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I'm not sure if anyone other than Lang could treat Boon like that without getting their ass kicked.

Haha, IMO besides the segment with Phil Fish and Doseone, this had to be the highlight of the show.

At least now we all know what really happens in the Lang Zone!

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Thanks for the upload guys, missed this part after falling asleep. It was 5am though so I think that's understandable.

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Can't wait to catch up on all this GDC stuff!

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Ed Boon is a saint. I think I know why Midway is no longer making games though..

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Best part

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I just love Dave Lang so much.

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Dave Lang just seems like a jerk.

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Vignocchi's joke about his wife and the bathroom was really funny in that he totally expected it to go over well.

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Everyone entered the "Lang Zone" whether they wanted to or not. What a fantastic show. This will be hard to top.

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Man, Ed did NOT look happy at the end there.

Drunk Lang is a dangerous Lang

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Everybody gives Dave Lang shit. He's the Dangerfield of video games. No respect at all.

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Jeff Gerstmann: Wife Snatcher.

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Ed Boon continues to be a saint

and man, Dave lang continues to be amazing.

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This is where the magic happens.

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This Giant Robot stream brought to you by Buckfast.

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"What is this? Like a jogging simulator?" -Ed

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And, guys, they're just fuckin' around. Its what duders sometimes do.

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I nominate Dave Lang for the Loud Uncle of the People. Much in the same way Uncle Sam is a personification of America, Lang will be a personification of belligerence and volume. Except he's very real.

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The Lang Zone engulfed EVERYTHING! what a magical event.

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Dave Lang is history's greatest monster!

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Dave Lang's important announcement at 21:00.

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Ed Boon looked so uncomfortable sometimes that it made me feel uncomfortable just watching this insane, wonderful mess of a livestream.

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This whole last segment was such a cluster fuck. Delightful. Props to Ed Boon.

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That screenshot makes me wan't to renew my sub today.

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Was wondering the entire day yesterday, since the stream started, who or WHAT this 'Lang' hype was. I am now a fan of the infamous 'Lang zone.'

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Jogging simulator. So ahead of the joke. gotta love Boon.

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esto es lo mejor que he visto en giantbomb en a long time

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This is great!

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The true GDC starts here.

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Dave Lang is a magical creature.

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that was fun. good jorb.

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Dave Lang looks like a gigantic baby without his hat.

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RIP Windjammers. :__;

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Oh man, Ed Boon looks so uncomfortable! That man is a true professional.

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Well that was the greatest thing I've ever seen in my entire life

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One of the milestone events in Gian Bomb hi-"SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH!"

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The TriCaster work on Dave Lang's announcement was fantastic.

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Good, god, lol.

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Johnny V and Dave Lang.... my god.

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Skip to 20:00 minutes for Dave's big announcement.

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I feel like this is the last time we'll see Ed Boon on one of these......