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Posted by JJOR64


Posted by havoc414

first MAGGOT!

Posted by scottp

sayy whatttt, its not working

Posted by DondonIcon

Whoa, they got too excited that they didn't post it.

Posted by havoc414

err maybe not first?

Posted by Vinny

Hey! how did you guys get here? the video isn't cooked yet!

Posted by Fallen189

@Vinny- After a video finshes, its on the options list.

Posted by DuderBattalion

The link to this shows up after a video ends Mr Caravella :)

Posted by Vinny

haha, shenanigans, and thanks! Well, video is all ready now. Enjoy!

Posted by Obienator

THE SARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ArclightBorealis


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As one wrestling fan to another, i can feel the privilege from Jeff.

Excellent interview, i guess that mostly confirms the Randy Savage Speculation too.

Posted by cubagoodingjr

slaughter time

Posted by Zatosai

Wow. Maggot.

Posted by Diamond

It's so rare to see an interviewer that actually knows and cares about who they're interviewing.  Through that Jeff makes me care, makes it enjoyable.  Still have my Sgt. Slaughter action figure.  That is also one of the best hats in existence.

Posted by RedSox8933

haha! this is hilarious.

Posted by Kraznor

Haven't had any interest in wrestling games ever, but for some reason I may just give this one a look, provided its good, of course.

Posted by Snail


Posted by Cody

Excellent interview. :)

Posted by musdy


Posted by Milkman

About halfway through the interview it hit me that "HOLY SHIT! THAT'S SGT. SLAUGHTER!" Great interview. Definitely my favorite you guys have done so far.

Posted by Ossi

I don't think I've ever seen Jeff that serious. Interesting interview.

Posted by Daniel_Newton

Don't know too much about wrestling but that guy seemed pretty cool. And the ending was funny :D

Posted by BlackHawk53


Posted by Bradtron

Great interview!

Posted by imayellowfellow

i really liked this interview, to be honest i grew up watching wrestling from the attitude era to about 2002, so i never really got to get into any of these classic stars but i still though it was a really interesting video

Posted by whospilgrim

Great interview jeff.  The Sarge is certainly one of those characters I loved to hate as a kid but see the brilliance in now.  Good times and thanks again.

Posted by MeatSim

Jeff was dismissed!

Posted by ez123

It makes perfect sense, Randy Savage is on Giant Bomb.

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I don't understand enough about wrestling to really appreciate the interview, but I must say, Jeff looked incredibly... serious? I can't blame him, though, as Mr. Slaughter seems like the kind of guy who could go behind enemy lines and singlehandedly thwart a terrorist organization with his bare hands.

Posted by carlthenimrod

Comes off as such a nice guy.

Posted by WaltJay

He looks exactly the same!

Posted by InfiniteGeass

One of the best interviews so far.  Keep up the good work guys.

Posted by TheKidNixon

I gotta say, it is a little disconcerting having the Sarge be so damn calm. I kept waiting for him to snap and be all "THAT'S ENOUGH OF YOUR QUESTIONS, MAGGOT!" and then put Jeff in a camel clutch.

I'm sure they just got left on the cutting room floor...right?

Posted by Spiritof

The Randy Savage stuff was actually...kinda...moving.

Posted by redgauss

I'm not a big wrestling fan but that guy seemed so cool. Like really chill.
Also, Jeff you looked like you really enjoyed that interview. Maybe that's why I did too.

Posted by lordofultima

What an amazing interview, really thoughtful words on Randy Savage, man..

Posted by Lieutenant

I envy you, Jeff. Looked like you were going to burst out like a giddy school girl.

Posted by Rio


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Only you Jeff... off camera was probably fun. Great interview. Thanks for posting to you all.

Posted by Xander51

That was wonderful. Thanks a bunch guys, brought back lots of great memories.

Posted by DBoy

I always loved Sgt. Slaughter, from the good old days up to today.  The man comes off as genuinely nice and soft spoken.  The kind words he had to say about Randy Savage were quite touching in a way and, being the huge wrestling fan that I am, I do hope the Macho Man decides to come out of hiding and give McMahon a call.  Seeing him enter the Hall of Fame would be phenomenal.

Excellent interview Jeff, great job.  Now you're dismissed, maggot!

Posted by JoelTGM

great interview!

Posted by JarenFace

I've been waiting to watch this ever since it was mentioned on the Podcast. Excellent interview. Most of what the Sarge said was really insightful, and I do wish Savage and McMahon work it out. Macho Man was one of my favourite wrestlers growing up, it would be nice to see him in video game form again.

Posted by papercut

That was incredible you guys. great work!

Posted by Undeadpool

HOLY SHIT! Jeff Gerstman AND Sgt Slaughter?! This is just like my fanfiction!!

Posted by Ozeki

Great interview. How awesome would it be for Randy to actually see this video on GB... and act accordingly?

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That Hat isn't standard issue...ffffing fancy pants Bathist!

Posted by ImperiousRix

If I was Jeff, I'd have asked Slaughter to put me in the Cobra Clutch...

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