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Thanks for posting these videos so quickly!

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more lang zone?

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Uhhm guys, I think there was an issue with the Youtube version of that vid. It's only 3 minutes long. Which is long enough for John Drake to say "Fuck you guys." but, still...

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Sweet, I missed the beginning.

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I would NOT have touched that pie.

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Wow, super quick.

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I believe it's pronounced "okra". The H is silent.

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@gester2k said:

Thanks for posting these videos so quickly!

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Does this have the intermission of trading cards?

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Yessss!!! I've been wanting to see them talk to the GB crew for a while now! :)

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Beep Beep Richie!

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Great to see Mark on the show, didn't even realize he'd be in town. And I am definitely hoping we can finally see more indie games from Japan hop on over. After Reccetear and Cave Story, I can only imagine the plethora of fantastic titles we're missing out on. Such a shame they're still heavily adverse to the PC market and Steam.

Also nice to hear that some of our own indie titles are making their way over there. If I can follow through and make a great indie videogame myself someday, I'd definitely send it to 8-4 to localize it in that direction (one can dream).

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whats up with "cowardice" on that max dude's arm

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Rename the dump truck to, "Dumpin' A Bomb"

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I'd heard of Hokra, but never seen it. I gotta say, everything I've heard is true - it's minimalistic, but has distilled the 'sport' perfectly.

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Hokra looks amazing!

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whats up with "cowardice" on that max dude's arm

He's the False Shepherd of GDC.

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Love it. Like the voyeur break cam. You guys are great

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do not change the dumptruck , if whoever you interview doesn't get it they are not worth my time to listen too

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Jeff is looking pretty damn good

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@humanity: What the hell happened here? Source?

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Love me some Drake, hopefully we can move past the whole dumptruck joke in the next month or so, overall this was pretty awesome.

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Please dont invite that annoying person John Drake again. 17 minutes in and he has talked for 15 of them.

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Hokra looks super fun. First time I've ever seen it.

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@milkman said:

@snarekick said:

whats up with "cowardice" on that max dude's arm

He's the False Shepherd of GDC.

Well played.

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This is why I love Giant bomb, content that makes laugh and introduces me to things I probably wouldn't have discovered on my own.

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My cat was fucking loving HOKRA, good job.

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I think Hokra deserves a catchier name, because it looks awesome, like a game that should be known about everywhere.

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I liked the black&white section with music.

Also interesting interviews so far.

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is marks jumper like broken or is this some new hip broken zipper jumper thing

edit: max temkin seems like the nicest dude in the world, always showing up with an awesome gift

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Please dont invite that annoying person John Drake again. 17 minutes in and he has talked for 15 of them.

What? It was the point that he was talking because Ryan specifically asked him what he's been up to at GDC. Also, John Drake seems like a pretty cool guy, to me.

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Heh heh, Max seems to be enjoying the fruits (and meats and cheeses and pastries) of his success.

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@milkman: He's going to lead our Scoops astray!

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Seriously, what other site is doing stuff like this right now?

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Loved it. Really enjoyed seeing Mark on there (I love the 8-4 play podcast) and hokra looks amazing.

Also, give me more XCOM :)

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Mark Mcdonald was on and not a single word about Dark Souls. I'm disappointed ..

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@snarekick said:

whats up with "cowardice" on that max dude's arm

It is from a photo he took with Brandon Harris of Wikipedia:

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Hokra looks awesome.

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Please dont invite that annoying person John Drake again. 17 minutes in and he has talked for 15 of them.

Yeah. Other than him, all the guests were great.

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Pretty cool to see Mark McDonald on here, the 8-4 Play podcast is pretty enjoyable.

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So, subscriber feature idea, strap cameras to Drake and Lang, get them drunk, and set them loose in San Francisco.


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You choose:

1. John Drake looks like Peter Dinklage when he sits next to Jeff.

2. Jeff looks like Hodor when he sits next to John Drake.

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Hokra looks great, can't wait for sports friends to come to PC.

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If you guys don't want that pie, please send it to me. It looks fucking delish.