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Posted by JustTheThreeOfUs

Looks kinda cool.

Posted by Elow

Fable on rails and now this?

Posted by CountYourBlessings


Posted by Supergooder

Fairy Tale Fights but the gooder kind. Mabey.

Posted by Seedofpower

I feel like by watching this trailer I've already played the game.

Posted by Krendrayven

@Seedofpower: Agreed.

Posted by DrRandle

Castle Crashers Meets Fable. I'm in.

Posted by Benny

@Elow said:

Fable on rails and now this?

its not on rails

Edited by CptBedlam

Fortunately, I don't need more virtual money for the next Fable game .... because I won't play the next Fable game.

Seriously, the Fable franchise is not especially strong so instead of coming up with more cheap ways to monetize it, they should concentrate on releasing better games.

Posted by CookieMonster

Looks like lego star wars. It could be fun.

Also, you know what would be great? A fable game in the style of a paper mario rpg. The humour suits it perfectly.

Posted by DaBuddaDa

Seems they've completely given up on the original Fable idea of action role-playing between this and The Journey for Kinect. Imagine if they did this with say, the Halo franchise? Blood everywhere.

Posted by Sogeman

After Fable 3 and all the lies there's no chance I'll ever buy another Lionhead game. They're making it easy for me too with stuff like this.

Posted by Darth_Cuddles

"my first RPG"?

Posted by art_monkey79

It's like they made a kid's game and then decided to make it a game with the Fable name. It really looks like another game all together.

Posted by BaynePl

Not feeling this one. Just seems a little pointless. Apart from the characters its got really nothing that resembles fable. Its seems like one of thous time where a developer goes:

"Hey we got this game here"

And who ever produces it goes:

"The game looks okay, tell what would make it better, Fable it."

The problem is that they could get away with this. Thats if the game was doing anything new and exciting. To me it just looked boring.

Posted by SippyCupNINJA

Fuck you Peter Molyneux. FUCK YOU

Posted by MildMolasses

Gotta love a trailer that shows off poor camera placement.

Also, I'm guessing this is the first GDC announcement since there isn't yet a page associated with it

Posted by Scythus

@Benny said:

@Elow said:

Fable on rails and now this?

its not on rails

Oh, clever disguise Mr. Molyneux


Posted by Aslan186

@DaBuddaDa: Two Words... Halo Wars

Posted by Jeffsekai

I'm gonna go play some Fable 1 and cry.

Posted by IAmNotBatman

Looks like a free to play game...

Posted by Abendlaender


I love the Achievment unlock in the trailer

Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish

Guys, remember Black & White? 

Posted by sirdesmond

Oh, so they decided to make a crappy version of Castle Crasher and threw in the Dungeon Defenders font (and somewhat similar art-style) just for good measure.

Yea, I'll pass.

Posted by RustySpoon

This isn't a Fable game, fuck you Molyneux...

Posted by Venatio

Looks like crap

Posted by yoshimitz707

Looks like it could be fun. I'm glad I'm not such a whiny bitch. Life must suck for you guys.

Posted by betterboulder

So Castle Crashers...or is it not- What is this?! Some franchises, I tell ya. I love the "Traitor" achievement though. Couldn't bother to edit that one out could you?

Posted by Rotnac

it does look like it can be light cheap fun with 4 players, but i dont see any reason for the Fable name to be plastered onto this.

Posted by Morningstar

So this is what Fable has come to? R.I.P.

Posted by hagridore

Lionhead is actually doing what the Internet thinks Bioware is. Can you guys shut up about Mass Effect 3 now?

Posted by Benny

@Scythus said:

@Benny said:

@Elow said:

Fable on rails and now this?

its not on rails

Oh, clever disguise Mr. Molyneux


Maaan what a hilarious podcast that was

Posted by kindnivore

Looks fun, might buy!

Posted by lokey013

Wow looks fun....wonder if there will be more characters to choose from

Posted by Seedofpower

@Jeffsekai said:

I'm gonna go play some Fable 1 and cry.

You're lying. You're the Godfather.

Posted by nutta27

So it's a mini game collection cashing in on fables good. Well ok after 3. Name

Posted by DemBones

I'll buy it if the price is reasonable.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

I don't see why this needed to be a Fable game, Molyneux really needs to go back to designing really original and clever new games.

This does look like a lot of fun though.

Posted by fusrodah

At least it's not on rails?

Posted by lockwoodx

Phantasy Star Online on the Dremcast looked better.

Posted by ghostNPC

An achievement unlock in a trailer? C'mon guys, that's really lazy.

Posted by Wandrecanada

@Vegetable_Side_Dish: Shoot remember Theme Hospital? What happened...?

Posted by Nakiro

This looks like Fairytale Fights.. except worse.

Will probably be cheaper though.

Posted by ttocs

What the hell are they doing to the Fable IP? Are they purposefully trying to ruin it?

Posted by Lugixx

This is a Windows Phone 7 game, right? Right?

Posted by Jeffsekai

@Seedofpower said:

@Jeffsekai said:

I'm gonna go play some Fable 1 and cry.

You're lying. You're the Godfather.


Posted by fox01313

@Nakiro: Doubt it, Fairytale fights was a rather hard to play game where this seems more of a toned down arcade version of fable 2. As long as the writing is same as what we saw in the recent Fable games it might be good but I'm still not liking the weird pegleg style of feet they have.

Posted by doublezeroduck

Looks like Maple Story meets Fable. Not interested.

Posted by Enigma777

Looks dumb. So dumb...

Posted by onan

This looks pretty f-in' terrible.

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