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Posted by LiquidS

pretty cool
Posted by zombie2011

This looks pretty awesome.

Posted by Chewii101

Awesome. Let's see SF2!

Posted by Vorbis

Avatars need to go away, but not a bad idea.

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Posted by Doubt

probably fun for about a week

Posted by Ineedaname

It's like what home should have done.
Looks funky.

Posted by WhatTheDang

Reminds me of Playstation Home

Posted by InfiniteStateMachine

yeah I was thinking it looked like a better version of home

Posted by CarolynP

Star Raiders! Maybe I'll finally be able to figure out what the hell is going on in that  game, and rise above the rank of Galactic Cook.

Posted by dhuff

I'm finally going to have someone to play Joust with!

Posted by morningdrive

wow this is such a ripoff of Home. Sorry but it is. 

Posted by RobotHamster

uhh i hate avatars, im already playing games with friends so i personally don't see me using this, ill try itm but i won't like it, just like home, uhhhhhhhhh.

Posted by Cybexx

Hey Home! 
Lame in Home, lame here.

Posted by leadthallium

Its not a rip off of Home,just one section of home[bowling alley]
home still has game specific ares with game specific mini-games
other areas like the redbull space where you can fly planes and more
the ea complex with racing and golf chipshot mini games so on. 
and that new area witch name escapes me at the moment.
I love my ps3 and rarely play my 360 anymore.
Borderlands still consumes my ps3 playtime.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

An interesting concept that will probably end up getting fucked one way or another.

Posted by Woocifer

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did anyone else see fhqwhgads?!?
I said come...on...fhqwhgads, said come on fhqwhgads, everybody to the limit, The Cheat is to the limit, everybody come on  fhqwhgads.... Come on  fhqwhgads....I see you jockin me.... like you know me....

Posted by supermike6

I think this looks cool, and a shit load better than home because you don't have to wait in lines or do anything but play classic arcade games. 

Posted by MeatSim

Hopefully it turns out better then Home did.

Posted by mattysen

Is it still ripping off; when you rip off a bad idea in the first place

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Posted by thecleric

considering Games for Windows Live don't technically have Avatars, I'm curious how that will work.

Edited by JiuJitsuka85

The first thing that comes to mind is: how much will it cost.
I can't imagine microsoft giving something like this away for free, you'll probably have to pay for every game and prop in your own arcade. 
Edit: nevermind found it:
 You can buy a game for between 240-400 Microsoft Points, or if you really want that old arcade feeling, you can pay 40 Microsoft Points and play the game once, like it was 1985 and you'd just dropped a quarter. Only, now it's two quarters.

Posted by MrMoobz
@Doubt said:
" probably fun for about a week "
A week, thats pushing it.    This will no doubt be like PS Home.. played my many for a while then hardly no one but weirdos and lonely people hiting on female avatars.
Posted by MachoFantastico

Sounds interesting, but the cost is going to be a factor. Always is with Microsoft. 

Edited by WinterSnowblind

I can't believe how many people are claiming this is a "rip-off of Home".  To me this only seems to be an arcade, you know those things that used to exist?  But even if Microsoft were to introduce some kind of 3D chat room, I still wouldn't feel they were ripping off Sony.
Is no one here aware of how large scale social networking in these days?  Habbo Hotel, Second Life, IMVU, etc, all 3D "Home-like" chat systems, all of which were done well before Home.  Even Google, Yahoo and Microsoft itself have 3D chat environments for messenger programs.  The 360 moving into that territory eventually is innevitable, I don't see why "Sony did it first is a factor".
Sony fanboys seem to be pretty fickle when it comes to this.  I don't remember any complaints about the trophy system being added in, the Playstation Store, gamercards, the Classics being made available.. hell, even PSN itself is heavily based on XBL and they even just announced plans to make PSN cross compatable with other mediums, that's copying too, right?  So again, why is such a big deal when Microsoft release something with some similarties to something on the Playstation.  If you think they're the only ones guilty of this, you deserve to be kicked off this site and sent back to GameFAQs.

Posted by Capum15

Seems alright. Not going to pay for it though. You could probably play most of them (or at least some kind of imitation) for free in a browser.

Posted by ez123

Why isn't this the AvatArcade? That was so much better.

Posted by Tarsier

If they do this properly it will be very cool.

Posted by Sweep

so... I will still be playing the games I already own, but now I need to navigate a clunky 3D world to get to them? Gee.... awesome... :|

Posted by Globox82

HOME ripoff

Posted by Rewcastle

Posted by AngerPanda

I like how they made all the avatars look old. "We're really reaching out to the middle-aged 'King of Kong' demographic here with Game Room. Enjoy your Galaga, gramps!"

Posted by solidlife

Aslong as I do not have to line up to play anything like Home im ok with this

Posted by Nogert
@Globox82:  How the hell can you say this is home rip off when it looks nothing like it, if you go by that logic thm Home is a rip off of Second Life.
Posted by Griddler

Oh so now I can use my Miis in Home? -_-

Posted by PenguinDust

Wow!  This is just like Sony's Home but BETTER!!...oh, wait...yeah, this is crap, too.  *yawn*

Posted by Crash_Happy

Obviosly because the trailer didn't show queue's there won't be any when it's live.
So how does it work? I 'trick out' an arcade and all my friends can come along. As long as they are gold subs. As long as they also own the games?

Posted by JiuJitsuka85
@WinterSnowblind said:
" story  "
QFT. Facts > Fanboys.
Posted by Jost1

Holy shit there are a lot of whiners here. Are your lives so miserable?

Posted by Kr3lian

I think by "better than Home", you XBox360 fanboys really mean, "just as pointless and stupid as Home." 
Except, you know, being a fanboy makes it physically impossible for you to acknowledge when something on your system-of-choice is retarded. 
It all comes down to this: if I want to play Frogger or Centipede (which I don't, and I was actually alive when those games were relevant), why the HELL would I want to go though an extra layer of Second Life bullshit just to play them?

Posted by vhold

I'm curious.. at what point did Giant Bomb become such a den of haters?  When this site was new almost all of the users were fairly mature and even minded.  Where did you haters come from exactly?  It'd be awesome if you either went back or grew up.

Posted by Kr3lian
@vhold said:
" I'm curious.. at what point did Giant Bomb become such a den of haters?  When this site was new almost all of the users were fairly mature and even minded.  Where did you haters come from exactly?  It'd be awesome if you either went back or grew up. "
Posted by CptBedlam

It'd be a neat little thing if it was free. But charging us 3 $/€ for each of these old games is completely ridiculous - especially considering that xbl gold already costs money.

Posted by dopeman
@ez123: holy shit you're right.
Posted by Krystal_Sackful

I think the idea of having avatars in a virtual arcade physically walking up to and using arcade machines, disallowing others to play them, is a really, really, really bad idea regardless of whether sony or microsoft is involved.

Posted by XXL_Bomb

Eh, no thanks.

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