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These are awesome!

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Oh my jesus christ. I'm dying. How they even kept a straight face filming this I shall never know. The obvious mickey mouse ears he is wearing cracks me the fuck up.

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More GOTY!

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Love the year end coverage!

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EDIT: I'm a wizard!

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Lol awesome once again!

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Skylander category?

Jeff needs some professional help.

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This is great. Really, really great. Just.... it's amazing.

Best sky game, though? I wonder if they'll keep this award for next year when Bioshock Infinite comes out.

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What the fuck did I just watch?

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Brad got into this a little.

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wtf? how is chop chop not skylander of the year?


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Oh man, these FMV sequences, oh man, so good. 
And the "Power" helicopter jump is one of my favourite moments this year.

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Not sure if Brad or Alton Brown

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This site is amazing.

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I would have gone with the "Holding Out for a Hero" moment over "Power".

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Man i cant trust brad, on the day 1 podcast he claimed bastion was he his fave game but now... i don't know what to believe.

also i still love Vinny's stare

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is this real life?

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Luv the ears

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My heart exploded at least twice during this video due to sheer awesomeness.

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@Wiseblood said:

I would have gone with the "Holding Out for a Hero" moment over "Power".

Me too.

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LOVE the GB end of year stuff, right up there with E3 in gaming events I look forward to each year, one of the many reasons I subscribed. Thanks Giant Bomb!

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On-screen Vinny is the best part of all of these videos.

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This is .. amazing ..

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I have entered a realm of enchantment and whimsy! A LAND OF SHOEMAKER.

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I disagree with the award going to Drobot, we all know LEGENDARY Drobot is the clear winner.

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I cannot wait.... repeat CANNOT wait to see Vinny's video!

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Virtual Vinny .... more please!

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@Wiseblood said:

I would have gone with the "Holding Out for a Hero" moment over "Power".

QFT. Probably my favorite gaming moment of the year. Power is so overused already, and pulling out the Bonnie Tyler seriously made me sit there in front of my television and yell "FUCK YESSS".

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Ouch, Brad is a painfully bad actor :)

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...You guys have my $50 next year.

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yea.......im definitely upping up to gold membership after seeing this

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I'm assuming the podcast will address this, but I wonder how close the 'What I Got' segment from 'Saints Row: The Third' got to winning.

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@SquirrelGOD said:

...You guys have my $50 next year.

And my axe!

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"Her everything melted."

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Anyone else have the magical Drop Frame Rate spell?

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the role playing you guys are doing is hilarious

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My lord, watching Brad play gives me a headache, and I don't even care about this game.

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I believe if you cleared the location of a dragon before you can't absorb their soul. That's what happened with me anyway. Maybe it's to prevent someone from grinding.

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I'm not sure if I should be awestuck by these works of genius, or screaming and smashing my monitor at these horrific atrocities of science.

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oh Lawd! Now Brad is breaking us.

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wow that load time is noticable

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I love this site so frickin much.

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WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE AWARDS!? I love them so much! lol

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Fucking love TV Vinny. I hope he is featured in more videos.