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Sweet Magnavox tv, yo.

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thats quite a while after the podcast :0

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Good stuff. I think i've laughed more this week than I have in my enitre life, and for that I thank you Giantbomb.

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oh the end of that video was the best possible way to end E3

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The last time I enjoyed E3 this much, Rich Gallup was working the show floor.  Thanks Guys.  This was a great E3 and GiantBomb did a great job of covering it.  Now get some sleep.

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LOL, loved the ending! Great coverage guys.

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You only exist in my mind!
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RIP, Drew, we'll miss you...

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So far my fav vid lol

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Awesome ending!

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Awesome video

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Thanks for the coverage dudes. Awesome stuff.

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That's four very tired-looking boys. But worth every sleepless minute, I'm sure.

And I'm digging on the bottles of booze behind Ryan's head. That might explain a bit, too.

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haha poor Drew.

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Great job covering E3 GB staff, you guys did amazing, and I think I speak for all of us that have been following you throughout, thank you very much!

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Loved the ending, awesome

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Drew L.I.A.... 

looking forward to interviews and Persona!
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Great ending.

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Dr. Dre. Beats.

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@TwoLines: LOL No, not Drew! Giantbomb forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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@MementoMori said:
" You only exist in my mind!"
That's a GB t-shirt right there.
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Drew was the only one to truly escape.

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Oh no not drew!!

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I have no idea why, but Vinny slays me, even when he's just chilling. Something about that cat just makes me laugh.

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Ahhh a classical ending! that's been a long time coming.

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Great ending as always! Great job covering E3 guys

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Awesome coverage guys, thanks!

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Genius ending... but what was she whispering?

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Thanks for the whole coverage Giant Bomb, you guys rock, the ending on this video was good. Very Good.

Triple A videos from Giant Bomb, I love it

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@Llama said:
" but what was she whispering? "
Yeah, what exactly was she whispering??  I'm brimming with intrigue.
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I think the investigation team has a new assignment! Drew's Sony dungeon.

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Ending was epic!

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<3 giantbomb great e3 guys

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Loved that video, pure awesomeness.

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Another solid video, and a fucking fantastic ending; That was such a great idea.

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"You only exist in my mind!"

That has to be one of the quotes from the show that has had me laughing the most.

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awesome E3 coverage, more next year then. I hope there are more interviews and stuff over the weekend/early next week, because after this giantbomb overload this week, ill i dont think I can wait until next wednesday for the regular podcast :(

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Great ending.


Congrats to the whole GB crew for the best and by far the funniest E3 coverage on the web this year!

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I loved that reel at the end, very funny :D

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How influenced by the vodka over Ryan's shoulder is the ending to that?

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Ending had me cracking up.