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Here we go.

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Hell yeah, Trackmania for game of the year!

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Can't watch this until 4 hours from now.

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Very nice list, no surprise at the first place game.

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Wow, I was really expecting Saints Row to be their GotY.

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Time for the pain of probably strapping it on.

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Please tell me Patrick's Top 10 will be him speaking in dubstep all the time.

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Fricken shocked at number 1 with saints row being vinny's #1 as well

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oh come onnnnnnnn, I guess because Brad put Skyrim and everyone else got tired of arguing with him so Skyrim won

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Saints Row is the real winner.

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Wow, my confusion is high. How did Brad and Patrick win the Skyrim argument when Saints is the top game for our other three gentlemen?

On the plus side, that might be one of the greatest videos the site has ever had. That ending was AMAZING.

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and that is why Patrick should not be on Giantbomb he killed them all :(

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Great list - I can get behind the decisions here. I really need to get that Rayman: Origins.

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Hahah, loved the video.

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<3 Drew as a Russian submarine Captain. <3 Dubstep ghostface Patrick.

BTW, great list guys!

Clap your hands everybody...

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Well, Uncharted 3, you're on my GOTY list. I feel like that game was really snubbed here this year.

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Such a ridiculous spectacle. I love it.

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This is a dark day for Giant Bomb. Skyrim shouldn't be anywhere on this list. An entire version of the game is fucking busted, you cannot give it an award. It's like giving a beauty award to a transvestite. She may look good on the outside but underneath there's some bad business going on.

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I really find it a tad boring that skyrim got picked. Good game but just about everywhere I'd picking that. SAINTS ROW FOR LIFE. STRAP IT ON.

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Thank God for number 1 being the RIGHT choice

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@The_BrownGhost said:

Hell yeah, Trackmania for game of the year!

Not on the list unfortunately. :(

Slightly disappointed in the complete omission of Dark Souls- but not terribly surprised given all the other entries on the list. :)

I will say though that- unsurprisingly- this is the most boring of the lists given how much more impersonal it feels compared to the personal lists. :\

The costume segments inbetween each choice though? Unquestionably the highlights of the video. I ended up watching for those more than the list itself. XD

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I was hoping that numbers 1 and 2 would be switched, but still an awesome collection of gaming goodness! There's only a couple on the list I need to get.

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Dirigible - adj - capable of being steered, guided, or directed.

I'll accept it, cowboy Ryan. Just because I like you.

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Epic wizard battle, awesome ending, and all games on this list got a respectable spot!

"This is how the world ends... not with a bang, but with a WUB WUB!"

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Little bit disappointed, because I feel this choice is boring as hell, but whatever, it doesn't really matter.

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I like that Kleptoc spoke in dubstep

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Giant Bomb is the greatest website ever created

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This is a dark day for Giant Bomb. Skyrim shouldn't be anywhere on this list. An entire version of the game is fucking busted, you cannot give it an award. It's like giving a beauty award to a transvestite. She may look good on the outside but underneath there's some bad business going on.

I don't know, man. Transvestites can be pretty beautiful.
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wow this is pretty great you guys:)

great work all around you guys

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Saints Row was robbed.

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This list is better than the games on it.

Also, I was really hoping Saints Row would come out on top, just for the hell of it.

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Right on Drew...I can't/don't want to act, either.

I have to admit, I did like the lead in to # 1

I know everyone has their personal fav..Deus Ex wasn't my top game, but I sure liked it a lot. I'm suprised by the muted attention. But just saying and I suppose it's my own take. it sure attracted a good amount of positive attention at the time, and didn't have that back-lash like LA Noire or a few others..but I liked LA Noire also. Ironic that the top 2 I have either bought on sale or not at all.

Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy, wheres Binding of Issac..now I am realllly pissed!!!!!!!

I don't root or toot either!

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I wanted Saints Row 3 to win, but Skyrim is probably the "smarter" choice. Also, WE NEED MORE KLEPTOK!

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@bybeach said:

Right on Drew...I can't don't/want to act, either.

I think that was his role, he's just a good actor to make you believe it.

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Fuck Skyrim. Way to support sloppy and broken development. I dread listening to the discussion podcast because I'm sure I know who whined enough to make the list turn out this way.

Saints Row was they GOTY.

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People that think Saint's Row 3 should be number 1 are insane. It had wonderful setpieces and moments but as a whole the game was at odds with itself. So many obviously missing cutscenes and dialogue to piece scenes together.

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@Bwast: Why is it a dark day, its just based on their opinions. If you don't agree then thats cool, don't be so melodramatic. It really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things does it.

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@Fish_Face_McGee This is an interesting way of looking at it, I wonder if there is a difference between their favorite game and the one they think was the "best".
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So glad they picked Skyrim as the number one and didn't go for Saints row the third just to be 'kerrrrrrrrrazy'. Skyrim is a fucking masterpiece in every way, from the sheer depth of the game to the audience it's reached. Everybody wins.

Also, I'm playing it on the PS3.

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Skyrim is the deserving game of the year. Maybe you think it's the "boring" choice but its the right choice. You know what else you might call boring? Saying the best basketball player ever is Jordan, the best hockey player is Gretzky, or the best guitar player is Hendrix. Skyrim is just straight up the best video game. I loved Saint's Row, but come on...it doesn't have near the depth of Skyrim. And I've played 100 hrs plus on PC and have never run across an issue, so I don't see any problems with it. Even if they only included the PC version on the list it would still be number 1.