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Posted by ColMirage

Well, this certainly was more interesting than Nintendo's presentation.

Posted by Gre

Beamed in from Tokyo!

Posted by wefwefasdf

I wish I was Brad. haha

Posted by Scroll

Lots of Cod4 engine stuff there, Loving the interview technique definitely separates itself from some sites. Just saying.

Posted by Y2JBone

I'm excited for ALL of those games now! :D

Posted by Terrell

I see Brad was bumpin that Paper Planes by M.I.A. great Hip-Hop song!

Posted by Ma7moud

Great interviews by GB so far. Keep it up.

Posted by Sharpshooter

Dogs is COD:WAW I don't know what to say, other than cool. Also BRAD YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!!

Posted by Monty344

00-Brad eh? Great video.

Posted by Vendead

    1. oh sweet paper planes

    Posted by Afroman269

    Gonna pass on COD War at War. I can't get over the fact that its gonna be WWII again and WWII weapons just suck.

    Posted by Gizmo

    Cor, Anastacia aint half tasty.

    Posted by Link

    Freakin' sweet!
    COD looks niffty

    Posted by Mushir

    Brad got drugged! :O

    Posted by Lumley

    Sweet, more great video features.. keep 'em coming gb!

    Posted by mubress

    If you wear shades you don't get flashed?.......

    Posted by Isaiah

    That was pretty sweet, GB has some of the best videos

    Posted by get2sammyb


    Secondly - all three of those games look good.

    And yay to more videos/Vinny's awesome editing.

    P.S. Brad, did you score?

    Posted by Harts

    Quantum of Solace looks interesting.

    Posted by krochisy

    Another great coverage from the bombsters...GREAT!!!!!!!

    Posted by HiImMikeCruz


    Posted by MichaelBach

    All the games looks awesome :)

    Posted by Scooper
    Posted by SlimDogg

    Another great video guys. Had to make a few changes to my upcoming games list . Just to be get those. They actually all looked really good.

    Posted by jakob187

    Multiplayer achievements = WEAK!

    Posted by artofwar420

    Great video, needs more sex though, a little more a-to-m.


    Posted by AllanIceman

    Great Video, liked the editing and the behind the scenes.  More like this, more giantbomb style.

    Posted by KillerKahuna

    Shoemaker, Brad Shoemaker. tada ta tada ta dinglinglingyyyyy.......

    Great editing Vinny

    Posted by ArbitraryWater

    Oh crap, I'm going to buy COD world at war.

    Posted by Jedted

    Great video!  I can't wait to play Spider-man: WoS!

    Posted by high_seraph

    i was kind of surprised by the COD... it sounds more interesting than i gave it credit for.

    and MIA? hahaha what were you guys doin in that car?

    Posted by UnsungHero

    Brad is a P.I.M.P!!!

    Posted by Media_Master

    Nice!! lovely ladies!!!

    Posted by dQuarters

    Great vid. Lots of juice in here. Thanks GB!

    Posted by Mjolnir

    I like the "Paper Planes" scene at the end. Pointless, but cool.

    Posted by Hamst3r

    1:40 - 1:46 in the video: What. The. Fuck.  Did Spider-Man really just ride Black Cat like a skateboard? *facepalm*

    Yeah, it's obvious that those guys made some Tony Hawk games...they're making Spider-Man kickflip his enemies to death.

    Posted by joslop500

    Out of those games, the one that will suck the least would be Call of Duty WaW

    Posted by Gaius

    This video is awesome guys! I love your videos, keep up the amazing work!

    Posted by MrKlorox

    Holy wow.... Infinity Ward should stop ripping off DICE; Treyarch should stop messing with COD and stick to Spiderman; Neversoft should stop messing with Spiderman and go do something else altogether (definitely not Tony Hawk).

    Really not looking forward to the stolen trendiness that is CoD.

    Posted by MadExponent

    I think that as long as CODWAW is fine tuned and continues on with perks/leveling I'm totally gonna buy it.

    Posted by Absurd

    I only watch these for the endings...They're priceless

    Posted by dvorak

    Looks like the back of my 7, esp. with Paper Planes playing. I can't stop listening to that damn song.

    Posted by CleverLoginName

    Unleash the dogs?

    Posted by John

    Man, oh man. DOGS. Now that's gonna hurt. 7 kill streaks here I come!

    Posted by PitifullPete

    I really, really love your videos. Their much better than anything else on video game pages. I just get the feeling these PR people of videogame companies are not used to speak to cameras.

    Posted by Joshy



    Posted by lordofultima


    Posted by Jambi86

    Is that Thierry "scooter" Nguyen from 1up?

    Posted by Player1

    Great vid. Thanks to these vids I am now going to buy Cod5, Fable 2, and I'm looking into James Bond. They really should pay you fellows. 

    Posted by AaronBelfast

    *Activion guy tries to persuade us the dogs in COD5 will be fun

    Brad: "Those dogs are in a pain in the butt"

    Haha I love your honesty.

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