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That looks very awesome.

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looks interesting

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I'm never gonna get the secret quest at this rate

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Great music.

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That looks really freakin cool!

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A mystery game eh? Hmm, I may have to check this out.

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interesting, i might just hafta check that one out

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Dude that looks great!

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AHH want want, music is great like phoenix wright  

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Reminds me of Geist. In a good way. 

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That looks pretty cool.
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The animation in this is amazing.

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Looks like it would get boring after Level 1-1 or whatever. 
Level 1-2!

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1. This looks like it could be a cool game with great style. 
2. Quest spam is annoying. 
3. Where'd the donuts go?

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Wow, Capcom's really stepping up their game lately.  This looks really intriguing.

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Innovation! I like it!

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Very interesting concept. I love 'real time' adventure games.

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hmmmmmmmm... seems interesting. A Quick Look would help me decide...

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"The next game from Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi." This should be interesting.

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" AHH want want, music is great like phoenix wright   "

Same composer. Well, Masakazu Sugimori from the first game anyway.
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Anyone else getting Ace Attorney vibe from the music?

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Reminds me of "haunting with poulterguy" for some reason

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Good video!

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Game does not look bad.

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ghost trick is a pretty hilarious name

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This game just keeps looking better & better.

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 Interesting concept. I'm definitely getting this.

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Animation looks great

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What the fuck did I just watch.

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That's messed up he shot that dog.

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Wow, actually looks pretty cool. Digging it.

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still need a ds.

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This looks really good.

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When I seen the link for this on Twitter I though - "This must be a DS game" - I was correct.

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Looks pretty interesting actually.  I'd like to see more.
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very interesting,  
does this mean he won't make ace attorney series anymore and concentrate on this? 
i hope not

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Wow, this looks pretty crazy.  Definitely wanna try it out.

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Woah, this is definitely something I'm going to have to pay attention to.

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i'd play it.