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Looks intriguing!

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looks cool

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Somebody call Tom Cruise!

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seems a little unfair

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the last samurai

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lol ok

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Makes me want to rewatch Ip Man

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Eat it, Samurai BITCHES! Can't wait to get this DLC!

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If any of you actually care about historical accuracy, you should try the Europa Barbarorum mod for Rome Total War. http://www.europabarbarorum.com/ There is currently a sequel in the works for M2TW but that won't be out for at least a year.

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Eh, if the Samurai were actually honourable it would be news to me and butchered peasants. This trailer is pretty comedic though. Sucks to not learn about the existence of rapid-fire guns until you're on the field and on the receiving end.

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Fuck yeah.

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Less new content, more fixing buggy ass multiplayer.

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Pretty nice reenactment of the Last Samurai

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Which one was Tom Cruise?

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@LOZZAT: Maybe not rapid fire, but Nobunaga had already shown the rest of Japan what massed firearms could do against traditional fighting tactics. They just decided to ignore that lesson.

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@xbob42 said:

Eat it, Samurai BITCHES! Can't wait to get this DLC!

They did. And Japan got so rattled by it they rapidly modernized and militarized to the point it took a World War to right that particular hornet's nest. All so some East Coast businesses could sell a few more trinkets to a new market.

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Can't wait for Medieval III: Total War.

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My general's name will definitely be Katsumoto for this :D

Cant wait!!

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The Last Samurai: The Movie: The Game.

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I am so excited about this.* That period in Japanese history is so interesting. The rapid industrialisation clashing with the staunch backers of the old ways. What I like too is that this slots in with the other DLC as well, so now I can fire up the Rise Of The Samurai campaign and follow it all the way through the Sengoku Jidai period till the final stand of the Samurai and the rise of the Zaibatsu in the Meji restoration. AWESOME.

*should mention that I upgrade my PC to play these games so massive nerd on at the moment

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I bought this big Total War bundle during some Steam sale and have never played any of them. I probably should have just bought Shogun 2 instead of this bundle of older ones.

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@Capt_Ventris: i have a huge history and political science boner for you right now.

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The pen is mightier than the swo... Oh shit run!!!

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Have 4 horse units (depending on how many gatling guns there are) and have have 2 of them flanking 1 gatling unit.

There, now you only loose 1 horse unit (depending how wide the gatling gun can fire)

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AHHH!!!! I cant wait

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WHY ????????

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I keep seeing this article and thinking its something to do with Gatling Gears :(

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Because its history, that's why.

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@Krystal_Sackful: Yes ,but it fucks up the gameplay i.m.o . Gatling guns do not belong on feudal Japanese battlefields or with samurai for that matter . But hey ... that's me .

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It was a lot dumber when there were machine guns in Empire: Total War. That was extremely stupid. But because of the later time period, this is ok by me.

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Hopefully Tom Cruise isn't the last samurai this time.