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Fuck the 90's!

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Vinny! The guy is a trip!

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Drew cam :D

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Saved by the bomb.

@drewbert's hair is fantastic and I am happy to see the return of the dancing .gif.

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Here comes the 90's!

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Yep, this is definitely accurate.

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Oh man, the 90s were hot bullshit.

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Rorie is the best in these videos.

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Vincent Keanu Reeves

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Brad is Lord

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EDIT: I lol at brads reply that hes bad at games!!!

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Rorie is the best goddamn part of these things by a mile. I almost die every time he appears

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A "Christmas Vinny" sounds like a euphemism for something incredibly filthy and humiliating.

I like it!

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vinnys outfits continue to be completely believable in a really creepy way. Though nice touch by jeff to wear the Fubu jersey he wore on that dreamcast thing

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Love you guys. Thinking about Ryan Davis today. Merry Christmas bomb squad!

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10 games better than Brothers

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Hey, wasn't the grunge era over by the time FFVII had been released? Plot holes!

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Best Brad role yet. Loved it!

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Jeff cosplayed as himself from 1998

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HD 4:3 for the win.

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A wild Rorie appears!

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Brad should wear a backwards ball cap more often! Also I'm loving these little Rorie one liners.

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I love 90s Brad!

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Zip disk!

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Man, it's like these guys are living in Gone Home :o

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The best part is Drew unintentionally telling Brad he sucks at games.

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You know I was kinda disappointed that they're doing the same-ish jokes for each of these, but I'm back on board after this one.

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Vinny "Squall" Caravella!

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This era is pretty much where my mind is stuck permanently.

- Signed, an Old

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Oh god, Jeff still has that FUBU jersey.

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rorie's bits in these are the fucking best haha

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God damn, my sides. Grunge Vinny is the best. I'm just thrilled to see the dancing TriCaster man, or whoever he really is, I thought he was gone.

vinnys outfits continue to be completely believable in a really creepy way. Though nice touch by jeff to wear the Fubu jersey he wore on that dreamcast thing

Haha good observation! Very apt choice.

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My biggest regret is that I was born in the 90s. Missed the 80s by 16 days! So close!

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@planetfunksquad said:

Rorie is the best in these videos.



Rorie wins best surprise of Giant bomb's game of the year videos.

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Loving the Brad sucks at games thing... fucking haters. Miss RD a lot, too.

Merry Christmas y'all.

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Man, screw the 90s

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I hope this stuff is leading up to a 20XX video.

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It's alright, cause I'm saved by Bomb!

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Gen X in da house!!!!!!!!