Posted by jlaudio7

FIRST. jk. cool video guys.

Posted by Videogames

Half of the video is missing?

Ah, it seems to be working now.

Posted by HistoryInRust

Game looks remarkably similar to ASS. 

Even Brad was bored.

And, seriously.  You would think the box, Pandora's fucking Box, would be guarded by more than a single keypad-locked door.  But hey, whatever, it's just a video game in which the player fights giant, shoddily rendered monsters that attack with one of three canned animations. 

Is there even an AI behind the enemy NPCs?

And, moreover, didn't we already see a giant monster made of cars and debris in another game?  Oh, yeah, it was called The Matrix: Path of Neo.

Posted by Tarsier

That was pretty cool. I like the style of the monsters. How close is this to being released?

Posted by Videogames

Those were quite interesting people from Gamecock studios.

Posted by simulation

Awesome video, the guys who presented it were hilarious

Posted by keyhunter

Pandora's box was really well modeled.

Posted by aefven

I'm disappointed.  I was all excited about this game until now when i saw that Gamecock is making it. 

Posted by Subway

The games looks terrible, and the one dude was mad annoying.

Posted by Yzzerdd

Level geometry looks so bland, looks like something from 2003

Posted by Southgrove

Hoot! ("\( ÖvÖ )/")
That looked surprisingly "meh".

Posted by Milkman

That Mike Wilson guy is CRAAZZY. As for the game, it looks horribly generic.

Posted by PeZ

The beginning looks cool, with the apocalypse and all, but then it devolves to some generic monster fighter thing.
Stealth survival in a destroyed city would have been infinitely more interesting. Also - the gun feels really weak, like a pea shooter.

Posted by Subway

Oh and did anyone else think it looks a lot like bioshock, between the weird looking hand, and how he held the gun?

Posted by AthleticShark

Eh I am on the fence. The guns are nothing special, the Bird took way WAY too many hits, and its just a generic shooter. big guns with creatures!!!! Ohhhhh!

Posted by CynageN

So uh... this really looks terrible.

Posted by wrecks

Dig the format of the Vid!... Basement Gamin with the Devs!
Great that they have a sense of humor about their game, they are going to need it... badly.

Posted by mrsmiley

Granted, the werewolves and the Griffin were pretty dang freaky, I agree with most of the other comments in saying that this game doesn't really look like it brings very much of anything special to the table. Where was the damage modeling on the Griffin? There was absolutely no indication you were even hitting him with your gun. And the damage for the Werewolves was just as bad. I hope they can buff this game up a bit before release, because I think the plot is pretty cool, and there's definitely a lot of potential.

Posted by Rio

For a game coming out so soon, seems to be lacking quite the polish.  I will probably not touch this one, no matter how much I like the idea behind it.

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Posted by dQuarters

Jay should leave Mike in his cage next time he demos a game. Or maybe Mike should smoke a fatty before being with other humans. Whichever works best.

The game looks alright. But I got a feeling that in this market with THAT game? Probably not the best idea if they wanted to make a splash. Which make me think ... Legendary Haze would make a pretty cool game title.
Posted by Vigorousjammer

The way the game just slipped right into the apocalypse looked cool... and the monster designs are great, and definitely a spice of something new for a shooter...
The level geometry isn't horrible but could use a bit of work... and I think we need a bigger gun...

Posted by iExile

Conflict: Denied Ops with monsters = No thanks.

Posted by DuhQbnSiLo

Dont like how the game looks but the guys were funny..

"ready for the greatest experience"
"didn't say it was in this game but are you ready?" LMAO!!!!

"back to puzzle quest"

Posted by Ossi

That did not look good :\

Posted by TwoOneFive

wow that was hilarious. these guys don't give two shits about the game they are presenting. its their game and they make fun of it the whole time. 

Posted by MasterSplinter

It didn't look that bad. The concept is interesting and the creatures seemed pretty cool. I didn't like how linear it looked. Every path you had to take was so blatant. Also, the guns sounded like plasma pistols and many characters were sliding. Maybe that stuff will improve before the game is released, but we will see. I can't picture Legendary making much of an impact. It was pretty cool of Gamecock to bring the game to you guys, though.

Posted by Nidzumi

Looks ok but it also looks like every other shooter on the market. Well that's the way it came across it might play a lot better than it looks. Kind of reminds me of Blacksite Area 51

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Wow, that is some baaaaad animation.

Other than that, I dunno. Looked... okay?

Posted by V_Ben

funny vid, ok game :P

Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

Meh looks so so from the video...just like every other FPS.

Posted by Nik_NYG

I like the concept of the game but it looks like it still needs 6 months of polish for the animations and some other technical issues I saw. The griffin thing is pretty awesome but it seemed to take like 30 bullets more than it should.  Those two guys with brad were awesome though.

Posted by banned8921

omg im still watching the beginiing its so boring.

:edit: now im on the gameplay it looks like bioshock which is a good thing.
:edit: now im impressed its li ke fear + bioshock I cant wait to try the demo. and maybe buy.
:edit: add some grappling hooks like in quake 2 and ill buy.

Posted by calf_exercises

man that was sweet, the game looked liked it had potencial. If they give it a bit more polish I think it should be worth a look.

Posted by Mourne

Those were some real characters.

Posted by breton

Damn, why is everyone hating on this game? I didn't see anything wrong with it. Yeah, it's a generic shooter, but so if everything else that gets praised.

Posted by Cheapoz

Games are not best enjoyed in the presence of loud-mouth yahoos.

Posted by AlexB

So it basically is one giant rip off.
Story= Half-life
Gameplay= Bioshock (the hand thing)
The Vortex in The Sky= Ghostbusters
The Giant Car thing= Stay Puff (Ghostbusters)
The Three Way Combat= The humans, the flood, the brutes (Halo)
I could go on.

Btw those guys seemed way cracked out. Game looks like shit.

Posted by Scooper

The game looks kinda lame.

Posted by get2sammyb

It's a good video (the way you presented the video with the commentary from the devs). Would love to see that again.

Game looks meh.

Posted by Tortoise

Looked really terrible. Were the two people who were supposed to be showcasing the game completely drunk or what?

Posted by Haklin

Based on the comments here and else where...looks like it might bomb

Posted by MachidaX89

I'm not sure if i want to buy a game developed by a company named "Gamecock"

Posted by insanegamer

great video a game i am interested in could be good.

Posted by ZimpanX

wow what a bad game.

Posted by Kohe321

Haha cool

Posted by FLStyle

Hmmm, I'd have to see how far the hand powers go but as long as you don't use one power to instantly kill everything on-screen (I'm looking at you, The Darkness) I'd be happy to at least try a demo of the London stage.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I like that it's a man who opens the box this time :)

Posted by killdave
Like 2001's Halo for Xbox with flood vs humans vs convenant?
This game looks boring ... Its nearly 2009 for crying out loud^^
Posted by Linkyshinks

It looks very unpolished  also, it needs to show damage on torso's.,