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Been looking forward for this video.

Posted by Doctorzenz

Best one so far! Drew rocks

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I'll be back in 4 hours.

Posted by HT101

Of course Drew is a Russian. Why not.

Posted by GoombahMIke

I'd follow Captain Drew to hell and back.

Posted by Freezer_Burn

I wasn't so keen on the FMV at first, but now it's probably my favourite part.

Posted by Teeknuts

Even after 5 days of it, video Vinny still really creeps me out.

Posted by UltimAXE

I feel like we don't get enough Drew for our money, so this was nice. Although, he didn't ham it up to the expected Giant Bomb levels of haminess.

Posted by wealllikepie

as a russian i have to say that that was better spelling at the end than anything that the call of duty series has to offer (even though they have mililons more dollars to spell in russian properly)

Posted by AaronChance

I feel that every FMV sequence seems unbeatable... and yet is always topped by the one coming out the next day.

Posted by the_purgatory_station

Drew. Yes.

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I'd like Patrick more if he didn't feel the need to shout whenever he's trying to make a point.

Posted by Sammo21

This one is boring compared to the others, lol. Jeff and Vinny hands down have the best.

Posted by dr_mantas

OK, the Russian Drew bit was PERFECT.

Also, I have to STRONGLY AGREE with your best trend choice (as a PC gamer).

Posted by LiquidSwords

Все кончено! Выйдите на улицу и читать книгу!

Edited by AlmostSwedish

Fuck it, if Captain Drew is going down with the ship then so am I!

Oh captain, my captain!

EDIT: Too bad they showed the exact same part ass the QL.

Posted by DrJota

RIP Vinny Caravella.Gone but not forgotten.

Posted by Eric_Abrams

Kind of a bummer that Skyward Sword didn't make any lists. Although I can understand why, I feel like the game deserved a bit more recognition.

Posted by Butano

Hunt for Drew October...awesome!

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Zelda, .. Wish somone was still alive, they might have actually appreciatted this game. And all the others. Hard to say...

Posted by Coolarman

Russian Drew was both incredible and a little bit racist

Posted by Allison

I love that the Quick Look and this look both end with time boat, the big climb up, and ending in that sand room again.

Posted by BrownNote

Great, although maybe a missed opportunity on including a gamebomb reference ;-)

Posted by TheMadmanMaple

Oh, I wanna kiss the Vinny tv just like in Videodrome.

Posted by elcalavera


Posted by Crono

I think Skyward Sword looks amazing, personally. HD or not.

Posted by piderman

Bit of a bummer you put that banner over the people motion controlling that moment :)

Posted by Slaker117

Kind of funny that they use the time boat to show off the game being graphically impressive despite it's limitations. First time I saw it, it was out of context and I thought that effect was just really shitty draw distance.

Posted by TwelveFootFour


Posted by OriginalGman

Incorrect, Patrick. Skyward Sword only tells you about items you've picked up once per boot, as Jeff said. Why does he know more about the game without actually playing it? Also, Wheately does say sorry at the end of Portal 2. Many times.

Posted by Gilby

It's too bad they didn't show any of the lizalfos., they were easily my favourite non-boss enemy.

Posted by neoepoch

Patrick, Jeff is right. It is every boot not every area change.

Posted by BBQBram

Why go to the same area you covered in the Quick Look? Eh.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I don't know why specifically, but Drew smoking that pipe was the absolute best moment of these amazing videos. Damn, that cracked me up.

Posted by Suits

he was so close to Bamboo island already ;p

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Yeah! Another great FMV intro and some outstanding award choices.

Posted by Nottle

I still don't understand if Majora's Mask is a bad game why did jeff give it an 8.3 on gamespot and say "it's a great game, just not for everyone?"

Posted by NegativeCero

Showing off the same area in Zelda is kind of a bummer.

Edited by Irishranger

@Nottle: Jeff is no longer to be held accountable for anything he stated on Gamespot. He was under the control of the evil corporate overlords.

Just Kidding!!

It's a fair question though. What I've noticed is that the Zelda series runs parallel to the Final Fantasy series in terms of who likes which of the games. Some people will argue the Zelda II was the worst of the series while others will say it's the greatest. Some will say FF VII is the all time greatest while others still say it's horrible and should be buried, never to be spoken of again.

It's kind of an interesting phenomenon when you see it happening. Personally, I just love the fact that all of those games can exact such an emotional toll on those who play them, whether it be positive or negative.

In the end I've found that the only way to know if a game is "good" or not is to acquire a copy of your own and see what you think.

Posted by TheMasterDS

Going to all the same areas visited in the Quick Look was an odd choice, but it makes sense because there is literally nothing better than the Desert. The Volcano and Forest are only decent in comparison and really have very little going for them besides looking nice in some spots. Also those areas make you revisit them and do shitty stuff too often where desert doesn't do that much at all.

Posted by TheLegendofLuke

@the_purgatory_station said:

Drew. Yes.

2012. We want more Drew!

Posted by Nottle

@Irishranger: I remember when I was younger and first played Majora's mask I never finished it, years later I played it and loved it for all the weird stuff thats in that game. All those weird easter eggs and secrets. So great.

I'm kind of in the boat of seeing what each entry in those series (Zelda and Final Fantasy) does differently than all the others in said series. I think that all the zelda games are good in the own unique way and the Final Fantasies are all good (for the most part) in there own ways as well. That's what makes those series interesting.

Posted by thedoomshine

I never noticed Vinny had such pretty eyes until he was zoomed in on an HD tv.

Posted by Fleppie

Oh wow, Vinny is the same age as me!? Baffling!

Posted by Christoffer

Drew is a great actor, could've made K-19: The Widowmaker a much better movie.

And I like Patrick, whatever other people say. He brings some genuine enthusiasm to games that the other GB members usually shrugs at. And that's what game coverage is all about, isn't it?

Posted by MeatSim

Lot's of Zanzibar in Giant Bomb's GOTY awards this year. It's going to be tough to top this years GOTY theme though.

Posted by Sharpshooter

I want that mug.

Posted by skunkdragon

@Sharpshooter said:

I want that mug.

I feel ya

Posted by gerp

Umm did they ever do best ending?

Posted by AlexanderSheen

@gerp said:

Umm did they ever do best ending?

No :D

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