were on, not total play time.

Posted by danimal_furry

Best game ever... 2... except for Yoshi. He can burn in the deepest pits of Hades for an eternity.

Posted by PooffBallzZzZ

is vinny wasted? or does he love mario that much? haha
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I wanted to love Galaxy, but the rapid gravity shifts and screen flips made me really disoriented. :(

Posted by B0nd07

Sweet, my MK TNT shop made this video!  It's just before the most improved series.  Loving the inclusion of the community stuff in these!

Posted by ChristianCastillo

Awesome end.

Posted by Aquavelvaman

How to win at every hard platforming bit in SMG2: Use the long-jump at all times

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials
Posted by TheMasterDS
@WileyS said:
" You Got to Long Jump! "
I was also yelling this at the screen. Would really help in some of these sequences.
Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Good to finally see some proper SMG2 love on this site. I wonder if Brad and Jeff will ever get around to playing it (I assume they haven't, because they've never mentioned it).

Posted by Liquidus

Wow, I totally had a flashback to when I was a kid playing Super Mario 64 for the first time and having nothing but smiles. Godddamnit, I need to get a Wii!

Posted by NHLmaniac

Theres so much content in Galaxy 2 that I feel a lot of reviewers missed out on. You only need to get 60 starts to beat the game and that seems to be where Ryan stopped playing. But after getting 120 stars and unlocking the green star challenges some amazing pure platforming levels unlock that take a lot of skill to complete. I can't blame Ryan for not playing it more. He has a lot of games to play, but I feel that the game is not going to get many overall GOTY wins because there aren't many people that played it passed 60 stars.

Posted by Mcubed

I think this video sold me more on Super Mario Galaxy 2 than anything else I have seen on it before. The music in the Bowser levels, and the stuff they've done with Yoshi are just amazing. I might finally have to play this.

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