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Posted by Davey

Why was Saints Row: The Third shown for Sequel Fatigue?

I realize that it's a sequel, but the series has never been better.

Posted by Milkman

@amir90 said:

Battlefield 3 isn't even designed to be competive, the only ones I can think of is starcraft 2 and the Dota games.

None of those games came out in 2011.

Posted by Sessh

I wouldn't have thought it possible, but the transition this time even tops Ryan's.

Posted by DriveupLife

Have you ever had sex with a space pharooooooah? Put the p*ssy in a space sarcophogas!

Posted by Konanda

Trackmania 2 = God Tier

Posted by jellysnake

@Ali_D said:

That's the second time Zanzibar has been mentioned in one of these videos. Gotta tell you guys, Zanzibar is a real place. I mean, I know it doesn't sound like it.... but it is. ;)

It's true, and the birthplace of Freddie Mercury, no less.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Have you ever had sex with a space pharaoh?

Posted by LtSquigs

@Davey: Sequel fatigue has nothing to do with the quality of the game, after all most of the things they showed are excellent games (in fact for Brad GOW3 was better than GOW2). Aside from the quality of the games, it's just tiring to have most of the major games that came out this year be sequels and not new franchises.

Posted by Jerr


Posted by Scratch

These videos just keep getting more awesome each day. Can't wait for tomorrow. Kleptok is awesome.

Posted by Incapability

Did you watch a bunch of Red Alert FMV before shooting this?

Edited by tobydammit

I know it wouldn't have been era specific but I really wish they'd green-screened Jeff into a car Need for Speed: Most Wanted-style. That being said, these videos have been amazing!

Posted by YetiAntics

I was hoping for a Need For Speed FMV style for Jeff..

Blazer Callahan...

Edited by Wikitoups

Shit I missed playing Trackmania when they were doing this! (I was at work) :(

Edit: first track jeff plays and cher is the song playing :)

Edit: God damn we need another trackmania tnt

Posted by Triphos

You ever had sex with a space pharaooooooooooooooooh

I put the pussy in a space sarcophagus

Posted by zameer

Yeah whoever came up with this concept (I'm guessing VInny/Drew)... you totally fucking crushed it. Easily the best GOTY theme

Posted by TwoLines

This one reminded me of those FMV's from the Dune game. Awesome.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

All this Giant Bomb GOTY content is on a whole new level of quality. This FMV theme is masterfully done.


Posted by RagingLion

Oh God, that was sooo good. Damn Jeff. Definitely putting the most into your acting of anyone and I legitimiately lost it a couple of times between whatever Patrick was and just the over-the-topness of it all. A great GB moment.

Posted by johnLongview

1. Video Vinny is always looking into my soul.

2. I'm pretty sure that Jeff died from cat poop coffee being in that Aeropress.

Posted by Mercanis

Hmm. What accent is that exactly, Mr. Gerstmann?

Posted by Toxin066

1) Kleptok reminds me of something straight out of Metalocalypse.

2) Hell yes, Trackmania 2.

Posted by EchoEcho

Screw Wheatley, Kleptok for should have won Best New Character.

Posted by prestonhedges

LOL. I was hoping that ending would happen and then it did. Perfect.

Posted by Masha2932

I hope Vinny gets exorcised from the TV in the final overall GOTY video.

Posted by amir90

@Milkman said:

@amir90 said:

Battlefield 3 isn't even designed to be competive, the only ones I can think of is starcraft 2 and the Dota games.

None of those games came out in 2011.


BF3, no.

Posted by august

@Mercanis said:

Hmm. What accent is that exactly, Mr. Gerstmann?


Posted by maxB

loving the FMV theme, Jeff's is the best so far.

Posted by Jimbo7676

I fucking lost it when Kleptok started "talking".

Posted by ExplodeMode

I've been playing on consoles for too long.  I miss insane wild-west dedicated server nonsense games like this.

Posted by MaxxS

I think they forgot about the fact/encyclopedia core or whatever in Portal 2.

Posted by HerbieBug

Nice aeropress Jeff.

Posted by Phoenix778m

Witcher 2 over Rayman: Origins. Boo sir; I said Boooo!

Posted by Subjugation

Is there a list of the music Jeff has on the server somewhere?

Edited by artofwar420

That was probably the funniest thing I've seen all year. Dubstep Kleptok and that whole mini story ending with the sad demise of Space Jeff was awesome.

Edited by Dylabaloo

hahahaha Jeff's one is by far the best.

Posted by kerikxi

Anyone else notice Mulitplayer at the start? MULLET PLAYA

Posted by m0nk3y80y

Kleptok will haunt my dreams.

Edited by darkest4

Wow I signed up just to say that Jeff was fuckin hilarious. I'd watch any movie or play any game that featured that high class acting. "I'm left handed, but the right hand crushes just as well". New to the site, thinking of subscribing just because of this video.

Trackmania looks so frustrating and would literally drive me insane but maybe only then could I get a glimpse into the crazy awesomeness that must go through Ryan and Jeff's heads daily.

Posted by RTSlord

klept-ok was right!!!!! lol

Posted by I_smell

I just can't knock the spelling of "wriggety".

Posted by I_smell

I could came home drunk at 4AM, thank god for Giantbomb,com

Posted by MentalDisruption

lol this video was the best yet. And it convinced me to buy Trackmania

Posted by MocBucket62

What the hell was Jeff suppose to be, a sci-fi pharaoh? Anyways, great vid!

Posted by sofakingcool

Im sure its been asked but why is Vinny "live via satellite"?

Posted by ADeeyore

Nadia, this tea is excellent!

Posted by Nizzleworth

@sofakingcool: why the fuck not?

Posted by zockroach

Fucking L O L'ing at these videos. Just.... Jesus fuck.. so insane.

Edited by vinsanityv22

Witcher 2 as best-looking game of the year? While I haven't played it personally, that is one inspired pick if I do say so myself. The Battlefields, Batmen, Crysis' and Uncharteds of the world will get their due from every other gaming site. Good job, GB!

Also great job calling out Sequel Fatigue. Although to be fair, it's just one of those years. Annualized sequels hit every other year to give things a proper 2-year cycle, so odd number years are ALWAYS doomed to be "sequel heavy", until the next generation of consoles. Still, it sucks and good job calling it out.

And seriously, I really wanna see the GB crew star in an FMV game now:) Someone, call Twisted pixel and get on that!

Posted by ch3burashka

Best Competitive Mulletplayer, huh.

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