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Posted by Squatting_Panda

It be a video that I be watching right now... me unsure what to do without dem dare videos.

Posted by Jonathan

Nice! New video. I guess you guys were to busy launching the site to post this? Or did you forget?

Nice editing by the way.

Posted by samcotts

'It's an action MMO with no classes'


Posted by alecscradle

sweet vid! and loops!

Posted by RelentlessKnight

This vid is utmost crazy!

Too...much.... close...ups.....

At first I thought Davis was going to french me

Posted by RapidAmp

These 2 MMOs I think are gonna be AWESOME!
Deffintly going to try them

Posted by mtosh

Nice vid [=

Posted by Vinny

It's the "lost episode"!

Posted by Nietzsche

Im feeling bad for Deny D right now, This game isnt looking to good, it might sell ok but i cant see it going well. Great show keep it up boys!!!!!

PS: You guys need to reimplement the Arrow pointing down podcast intro soundtrack that shit was way too good not to use.

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Posted by PixieNinja

Editing genius! Keep up the excellent work guys!

Posted by Trace

Vinny rules at editing. Period.

Posted by GuttlessCashew

you guys are a buch of crazy nukleheads:)

Posted by Hyperesthesiac

Great vid. Also, lol at Greg's pic. Also, WOO MY AVATAR! Also, Deja vu...

Posted by JamesM

The confusing editing was compounded by the fact that the video failed to load completely on the first few attempts, leaving me unsure of what was intentional and what wasn't. When I saw the whole thing, though, it all came together nicely. I saw it and it was good. And amusing.

Video is always exciting. ALWAYS.

Posted by Jimbo_N

Ahaha. Yea, that was hilarious. Ah its such a relief to watch you guys when you have gotten used to the stiff and super serious ways of the gaming press lately. The "Hang out, talk about games" concept is really getting through here. And Vinny is unchallenged as the best videoeditor out there! So funny.. so so funny guys. Good work! Ryan looked REALLY tired.

Posted by KillerFly

Hah. Hilarious stuff! But yeah, I enjoyed the Dennis Dyack interview.  Vinny really needs a cameraman so he can be on camera with the rest of the crew.

Posted by SinGulaR

Nice editing ;)

Posted by imayellowfellow

LOL greg kasavin hahhaa that was so good

Posted by Lies

Dyack goes off on such tangents. But it's nice to see a guy who loves games so much.

Posted by FallenFatKid

good video

Posted by Death_Burnout

Lmao! Too Funny

Posted by JoshA

"I trust Vinny as an editor" haha..beauty.

Posted by TomA

I for one think Dennis Dyack is a great guy,who really cares about the effect of the internet and message boards on society as a whole.

Posted by stustap

All these vids are great.  Keep 'em coming!

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Raising levels out,
Raising altitude is in,
PC game haiku

Posted by MrGetBonus

I lol'd.

Posted by Berkie

Great stuff

Posted by Jeffsekai

Very nice, the interview was awesome...even tho Too Human may not be =\

Posted by JDevL

I wonder if "very good unit descriptions" will be a feature mentioned on the Red Alert 3 packaging.

Posted by Frederik

AARGH!... Time loop confusing the hell outa me... Well I guess we could expect this as we know how much Vinny likes time travelling!

Anyways great video! 

Posted by ISmoochyI

haha loop ti loop

Posted by Shade

Thanks for the new video guys =)

Posted by Saladin

Lol, nice video, keep them coming!

Posted by Briz9

Vinny's got skillz

Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

Bloody awesome editing.

Posted by McLogo

:D nice vid! Thanks for the E3 clips so far, it was interesting and fun watching!

Posted by Soulless

Dammit Vinny!

Must you bring time traveling into everything!?

Posted by KingKoopa

Nice video!

Posted by TomTheRealist

Fantastic editing Vinny! Informative and laugh-worthy.

Posted by Josef_Nastra

Nice video, atleast what i could see of it. It sadly stopped right in the middle of the Dennis Dyack interview for me as well.

Posted by Tharrington

Great stuff

Posted by GreyFox

Nice vid.

Posted by LocoRocker

great wrap-up. guys, you really need a third mike

Posted by Momar

Great video guys! Nice camera tricks Vinny XD I'm loving the Ryan close ups.

Seriously, you guys are my favorite videogame journalists. I look forward to the day where I can visit Giant Bomb exclusively; judging by the way things are going now, soon! :)

Posted by Orgazmorater

ryan looks like hes on crack

Posted by MOLE

lol, those videos always make me laugh.  Vinny is one funny editor with his humor.

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Posted by faustyn

really cool video. i loved the editing ;D

Posted by Kevin

The first time the Dennis Dyack interview looped, I said to myself, "I could've sworn I've seen this before..."