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I'm loving this years shows.

Great work guys!

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Let's do this!

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Tell me, what do the 2000s look like?

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Aw yeah!

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P.S Brad is bad at games.

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Yay it's the aughts?

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I choose to believe this is how Drew acts when not on camera

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Brought to you by...

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How will this end?

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#giantbombgameoftheyearcelebrationuservotingbattlenintendoversussonyversusmicrosoftwhowillwin ijoinedtheconversationandiwanttowinfreestuffnow

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Does anyone else suddenly wanna watch 2 Broke Girls?

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Clever. Any way to squeeze some ads in.

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Oh Don...

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Brad pulled a brad on number 8

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Young Bradley is best Bradley.

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Where did they find an ngage??

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@flacracker said:

#giantbombgameoftheyearcelebrationuservotingbattlenintendoversussonyversusmicrosoftwh owillwinijoinedtheconversationandiwanttowinfreestuffnow

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And... Time to feel old.

Also, that moment discussing Brad's employment: some very knowing looks from Drew.

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Is the joke going to be that 2010's is just the 1980's again?

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people could be watching this stuff that have no idea what the 2000's looked like.

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Does this mean the 2010's era will just be them pretending to be youtube celebrities? (cause that'd be pretty great)

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I really hope tomorrow is an ultra-futuristic Giant Bomb with one of the guys replaced by a robot.

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Heh. The scrolling text, Drew, and the QR code every segment change were great!

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Oh god that 2 Broke Girls pop up.

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Did someone say déjà vu?

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dough tuhh tew

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Guess I won't be listening to the podcast of this one until I play Brothers, they've avoided spoiling the ending up until now, but if it won best moment I don't see how they can not. Now I just need it to hit major steam sale status (stupid people not voting on it earlier :()

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Oh god PS4 endurance run!

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I really hope tomorrow is an ultra-futuristic Giant Bomb with one of the guys replaced by a robot.

This comment works.

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These just get crazier each day. Great work guys!

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This seemed pretty normal for them, not getting the joke...


#giantbombgameoftheyearcelebrationuservotingbattlenintendoversussonyversusmicrosoftwh owillwinijoinedtheconversationandiwanttowinfreestuffnow

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So does this mean that tomorrow they're going to get to the Endurance Run bit in the 2010s and that will be the announcement for the next ER?

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I love the bits with Rorie lol. I'm starting to think the Game of the Year will be Windjammers

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Tomorrow is going to be Future Bomb.

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Finally, some DotA. GOTY is saved!

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See, I'd be more entertained by a podcast of their brainstorming session for these skits. It's just frustrating to watch -- I know there must have been a funny conversation before they did this, but without that context, I'm more confused than amused.

I'd also feel that way about their awards if not for the deliberation podcast. They just seem so random when stripped of all context like this.

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@mercury45 said:

I really hope tomorrow is an ultra-futuristic Giant Bomb with one of the guys replaced by a robot.

Or just a Terminator style ruined city landscape, as Drew's North Korean programming has activated and taken out the US defense system.

I still think DOTA 2 should do kill message packs instead of announcer packs, instead of that dumb "x was pwned by y" stuff have a Quake message pack that replaces that line with "x rides y's rocket" or something like that.

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Maybe there's a way to minimize it, but when I tried Dota 2, the enormous HUD got on my nerves. Like 1/5 of your screen is covered by the interface. Then there's the blurriness of everything. They didn't have the snow map when I tried it, but the default map was all shades of grey and green. Not that I would go looking for games in this genre, but ironically enough in what little I've seen of that "LoL" game, it has the visual quality I went in expecting from Valve :/

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Day 4! Wherein Drew hurls a $400 joystick on the floor while performing self-parody!