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I support any and all punching.

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Can't wait for this game.

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Also, does this mean that GSP will be an unlockable character?

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This game is looking really cool.

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Also, if this game does not have a feature with GSP being impressed/ not impressed with your performance; then they fucked up big time

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I so hope they add GSP as an unlockable.

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So its a Kinect game?

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Please let this game be good.

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GSP is awesome.

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This game is lookin to surprise in Reviews and Sales

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If GSP is unlockable, he would have no combos, only jabs. And every enemy he fights would never be fully defeated.

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Can you win by decision in this game?

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I hope this game succeeds because it does look interesting from a "different vibe to an open world game" and kinda fun too , good hand to hand combat was something missing in the GTA games.

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@Emiel said:

Can you win by decision in this game?


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@Emiel said:

Can you win by decision in this game?

Zing! :D haha

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The game seems like it has potential but it also was suppose to be a True Crime game which was cancelled I wonder how much was revamped.

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I'd say tackling opponent down onto the ground and holding him there for ground and pound would've been his premier calling, but that is not as interesting.

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Also, pretty good wrestler that guy.

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This game continues to look promising at the very least.

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@Rapid: The True Crime branding was actually tacked on after the fact as they thought it would improve it chances of sales but then Activision pulled production as they had doubts it would make a lot of money. It's unfortunate that Activision are the way they are as movie companies push out shit that makes a lot of money but then they can also afford to push out a smaller, indie movie or something that won't make a lot of money but it could be well received by critics. I'd love to see them go in that direction as they make so much money from CoD they really could be putting that extra cash elsewhere and it might even be favourable to them as they aren't exactly liked and without CoD they don't have much else.

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@mrcraggle: No it wasn't, it was always a true crime game as that's what Activision was paying for. They weighed the price of continual development and marketing cost vs. what they thought they could make back and pulled out.

And from the looks of it, rightfully so.

Posted by DrJota Matt Hughes doing GTA V then?

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I'm still not expecting this to be a great game, but I would like to be pleasantly surprised.

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I guess GSP filmed that before he blew his knee out?

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@Westen said:

If GSP is unlockable, he would have no combos, only jabs. And every enemy he fights would never be fully defeated.

His jabs would make guys eyes swell shut, so you could just walk away while they were blind, despite them not going down.

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This game looks so amazing to me. I really am considering pre ordering but I want to see more gameplay

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So many great ingredients in this, so very afraid it'll taste like shit.

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GSP is the man. One of the classiest Mixed Martial Artists ever, and so dominant. I'm genuinely excited that United Front Games got him to do the performance capture for the combat in this game.

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This game is looking really cool.

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Now I'm interested in getting this with GSP being involved in coordinating the combat in it. 

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This game doesn't look that great! I'm not even sure who that guy is... Nor do I care! If they had Sam Jackson screaming "Buy this game or BURN IN HELL"! Now that would peak my interest... Lol!

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When I first saw this game I was interested right up until I heard that it was originally supposed to be another sequel to True Crime... which was terrible. This game will be terrible.

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nothing says authentic Asian fighting styles like French Canadian dudes.