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Woo! ME 2!
I was hoping for Red Dead Redemption, but ME 2 is absolutely worthy.

Posted by Xpgamer7

Mass Effect for the win!

Posted by cgoodno

I think this is the one GotY 2010 Day I can agree with completely. 

Posted by Demonstride

Good thing Mass Effect won Game of the Year or I would be deeply saddened.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Well sir, I like it.

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Good picks

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what happed to best psp game of the year lol

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10 minutes into this I realized there were no comments posted. Damn. 
Vinny's scary lady Shepard is pretty. I want to know the face code.

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Easy choice

Posted by jotadex

multiplatform game????

Posted by Raethen

You should have kept going with the dialogue at the multi-species bachelor party. It reveals an amazing thing about the Asari.

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Shepard, Commander. 
This was my Game of the Year as well. It's simply superb: Loved it from start to finish. There's room for improvement certainly, but the experience is so great that it stands head and shoulders above many other games. 
P.S. I see that Brad... Adrian Shepard. :P
Posted by JTVIII

I think this was a no-brainer 


Happy 2011!
Posted by Bacon

lol disc 2. Glad I played the PC version.

Posted by metalsnakezero

Mass Effect 2 is full of Gangsta shit!

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I love Mass Effect but.. 
I.  Hate.  Miranda. 
Looks wrong, sounds wrong.  And I could not leave her on a planet and nuke it from orbit!

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Wait, wait, wait. Mass Effect technically isn't a multiplatform game in 2010. It wont be multiplat until 2011.
EDIT: I'm an idiot. I forgot about the PC version.

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@jotadex said:
" multiplatform game???? "  
It's on the 360, PC and coming out on the PS3 in January.
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@jotadex said:
" multiplatform game???? "
It was also on the PC
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how the fuck do you play mass effect 2 on one character for that long? i scanned and mined out every planet and did every side mission (at launch, no dlc) and finished the game in 35 hours. i wasn't exactly rushing through, nor did i know where everything was, since it was my first time through, and i was trying to absorb as much as possible. 
does the dlc really add that much? i might have to check out the ps3 version when it hits and make a fresh new shepard for ME3

Posted by rjayb89

That is totally the default female Shep.

Posted by Coleslaw893
@Xpgamer7 said:
" Mass Effect for the win! "
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Great GOTY guys. Listening to the whole process was highly entertaining. Thank you.

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Oh man this is hilarious ... here's to another year of GB. 

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No Brad, Solider is the worst way to play Mass Effect.

Posted by advocatefish

This makes me just that much more excited for January 31 2011. MASS EFFECT ON PS3!

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Soldier in Mass Effect? MEH! Infiltrator ftw. Sniper rifle, a pistol and a shotgun are all the weapons I need. Also... Miranda f-ing sucks!
P.S. - Later on  in the game you can choose a new weapon so don't tell me the Infiltrator can't have a shotgun.

Posted by StrikerTheLizard

Insert Disc 2? Really? 
So glad I played this on the PC.

Posted by Vorbis

I can't imagine playing ME2 without a biotic ability of some kind, as a shooter it just wouldn't hold up for me, but with mass amounts of skills it's great. Playing as a soldier just seems like you're missing alot of the game.

Posted by Krenor
@StrikerTheLizard said:
" Insert Disc 2? Really? So glad I played this on the PC. "
Complaining about inserting another disk? really? I hope you're at least disabled or something.
Posted by CrashTanuki

No PSP-only Game of the Year? I guess they really do hate the handhelds.

Posted by StrikerTheLizard
@Krenor said:
" @StrikerTheLizard said:
" Insert Disc 2? Really? So glad I played this on the PC. "
Complaining about inserting another disk? really? I hope you're at least disabled or something. "
It seems like the Giant Bomb crew aren't fans of changing discs either. Are you claiming that they are disabled?
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Oh I need me to play some Mass Effect 2

Posted by Meteora

Damn Vinny's inverted shenanigans!

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I couldn't agree more with their choice of game of the year. I have put more time Into Mass Effect 2 than probably any other game this year. I can't wait for Mass Effect 3!!!!

Posted by Oni

Vanguard is the only way to play. Once you learn how to play it, Insanity on Vanguard is the most fun.

Posted by Darknaut

 I'm with Brad, I enjoyed Overlord more (though that doesn't mean Shadow Broker wasn't awesome).  Man, I love Mass Effect.  

Posted by amiga1200

The RIGHT decision! So, so pleased that the January release didn't hurt it, even against so many good games this year. I love that galaxy travel music so much. And pretty much everything else.

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Slow walk = Masterful

Posted by Animasta

why didn't you just use the PC version? one disc baby

Posted by Losfer

Jennifer Hale is voice actress of FOREVER.

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Oh my god, Miranda's ass.

Posted by Claude

I do dramatic camera movement all the time. Mass Effect 2 even almost a year later still rocks.

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Guess it's time to replay ME 1 and 2. Especially since my hard drive decided to die and take with it my old save files.

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

In the same way Brad can't play any other class except soldier, I can't play unless I'm a vanguard. Geth shotgun to the face! Great game, also my pick for game of the year.

Posted by MrTowel540

"This game has good stripper animation." 
Bless ya, Giant Bomb.
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I really want to start up a new Shep now.

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Wait.. a WOMAN?