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YES! been waiting for this, almost thought you guys werent going to do it this year :D

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well shame on u destruk
also....somewhere in the top10!

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Awesome, video content!

Also Jeff, maybe it's the light but run away from the lawnmower next time!

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I want that T-shirt.

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Broken link guys...

Posted by Lazyaza

Video isn't playing for me either. :P

Posted by McPaper

"You ever wondered what the bottom of an avatar's shoe look like? Well Wa-bam! Here it is!"

Posted by Dizzyhippos
Its not working on high move it to medium settings it loads
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I was just thinking why this e3 feels distant with just press conferences, and its because we haven't had these yet!

 I <3 you GiantBomb
                      xoxo, SleepyDoughnut

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Jeff rapping skills is bananas, he goes mad hard.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Ekberg Speculation Is Awesome!

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xbox FTW

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it's been said before but,

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BAMMMM!!!!!!!  ahahahahahahahaha.....that guy was lame

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Thankyou so much for making Kudo this years video edit magic....Whabam!!!

Man i haven't laughed this much in a while.

Posted by Seppli

Video cuts out for me about 11 minutes in.

Posted by FlappyHands

WHABAM! Hahaha, oh man Kudo's avatar freaking out during that demo made me laugh when I was watching it. Jeff's rapping is pretty awesome. Can't wait to see more videos from E3.

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I'm digging the t-shirt Jeff!

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It's the best thing ever! WHABAM!

I think i might die if i watch it again.
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Yeah, Jeff's shirt is epic! Goes well with his ghetto throw-down skillz.

And Ryan's walk just cracks me up. It's like he walks up on the balls of his feet.

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That was a really great video.  Not sure if I'll have time to listen to all your daily podcasts, but this was a really nice way to hear all your thoughts about that day and lovely video editing as always that made me genuinely lol.

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Works just fine on medium. Thanks for the FYI.

And BäM! There it is! ;D

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don't think ive heard any giant bomb opinions of just cause 2 yet

Sad face

Posted by kssunderland

I rather get the Beatles Rock Band than any other Guitar Hero games.

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Saying goodnight to your console to turn it off is a reallllyyyyy bad idea....
imagine this;
You are sat playing on your xbox and your significant other is like 'stuff sitting here watching you play this shiz im off to bed!'
you say 'Goodnight!'

off turns your xbox

Posted by strangeling

Kinda like a video of a podcast, but that's cool, I like it.

Is Mirror Drew good or evil?
Posted by Metal_Mills

Cool video!

Posted by Kohe321

I agree that the MS conference was awesome, though I'm with Vinny on the scan thing. I want to see more in action before I'm sold on it.

Posted by twillfast

The camera keeps panning.. is drew standing on a skateboard?

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Wow, we get to SEE Ryan disrepsect Vinny every instead of just hear it.

Posted by Death_Burnout

WHABAM! There it is.

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@Death_Burnout said:
" WHABAM! There it is. "
Ever wondered what an avatar's shoe looks like?
Posted by Zeouterlimits

Best E3 video I've seen.
 Wow at Jeff's mad skills.

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@Meltbrain said:
@Death_Burnout said:
" WHABAM! There it is. "
Ever wondered what an avatar's shoe looks like? "
Why Yes, yes i do...WHABAM!

Man my stomach is killing me from laughing

Move over Ravi Drums. Kudo is back in town.
Posted by Scooper

Those guys infront of the mics still look ridiculas.

Posted by Jambones

Daaaamn Jeff. Nice. Color me impressed. Now do the Munchables rap with that explosive force! :-D

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 Iwish you guys would look up the actual tech behind Natal. You would see its certainly more then scan the background =)  It uses like, 3 devices just to do what it does, and it is current tech, it isnt't a jump in technology, its just been kept low until it was really good.

And wait, why is voice recognition the thing you DOUBT about Natal? Telling your console to turn off and having it turn off is not exactly difficult... We've only had that like, five years now lol.

I hope that goodnight thing is dashboard only. I'mma be pissed off if my girlfriend or something says goodnight and I lose it v.v

Posted by synt4x
Awesome video guys. Can't wait to see what you have to say about Nintendo and Sony.

" The camera keeps panning.. is drew standing on a skateboard? "
I was also thinking this. And look at his reflection in the mirror. It looks like he's not moving his legs when he moves left and right.
Posted by twillfast
Exactly! Pretty eerie.
Maybe Drew is really a ghost. With a reflection. And a camera.
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I only just noticed Drew's reflection as Jeff was talking 5 minute and 25 secs in, whoops.

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Hahaha i love how there all holding the big mics. looks funny xD

Posted by MattBodega

And people thought Brad was crazy when he told people that Nuts and Bolts was the best game as last year. But little did the world know.....that Brad was 100% right!

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WHA-BAM! There it is!

Posted by Vegetto

Great video as always. Can't wait to see more.

Jeff, mad props to your skills on the mic.

Posted by gh4l

i actually really want jeffs t-shirt

Posted by totriz

where's uncut/extended  jeff's rapping?

Posted by CustardArmy

jeff's rapping skills 0wn all, fact...........

Posted by wwfundertaker

Awesome vid guys

Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

That was the greatest Jeff Rap video of all time.