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Edit: ugh finally got this quest!

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I just can't get enough giantbomb, thanks guys.

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Oh yeah.

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who WAS that guy?

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ME3 spoilers haha

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Oh yeah

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dude holy shit if looks could kill

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HAHA! Who edited this?

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POWER makes any trailer fucking incredible.

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Alex forgot to talk about the exciting 3DS games. Weird, since he did list a bunch of boring, staid and uninteresting games. Huh, guess he forgot.

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Brad looks badass in those sunglasses

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huge ass bastion banner in the back

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Haha, Makerbot music. Sweet editing and informative video as always Drew/Joey!

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Awesome recap video! I can't tell if I'm seeing things due to sleep deprivation, or the things I'm seeing in this video are due to the sleep deprivation of the person who edited it. Either way, it's awesome.

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Dude, its gotta be Vinny cause i love this video (also it was posted by Vinny so take that as you will)
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Hahaha, fantastic editing.

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@cabelhigh said:

who WAS that guy?

RIGHT!? What the H!

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Vinny has lost his damn mind.

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Count me in on the - who the fuck was that dude staring daggers at them (or at least at Ryan?)? 

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That creepy guy lol

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wow talk about mad doggin. Ryan should've beat that guy's face in.

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As soon as that guy walked by all I could think of was last year's Konami conference, and then compared it to whatever you want to call what they did this year... Then I was sad. And creeped out.

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ahahah, awesome editing on this one

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AWESOME editing guys

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Who edited this together? It's even better than Day 01. Shit, you guys are good.
Man, intercutting the face of that guy and the creepy lighting on the face of the Link statue was perfect.

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Editing is so fucking great! :D

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That guy's stare! Oh man!

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Fucking Mass Effect 3 spoilers, Jeff!


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Vinny and Drew were really busy with all the editing in this one :D

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Lost it @ 2:15! 
*and again @ 21:00 when Jeff (finally) tells Ed Boon, "It's yours for free if you want it!"

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Aaah e-eh aaah e-eh

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this video has that "Vinny" feel....loving it

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@ghostNPC said:
Who edited this together? It's even better than Day 01. Shit, you guys are good.
Vinny. The person who posts the video is usually the one who edits it. I think.
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POWER is now officially the best song ever.

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Vinny. Joey. Drew. AMAZING EDITING. You had me in stitches.

I feel like Ryan saw the devil when he looked into that guys eyes.

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who was that freaky guy? he TOTALLY creeped out ryan

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Who the fuck was that @ 2:10?  
That dude gave Ryan the "I'm going to fucking stab you" look.

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Who the fuck was that?!!!?

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Haha, creepy guy oh my! 
Absolutely loved the editing on this video. Mad props to whoever did it.

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Vinny is a bad fothermucker

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genius editing.

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The fact that Ryan took notice to the insane looking guy is FUCKING AMAZING 

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Ryan looked disturbed after that guy stared him down.

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Does the video cut off for anyone else after the Glee chicks?
*edit* nvm working now

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Banned GB user @2.15!

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God I love the editing =) McLovin it!

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There's some sold-ass comedy editing in this. Sterling work.

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The editors must be suffering the effects of sleep deprivation. The editing is getting noticeably sillier, and I love it!