Posted by Double0hFor

deffinatly not as good as the "Mad World" trailer

Posted by Nomin

All alone in the darkened chamber under the molten rocks, to the tune of an emasculated crooner... once was enough. Maybe one Gear of War was enough. See the blasphemous association?

Posted by Kraznor

Yeah, its no "Mad World" trailer but that was still pretty entertaining. Cole looking at the flower and pausing to reflect on it was awesomely out of place and amusing.

Posted by SleazyP

Love that they used DeVotchKa - How It Ends. Thought it was a pretty good trailer.

Posted by krochisy

first ad that I've seen in the website is on this page at the top left corner. Great to see that giantbomb is getting publishers attention as a well known gaming site. But also it's good for the guys to make some money.

Posted by PJ

Im so damn pumped for Gears 2 i cant take it anymore. I WANT GEARS OF WAR 2 NOW!!!!

Posted by John

I liked it.

Posted by Gregomasta

Love it, Epic is good at making games and more importantly ad's for those games.

Posted by Stevokenevo

didnt quite inspire the awe of 'mad world' but it was still pretty entertaining.  super pumped for this game.

Posted by dtran1212

that was cheesy

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Posted by gamer334

I don't know if anyone noticed this yet, but the song is from the "Little Miss Sunshine" movie soundtrack.

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Posted by Shadow

I say I 1 year old and it no let play video

Posted by Keeng

I thought it was much better than "Mad World". This is by far the best trailer I've seen this year for any of the exclusive games on any platform. Loved it.

Posted by Johnny5

No I think this was much better.

Posted by 5ecret5tar5ystem

it big fat "Meh..."

Posted by fots

I agree with Keeng, and are seriously considering to order an xbox for this one. And apart from that, i think also that this advertisement or commercial is the best yet for a game. It does not only makes you want to know who they are and what mayhem they are about to enter, but more importantly you want to join the mass and play this game(and  get that chainsaw bayonette working)!!
at least i do....

Posted by rabidoyster

Devotchka? Really? Way to use a song that's already strongly associated with a movie trailer.

Posted by TheWiFiJedi

im really looking forward to this game but that song was LAME

Posted by lightwarrior179

Quite easily the most awe-inspiring trailer of 2008 by far. Epic really knows how to make gamers pumped up for their games.

Posted by Sabata

Wait, wait, wait.....where the hell was Baird?!

Posted by GioVANNI

Both Mad World, and this trailer were amazing.  Big props to Epic. :O

Posted by AversionTherapy

I love that devotchka song and absolutely loved the trailer, just as good as mad world.

Posted by haribammi

saw it two days ago, now again, so much better now that i paid attention to the lyrics instead of waiting for my laptop 17 db audiothundermachine to blow me away. the "already know how this will end"-part  makes me cry for all the imaginary worldweary wisdom it makes me believe that i possess. also a pretty epic providercard played, makes me want to raise 10 kids because i can obviously cope with stuff.

Posted by GmLx

Advert was kickass!
I think this and Halo 3 Are two of the best vid game advertisements ever!

Posted by killer7

 I love this video

Posted by Blackoutt21

pretty good, equal to madworld....idk

Posted by Hector

Way better than Mad World.

Posted by AGold

Anyone who dug the song should really check out their album "A Mad and Faithful Retelling." Easily the most overlooked album of the year, full of classical Spanish music goodness. Definitely something unlike anything else you hear on the radio these days.