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Hell yea!

Posted by AnEternalEnigma

Zumba Fitness: Only compatible with attractive women in their 20s!

Posted by Danomite98

Gee one more fitness game for Kinect. Wow

Posted by Deathdealer108

Damn it 

Posted by MisterMouse

thats a great screen cap...

Posted by IrradiatedTurnip

Is the woman who plays the game a pack-in, or do you buy her seperately? That's how this works, right?

Posted by zombie2011

i want a quicklook of this so bad

Posted by Lobst

Nothing against the hardware, but the Kinect version of this is reportedly awful. ("It tracks your movements" = false advertising)

Posted by AdH0c

I smell a quick look.
Posted by ThatFrood

I'll be in my room.

Posted by Sweep


Mild lyrics? Really?
Posted by Steve_Ramirez

Forgot to mention the belt is included. 

Posted by FritzDude

The camera man sure had problems holding that camera.

Posted by myslead
@Sweep said:


Mild lyrics? Really? "
Posted by gunslingerNZ

Seems like Kinect is tailor made for this sort of thing. Who knows they might actually serve their purpose really well. I'm sure it beats the shit out of a lame exercise DVD but it's still far behind actually going to the gym.

Posted by abdo

Oh man

Posted by Kierkegaard

"Belt included" just became one of the more sultry phrases in this world, and I'm not sure why. 

Posted by Lab392

Who are they advertising this to? The sex appeal says men, but I don't know any men attracted to women who want to dance like this.

Posted by fillmoejoe

Damn girl.

Posted by Alphazero

Kinect has camera. 
Xbox has Internet 
Xbox has Kinect 
Internet has camera 
If ever there was a case for Internet hacker gangs to do something for the good of the world, it is this.

Posted by Baggykins
@AnEternalEnigma said:
" Zumba Fitness: Only compatible with attractive women in their 20s! "
No boys allowed? D:
Posted by Kermity

so... is the belt to be used with the game, or just a random pack-in?
Posted by ticticchilitic

My wife (attractive woman in her 20s) tried this out and the tracking was terrible. It registered more successes with wild flailing than it did with actual attempts at doing the routine. I didn't even get any achievements out of the 15 minutes she tried it. 

Posted by Aeterna

Hi there pretty asian woman.

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Also, Asscam.  
EDIT: Also, Abscam.

Posted by Vinchenzo


Posted by PLWolf

I'll be in my bunk.

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 I see this thing doing alright.
There are a lot of moms that are into this stuff. They come in looking for these dvds a lot.
Hell my girlfriend even has a few videos. It really is just dancing, but still somehow are able to charge like 30-60 bucks for a few dvds, I would imagine a game like this would look pretty good to this particular demographic.
So now that we have that out of the way again,
I can't wait until they start showing all the cool games I'll want to play and ultimately buy a Kinect
Those are still coming right?
By the way, pretty much all the parent customers who come into my work always seem to call it "Kintetix" or something like that. Even after I tell them it's called the Kinect they are still confused as to why and ask why it's spelled wrong.
These are the people they are marketing this thing too apparently. Who knows though, they all sure as hell know what a Wii is.

Posted by Alpha1

something is happening in my pants oO

Posted by Delta_Ass

Is that Asa Akira?

Posted by FoxMulder
@Alphazero said:
" Kinect has camera. Xbox has Internet Xbox has Kinect  therefore Internet has camera  If ever there was a case for Internet hacker gangs to do something for the good of the world, it is this. "
I'm sure we'll see naked Kinect porn any day now....
Posted by Hairydutchman

Fapping on Giantbomb. Who would have thought.

Posted by RVonE
@Aeterna said:
"Hi there pretty asian woman. "
Posted by Reizarvg

I read this as 'get sweaty and aroused with zombies'. This is better, if less intriguing.

Posted by djames216

Wow, I'm glad they said "Zumba Fitness the Video Game".  I thought it was Zumba Fitness the Movie for a second there. :P
Is Jeff Bridges in it?

Posted by gbrading

It would be a total must-buy, if only it came with a belt... What's that? It does!?
Posted by raiz265
@zombie2011 said:
" i want a quicklook of this so bad "
with jeff and ryan in tight sport dresses?
Posted by pixelpushr

I was going to buy this for my sister but the Amazon reviews are horrible. Ended up buying the Wii version since people seem to like it more. Not sure how the devs screwed this up, seems like the perfect Kinect game.

Edited by CRiTE

I think i just leveled up....in my pants.

Posted by Koobz

More like... like sexercise.  Right, bros?  Haha chyeah, you know what I'm talkin' about.  (It's sex.  I'm talking about sex.)
Also: who the fuck dresses like that?  It's like a rave kid exploded and a passing stripper got caught in the blast.

Posted by AlKusanagi

What kind of video game characters are they supposed to be? Their boobs are WAY too small.

Posted by LoktarOgar

Asian chick looks like Asa Akira.

Posted by Vetterli

Belt included?!
Sign me the fuck up.

Posted by LiK

*fap fap fap*

Posted by AgentMOO

This is going to be one hell of a quick look

Posted by Kontrapunkt


Posted by Nictel
@LoktarOgar said:
" Asian chick looks like Asa Akira. "
Image search totally not suitable for work! xD
Posted by MarkWahlberg
@TheWolf619 said:
" I'll be in my bunk. "
The man they call jaaayne... 
" I read this as 'get sweaty and aroused with zombies'. This is better, if less intriguing. "
I think that's illegal in California.
Posted by saxamaphone12
@LoktarOgar: wow i was thinkin the same thing when i clicked on this
Posted by Jayzilla

*watches QL* why is ryan grabbing his left arm?

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