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I AM ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

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give this game to me...... NOW.

this and hitman are the only games i'm excited for this holiday.

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Bears and Sharks!

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looks awesome. cant wait

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@MeatSim said:

Bears and Sharks!


Man, this game looks great! I was really mixed on FC2. Loved the atmosphere and gunplay, hated the respawning enemy checkpoints and malaria though. I just hope they let me set the world on fire again.

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Please be good!

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Dear Ubisoft. Two things; I hope you fix the jungle stealth, and the make the AI so they don't have 12x magnified x-ray vision and super hearing like in the last game. Thanks.

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Is there something wrong with the video? I can't see it, other videos are fine.

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@teh_destroyer: I couldn't help but read that in the voice of the Soldier from TF2

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@Greenshoes: I have the same problem.

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This game is real purty. Also, crotch shot.

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this didn't fit what I thought the plot. I quess the story evolves or something. Looks like you also have to fight everything...bears and sharks and jaguars...where the f**k are we again????

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Looks good!

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This could literally be the greatest open world FPS if the gameplay is legit and this isn't all automatically triggered animations and such bullshit.

If I can move the guy and actually have input into what he does, aim the gun and shoot and actually hit for a kill, with various spontaneous outcomes to each encounter without the game being dependent on repetitive animations and sequences, this could be the greatesssssssssssssssssssst

Buuut watching the E3 gameplay trailers, real-time gameplay, showed a lot of 'hit X to do this' crap.

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Yes please.

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Ok, the more I watch these trailers the more crazy this game gets. Drugs, Fighting Sharks and Tigers, Machine guns and Rpgs, weird killer Tribal People. This game is either going to be really odd or a lot of fun