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Posted by RTSlord

so close!

Posted by Skrams

Actually posting because I've watched the trailer. 
I want this game. And the fact it will have a semi connected open world thing through telephones is pretty neat. Looks sort of how Mario and Luigi RPGs were connected. Can't wait.

Posted by Imbalance

Still want this game.

Posted by masterherocard

I thought up until this point that it was a linear, do something here then move on, game. Now there's overworld movement?
Posted by Rincewind

Seems ok

Posted by RecSpec

I thought a game starring a defense attorney was one of the stupidest ideas ever.
Now that series is one of my top franchises of all time.
I have faith that this will be amazing.

Posted by onlineatron

I'll be buying this when I buy a 3DS next year.

Posted by ESREVER

This game look awesome, and I can't wait for it to come out. 
Also, did anyone think that when they were scrolling through the phone numbers, that it sounded like fireballs being thrown by Mario?

Posted by Khantael

This looks pretty interesting... though I imagine it won't be a very long game.

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Posted by ICryCauseImEmo

Nice concept sounds fun, I'll wait for reviews It just doesnt seem like it could be that long of a game.

Posted by Insectecutor

looks hot, nice music. Maybe a reason to pick up my DS again.

Posted by RobertOrri

This is from the same guy that created Ace Attorney, so I'm definitely excited.

Posted by MisterMouse

i seem some phoenix wright influences.

Posted by Levio

This game will probably be short but sweet.  I don't have a DS, but since I plan on getting a 3DS I might end up getting it.

Posted by Shibbles

What's up with that police chief's foot?

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Posted by CharlesSurge

Aww yeah, movement through the phone lines. :)

Posted by Baggykins

still looks like a great ass game, Phoenix Wright team are putting out some great stuff

Posted by the_mystical_ninja

This is going to be awesome :D Hopefully Phoenix Wright makes a guest appearance.

Posted by MeatSim

It's a ghost!

Posted by Spwn

I'm quite sure this will be my handheld goty.

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Posted by motang

Awesome game!