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[edit] Make that, HELL YES! :) 

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Punchloop Thursday.

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The beginning already makes me laugh, lol. It was a great E3, keep the videos coming!
Edit: and the rest of the video is making me want to throw up.

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Giant bomb! this is cool

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Awesome intro.

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OK, what is going on with this video?
It's jumping around erratically.

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what!?     i feel sick

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What's with all the stuttering?

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Is the video supposed to super jumpy?

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The whole fucking video is a busted shot, man...

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@528seven: it's doing that for me too
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Im gonna throw up

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Duder video no worko!

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yeah i cant even watch it without eye strain

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Now your eyes know what it feels like to stare at 3D for four days straight.

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Is this 3D?

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Hahaha, awesome intro!

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They should have filmed this in 3D with motion control support.
Fantastic E3 guys (with the exception of shewhoshallnotbenamed)!  I can't wait to see what you have in store for next year.  I'm also way excited for Giant Bomb's take on all of these new games!

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I thought this was going to be a 22 minute loop of Reggie screaming while his face is melted.

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Ghetto Byrd !

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Holy shit the power of love is in RB3? insant buy, so i can re-live my BTTF memories

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finally these videos

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Assuming that they did this in their backyard and not at the convention center.

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Best starting image

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Man, awesome editing on this Vid, just awesome!

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Bravo. Best video yet. Great work, Vinny. Take the day off Sunday.

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Awesome video or AWESOMEST video?!!

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Giant Bomb, now in 3D!

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omg i peed a little at the brad pokah' face montage

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I don't own any of the plastic instrument games nor do I have any desire to ever own any of them but if a video game can teach me how to play actual guitar then I'm in.

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Oh god, the editing is beyond awesome in this video.

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Giant Bomb Rules.  That's all I got to say about that.

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Amazing editing!

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Harmonix is really doing fantastic stuff with RB3 and Dance Central, but I really have no room for plastic instruments or Kinect.  
I YEARN for a new Frequency/Amplitude, but at this point I'm convinced I'll never see it.

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I want this video in 3D!! :P

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That was fucking awesome!

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Giantbomb just saved future soldier.
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the editing in this video is amazing. Grats to whoever did it (vinny? drew?)
The new  Motorstorm looks cool actually

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That was both funny and informative.
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@attackslug said:
" <> "
Everytime I see this, I'm reminded that those cretins in the uStream chat came from this website :(
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So wait...........did Redman and Method Man see Jeff rap? 

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how much money do we have to pay for the uncut version of you dancing to lady gaga and fatboy slim?  I'm in for $100.