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 I love GIANT BOMB GOTY!!!!     
I'm really glad I got Vinny!!!

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It's Vinny!!

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Nice picks, Vinny! 

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Vinny!! The man, the mith, the legend!

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Vinny has consummate taste. Nice delivery, too; it's always great to see him in front of the camera lens.    

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Great list from Vinny.  All great games.  It reminds me I still want to play P.B. and more Sam and Max

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PB Winterbottom is like 50 cents on Steam until the new year. GET IT!

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I love me some Vinny.

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Very good list, shows he'll give ANYTHING a go!

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Vinny, you are delightfully dangerous.

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I think so far Vinny has the list closest resembling mine. Vinny, you've got good taste in games.

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Vinny is unbelievable! The dude has some unique style.

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God I love Vinny.

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Oh Vinny, your choices are so agreeable to my own. 
Also, check out those guns!

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Not surprised at all by top 3 but the rest was interesting. Though I thought you would pick AC:B as second to ME2. :P

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Oh that Italian stallion is amazing in every conceivable way.

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Vinny is so damn likeable.

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So voluptuous.

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Entertaining stuff and a solid list to boot.  Keepin it classy, sir.

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can mass effect 2 be counted next year as well since it will be on PS3? I only ask because that is the edition i am buying (its got all the extras in it), and so haven't played it yet :) I assume it only counts in 1 year, but maybe it will take the "2010 game of 2011" spot like Borderlands did this year?

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I'll say it again. Top 10 List Video of the Year award, right there.

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Vinny's description of Bayonetta is the best thing ever.

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This is why Vinny is the best.

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Nice gesturing...

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Great video Vinny!

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I agree with every one of his choices even though I havent played all of them, even though I would have put Bad Company 2 in place of CODBlops. But anyway.. 
Go Vinny, go.

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<3 Vinny. My favorite one of these vids so far

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I fucking love Vinny

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I like Gran Italia better than Forza Italia.

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Great list vinny, definitely my favorite so far.  Soooo glad someone finally included Darksiders, game deserved way more praise than people ever gave it.

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check out the guns on vinny

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A good but safe list - not a lot of personal outliers. Still, the delivery is excellent, especially the Bayonetta one. 

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I love Vinny. And his taste in games is great (as in close to mine). Good job!

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Best video so far. Great picks too!

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Pretty much none of those games would be on my top 10, but it's still my favourite list so far. Vinny's just got good taste, even if it does differ to mine. 

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I think i like Vinny's top 10 video the most.  He's got same top 3 games as me, except i swap RDR and AC:B. 
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I think everyone on giantbomb has a man crush on vinny lol.

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lol that was fantabulous

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Best list so far, in my humble opinion. Go Vinny!
Also expecting some good stuff from Dave, whenever his list comes out :)

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Every time Mass Effect 2 places above Red Dead, I feel like there's one more victory on the side of justice.

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Heck yeah, Vinny. That's a top 10 to be proud of.

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Now that is how you deliver a GOTY list.

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I fucking love Vinny.
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Great Nr 2 and Nr 1.
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YAY! Bayonetta! I'm just glad whenever that game gets a mention. I love it..........so.........fucking............much.

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@p3lon_ said:
" I think everyone on giantbomb has a man crush on vinny lol. "
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Vinny's top 10 list is my favorite top 10 list this year.