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Hi Mom!

Great track selection by Jeff made for fun times for all.

I'm really impressed Jeff has a Trackmania posse that took over the server since I was just there out of random luck. There was some serious stuttering on the track after Jeff left as far as I remember.

BTW Trackmania Sunrise had cityscapes and was a great game even though it lacked the drifting.

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@vinsanityv22 said:

Witcher 2 as best-looking game of the year? While I haven't played it personally, that is one inspired pick if I do say so myself. The Battlefields, Batmen, Crysis' and Uncharteds of the world will get their due from every other gaming site. Good job, GB!

Also great job calling out Sequel Fatigue. Although to be fair, it's just one of those years. Annualized sequels hit every other year to give things a proper 2-year cycle, so odd number years are ALWAYS doomed to be "sequel heavy", until the next generation of consoles. Still, it sucks and good job calling it out.

And seriously, I really wanna see the GB crew star in an FMV game now:) Someone, call Twisted pixel and get on that!

Well, compressed video doesn't do the game justice because one of the thing that makes it pop is that the textures are absurdly high res, and all that is lost in a video. Example screenshot:


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"Best Competitive Mulitplayer" :D

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Jeff, you are an incredible human being.

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Hahaha. So fucking good, Jeff. So good.

Posted by Thiago123

OOOH SPACE PHARAOH! ... I was thinking Templar Pirate...

Posted by Catlicker

This made me think so much of C&C. Specially the ending. Priceless.

Posted by Catlicker

Hahahahah TimeMuffin got a first place!!

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That giantbomb trackmania level was fucking awesome. Kudos to Stalefish.

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@Supercancer said:

I will only refer to Patrick as "Kleptok" now.

Shouldn't that be Kliptac or Cliptak? I think it's an anagram of Patrick. Definitely my favorite that I've watched so far.

Also, Jeff drank the poison from an Aeropress! I have one of those.

edit: Whoah, just read through the rest of the comments. Can't believe I was the first to mention the anagram thing!

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If only Jeff had flip-flopped MK and Trackmania...

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These FMV video games spoof videos are great.

Posted by sikapwach

Was it just me or was Brad being a complete dick??

Posted by theveej

dude jeff, you killed it. premium membership justified.

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It should of been Skylanders.

Posted by Deltex

Giantbomb.... you complete my world, pure genius.

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omg how can you be so awesome? dub step Patrick? wtf!

Posted by championfetus

Please use your contacts to somehow get contracted for the inevitable FMV cutscenes in the new C&C game..

Posted by falling_fast

the acting in all of their fake fmv sequences is fan-fucking-tastic/hilarious.

Posted by soanesify

Jeff looks like he is auditioning to be on WWE. He could fit right in with the costume, overblown dialog and hammed up acting. Nice job Jeff!

Posted by fisk0

TimeMuffin. Where have I heard that name before? IGN's Podcast Beyond or one of the 1UP podcasts? I don't think it's someone who's usually seen on Giant Bomb.

Posted by gbrading

I can never look at Jeff in the same way again. He really got into it.

Posted by slowbird

The guy named TimeMuffin clearly listens to the Bombcast.

Posted by ElCapitan

I want a Kleptok.

Posted by Eviternal

Brilliant. Genius. Jeff.

Also the spacehenge was awesome.

Posted by rethla

Guys the checkpoint stuff which shows how you are doing has been in racing games the last 100 years its not a new feature :)

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Jesus, that Giantbomb-themed track is soooo fucking brilliant.

Posted by blaakmawf

Pleeeeeeeeease team up with someone and make a fmv game.

Posted by richyeah

Vinnys giant head had me in stitches. He's the sole reason I still stick around here.